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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Questions Answered On the Air

  1. Duane: What’s the best way for me to invite my crush out on a Saturday night if we don’t have common friends?

  1. Rina: I’m planning to throw a simple party in our garage. Would you suggest that I stick to a theme? If so, what is the most budget friendly theme?

  1. Jan: I know it’s a bit out of topic but I’m confused as to how may bridesmaids I should have for my wedding.

  1. Diane: I’m not really a fan of beer but I don’t know what else to order in the bar. Got any suggestions?

  1. Mike: When I’m trying to pick up chicks in a bar, would it be better to be partying with other girls or a group of guys?

  1. Carl: How do I get a girl’s attention inside a club?

  1. Charlene: What’s the best tasting liquor in town? Yung affordable ha

  1. Michelle: I’m the only one who is still single in our group and we usually party together on Saturdays. Recently, my friends have been inviting single guys to party with us in a sort of a “blind date”. What do I do if I don’t like the guy and I’m stuck with him the whole night?

  1. Lisa: I live in a apartment and the limited space becomes somewhat of a problem sometimes. I have enough chairs, but not everyone gets the luxury of eating on a table. I know everyone is alright with holding a plate on their lap, but is there a better solution for this?

  1. JoMar: Recently, there has been some news about two guys who gate-crashed a party and ended up stealing some stuff in the party host’s home. How do you enjoy a party without compromising your safety?

  1. Joel: My Manila friends usually pay with cards. Do you think it’s alright to do this especially in Davao?

  1. Marjorie: Should I bring a gift every time I get invited to a party? Etiquette books say so but I don’t think it is expected here in the Philippines.

  1. Adrienne: When throwing house parties, how do I tell guests that it is time for them to go?

  1. Marie: I’m organizing my little sister’s debut. Should we pre-assign seats for her guests or would it be easier if they were to pick out their seats?

  1. Edmund: The last time we threw a party at home, we realized that we didn’t have enough seating. What should we do to compensate the next time?

  1. Lalaine: My birthday is coming up and I want to keep the guest list to a minimum. I’m planning on inviting just my close friends from college and maybe one or two people from work. Would it be alright to invite them in one celebration or would it be better to throw separate celebrations for two groups?