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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank You Letter Senders

Ever since Stressed Partyphile sent me a letter a couple of weeks back, and ever since i have moved from to; I have been getting more and more questions about throwing parties and gimmick nights. And because I want to give my readers equal opportunity, I would like to take time to reply to some more of the messages I have received through my blog.

Dear Partyphile,

I plan to throw a big party in two weeks and I'm currently having a problem with inviting people to go to my party. What can I do or say to encourage them to go to my party? What must I do? Please help. Thanks a lot. :)



Hey Wee!

Thank you for writing in. I know how you feel. You are probably stressed out about people not showing up to your party.

First of all, I don’t understand what is up with people not wanting to go to parties. I mean, it’s a venue to have free food, and more importantly, free drinks. Right? Right.

Seriously, my first advice would be: invite close friends; friends who love you and support you. Forget the popular crowd, forget whoever else. Just invite the people whom you love, and love you back. I am sure they would all want to come.

You could also check if your dress code is too much of a hassle. If you are going for a theme on your party, maybe you could change it or make it a little less cotume-y. Go with colors instead of a whole theme; like an all-blue party, a black party, or a pink party; whatever it is you feel like having. I hope that helps, and please update me about the party. You could even send me some fabulous pictures to post on my blog.

Davao’s Ultimate Partyphile,

Zhaun Ortega

Dear Zhaun,

I really enjoy your articles. Though I am based in Manila, I get to read
all your articles through your blog and all I can say is they are all informative.

I am planning to invite my friends to a small party in my pad. I am targetting more or less 20
friends to be invited. since this is the first time to host a party, I'd like to ask you
few questions about organizing one.

1. what are the factors do I need to consider when hosting a party?
2. What food and drinks do I need to prepare/cook for them (particularly those which are easy to prepare)?


Dear Ed,

First of all, quit being a liar. My articles are NOT all informative, sometimes, they are just full of fluff; but than k you anyway for giving me such nice compliments.

Alright, a party has several elements. Start with the Theme of the party and try to make the venue look uniform with the theme. Go crazy on decors. They really help set the mood of the party. You would also want to check the music. A party is never complete without music, and you have to choose your music wisely. If you want a hot-bangin’ party, make sure to hire a really good DJ, or burn your own mixes and play them at a volume that would be conducive for your party. If you want less talk and more dancing, turn the volume up. If you think your guests want to talk more, play something more relaxing and soothing and turn the volume at a barely audible volume. You do not want guests trying to talk over the music.

I could go on and on about the food and drinks, so maybe I would have to write an article just for that purpose. Expect it really soon. However, last week’s article, entitled “9 Ingredients, 20 Cocktails” should serve as a great guide for a novice mixologist (read: bartender). And maybe you could serve some street food on your next party, call it a “Street Party” and serve those cheap siomais they sell on the street, or maybe some fried or barbequed isaw (chicken intestines), Kwek-kwek ( hard-boiled eggs, battered and fried), and Balot (fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside). Or just serve chips and dips, fries, burgers, nachos, tacos or throw a Pizza Party. These are all easy to make (easier to order), and are all fun food to eat.

However, if you plan on throwing a party for a crowd of around 40 people or more, I suggest you hire a caterer. Most caterers adjust their price and their menu according to your budget. You can get a caterer for as low as 100 pesos per head. And trust me when I say it soooo worth it. Imagine not having to stress out before the party. Plus you have a lot less to clean up afterwards.

Just make sure to stay away from common party food like Spaghetti and sweet-style Filipino sauce, Hotdogs and Marshmallows on sticks, Pancit and Kaldereta. Trust me, people are tired of those food, no matter how many times you insist that your recipe is special and has been passed down from your Grandmother’s Grandmother.

Good luck with that party,

Davao’s Ultimate Partyphile,

Zhaun Ortega

Dear Partyphile,

I want to throw house parties but my neighbors keep on complaining about the noise. What do I do?


Dear Anna,

Im just going to quote the wise words of Franklin P. Jones for this one:

“Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party than being there.”

I’m sure that says it all.

Davao’s Ultimate Partyphile,

Zhaun Ortega

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