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Thursday, February 3, 2011

V-Day Gift Suggestions

Valentines Day is just around that heart-shaped corner and everyone is starting to plan about what they’ll do during the day of Hallmark cards and over-priced dinners. It sees like everyone who has ever been in a relationship has received everything in the Valentine’s Day aisle at your friendly neighbourhood department store. This obviously puts some amount of pressure on love birds who prefer to give out unique gifts that would surprise their partner. We all know how heart warming a surprise can be; and this is exactly why everyone seems to be in search of the “best V-Day gift”. Unfortunately, if you are going for the whole element of surprise, you must be really REALLY creative. Trust me, you can’t find anything “surprising” at the mall. And because I know most of you partyphiles are too drunk to think of really creative gift ideas for the season, here are some of my suggestions.

1.) If you know your girl/boyfriends friends, and know their significant others, why not give them a bundled gift like a weekend get-away to some exciting location? For example, you can ask all your girlfriend’s girl friends’ boyfriends to pitch in, and then book a flight for the girls. This will definitely yield shrieks of joy from all the girls, and might just get you lucky on Va-Day. Just remember to book a flight after V-Day so you could wine and dine her on the fourteenth.

2.) Plan a whole day affair with your significant other. Start out by taking them to breakfast at some resort so you could enjoy the sunrise together. Then, enjoy the resort amenities and squeeze in a relaxing massage. Take her back to the city and see a movie together then have dinner at some swanky place. End the night with romance and up the sexy ante in your boudoir with strategically placed flower petals and candles. No matter how materialistic your significant other is, s/he will definitely enjoy the fact that you gave him/her all your time for one day.

3.) Bring on the mush. Write your significant other a poem or a song and put it in a scrapbook with all your favorite photos together. If you aren’t exactly a literary genius, ask all of your significant other’s friends and family to list down the reasons why they love him/her. Then, put it in a scrapbook and attach your own personal message at the end. This should read something like “if all of these people love you because of all these reasons, how can I not?” or something to that effect.

4.) If you are the no-frills type, and your significant other does not really enjoy mush; then you might want to get something practical. Couples shirts are the most common choice, but if you want something a little more unique, you can get couples clocks, couples pillow cases, or maybe even couples underwear. These items may be personalized in several shops in the metro.

5.) Support your partner’s addiction. One of the sweetest thoughts is to know that you significant other knows exactly what you like, and the things and activities you appreciate. Give him/her something s/he can use for her favorite sport or hobby.

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