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Monday, January 16, 2012

Almost Lover

So I made a poem, something I rarely do these days. Anyway, a talented young champ named AIdx Paredes (see his website put gorgeous photos to accompany the words to my poem. he's gonna exhibit his work (including my poem) at Lions Club, Juan Luna Street, Davao City for a month starting January 27. Please check it out if you are in the area.

Almost Lover

With a sweet, soft whisper, you called my name
But I knew it was all a lie
A curious distraction; a piece in the game
As you waited for new passion to arrive

You gave me your night and day, and in betweens
You gave me all your time
This masked the truth I knew so well
That you were never mine

The game we played brought me somewhere new
Where life was lived in tune
You took me there, to a place where truth
Was never overtly shown

The journey’s stop took me to my mind
That asked to think of you
Where all my deeds were made specially
To please no one but you

But every heart knows how it ends
It’s all been said and done
That everything that wasn’t right
Never has begun

I thought the journey had set flight
But we were rounding rounds
Instead of taking off that night
My inner workings drowned

The truth that we both tried to hide
The facts we never faced
Came alive one night we braved
To face your lover’s face

We gave our soul and mind, and in betweens
We tried to cross the line
But in the end we fell too short
Still, you were never mine