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Sunday, May 3, 2009

party inside me?

last night i went out with my college friends and we started drinking in torres (duh. hello?!? its where all the magic happens) and then we procedded to urban club..

oh and we have a new fave drink. this gilbeys ginseng/green tea/citrus mix of sorts

anyways...between that and dancing like we were high ..i realized..maybe im too old for the party scene. im too tired to actuallty enjoy it and doesnt hit the spot anymore..

i dont used to be..i would feel bad when i would the club

now however..i feel relieved.

could it be possible that this partyphile has grown up finally?

i dont know

confession :

well..even if im thinking of letting go of actually..well...i feel like i have a party oinside of me...and maybe thats what being a partyphile really means..bringing along a party with you..wherever the fuck you find yourself..i dont know..jkust thinking out loud.