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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adam Lambert Scandal

Here's the so-called Adam Lambert Scandal, which isn't really that shocking too me. Whatever, i hope Kris wins.

You must admit though that he's got enough junk in his trunk to fill out the back side of that bathing suit.

Rainy Days. LEts have a party

The hard rains are here and little tragedies are bound to follow. In Partylandia, there is a premium on sunny days and warm nights, because they can affect a partyphile’s mood, or worse, the mood of his/her party. However, instead of trying to work your way around the weather, why not make it the theme of your next house party?


Since the rains have come, why not host an event to welcome the rainy season? This is not only a unique way to throw a house party, but this will also leave you feeling warm and fuzzy ‘til the wee hours of the morning. Here’s how:


Ambience: When it rains and pours, one wants nothing more than to cuddle up with some plush pillows or curl up in a soft chair. So for this type of party, plastic chairs and tables won’t work. Instead, bring out all your mattresses, lay them out on the floor, and cover them with a plush bed cover, some fluffy pillows and blankets. Fill your sofa with fluffy pillows as well to add to the effect. Also, to take the cuddling to an all new level, try using soft textures like pure cotton, fleece, or velvet. Silk and satin sheets and beddings won’t work here because they feel hot and stick to the skin.


Think of more relaxing colors like dark neutrals. I would suggest an all chocolate brown theme. To add interest, keep the pillows and blankets lighter. Do not turn any white light on, it does nothing for the complexion, plus it reminds people of kitchens, hospitals, and offices; not relaxing havens of pure bliss. Keep the lights dim and at a minimum, you would want people to relax and feel at home.


Food: When rainy days come people often crave for a heaping bowl of hot soup. Serve up the traditional Arroz Caldo, Tinola, Chicken Soup or create your own ham chowder. If you want to serve something more unique, try downloading a Minestrone recipe; this is not only a very healthy soup, but is also quite addictive. Your guests will surely ask for more. Serve your soup with some toasted bread, baguettes or crackers.


Drinks: Serve up some hot traditional drinks with a twist. Why not try serving some apple cider tea topped with whipped cream? How about some coffee spiked with kahlua, or some hot choco spiked with Bailey’s Cream? You could also serve some salabat, regular hot choco made from tablea or cocoa powder, freshly brewed coffee or tea. And for the kiddies, serve up some hot milk with their choice of chocolate or strawberry syrup, top with whipped cream and sprinkle to give it a festive touch.



Games: I usually suggest games you fun and crazy games you could play, but for this party, I suggest you play something mellower. Try playing classic games like Scrabble, the seemingly never-ending game of Monopoly, Chekers, Chess, and Games of the Generals; or try some Poker or Mah Jong.


Music: You could choose to play some somber songs like Dido’s Thank You, which actually has optimistic lyrics but a very sad sound to it, Nina’s Someday or Sarah Machlachlan’s Angel. You could also opt to play some fun and Summery songs to help you forget about the rainy days like Solange Knowles’ Sandcastle Disco, Lionel Richie’s Just Go, Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On, or any Bob Marley Song.


I hope you enjoy your rainy day party; grab some comfortable clothes, plush blankets, and a cuddly partner (live or stuffed). And remember to prepare everything before the guests arrive so you won’t be stressing yourself out.