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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things You Should Do During Oktoberfest

During Oktoberfest most people simply booze up. However, I don't think that this is the essence of Oktoberfest. In my opinion, the Oktoberfest is all about creating new experiences that involves beer. Here are four suggestions that you may do during this Oktoberfest:

  1. Try using a beer bong
  2. Try at least three beer brands you have never tried before
  3. Try making beer ice cubes by putting some beer in ice trays and using that as ice for your beer, or create blended beer by blending those ice cubes. If you want something more exciting, try making beer popsicles.
  4. Try drinking beer by Depth Charge
  5. Throw beer pot luck. Require all your guests to bring different kinds of beer.

Drink of the Week: Baltimore Zoo

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It is strong, refreshing, and is perfect for oktoberfest