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Monday, October 6, 2008

Everyone Is Disposable After a Few Shots Of Vodka

well, welll, well...

once again i went out last saturnight and it was all less than ordinary..

i do not know why but i was not in the mood for whatever it was we were doing..

i guess the fact thati had a measly 2 hours of sleep in two days did not help much either, but somehow, i kept on thinking that there was more to it..

i mean, there was just too much negative enrgy in the air...and when im feeling stressed, the first thing i wanna do is dance my nigth away in some club..

however, no body wanted to dance with me..and those who wanted to dance with me..were, well...i wasnt up for dancing with them

so my official gimick buddies did not want to get in the floor
and when they finally decided that it was time to, i had already been sleeping at home in my bed

wjhat was the matter? well..a lot of stuff

these chicks i call my "official gimmick buddies" were feeling the sting of love

the other one was trying to make peace with another one of our gimmick buddies (who happens to be ehr boyfriend)

and the other one was pisssed off at her pseudo-boyfriend and was anxiously waiting for other pseudo-boyfriend to arrive

needless to say..i was in a corner minding, for the first time, my own business

and there in the middle of rizal promenade, where my friends were feeling hurt because of the motions of love..i was wishing that i had somebody to cry for, to hurt for..and maybe to dance with

i do not know what is up with my life right now, or if i hadnt been open to new people..but it has been forever since i was giddy in love or giddily infatuated...

i have been waiting for someone, anyone to knock me off my feet..and i do not know where that person is, or if that person will ever come..and getting tired of singlehood

BUT at the same time..i would be too embarrassed to introduce my speical someone to my friends (they could just as easily form the young critics association) hehehehe

confession # 14

since i was not up for anything and my friends would not dance with me..i walked out and went home..

i guess its true waht i always say:
"Everyone is disposable after a few
shots of vodka"