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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Party Performers

If you find someone who could do this at my next party, and do it for free, il thank you everyday for the rest of my life

Happy Birthday!

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, is celebrating his birthday today! Happy birthday!

I Bet You Didn't Know

I bet you didn't know there is such a thing as an 18.2 per cent beer. It's called Tokyo beer and is made with cranberries, jasmine, malt hops, and champagne yeast.

BrewDog, the makers of this glorious beer, actually claims that this should CURE binge drinking since it is so potent.

However, health experts insist that this is completely rubbish, adding that one bottle of Tokyo beer contains six units of alcohol, twice the recommended daily allowance. Drinking a bottle of Tokyo beer would be equivalent to three pints of normal beer.

Blah Blah Blah. I think we Filipinos can handle it. we've been drinking Red Horse for years. Im sure thats just like 2 or 3 bottles of red horse, which isn't really much.

Goodbye Tita Cory

This icon's death transcends age, political belief, or religion. This loss is a loss to everyone, just like the EDSA 1 was a gain to everyone.

It doesn't matter that i wasn't born yet when the first People Power Revolution happened. 22 years have passed, but i still feel the effects.

I can still go out and go home when i want to. I can still celebrate my birthdays in bars, i can still feel free to do anything i put my heart and mind into.

My female friends feel stronger, knowing that one day, they too may be Presidents, not necessarily of this country, but of any company or organization they join.

My male friends feel satisfied knowing that when they have kids, they will be safe from senseless assaults and unjustified killings.

My family and friends are safe and they own the world.

All thanks to one great woman, who never needed to make noise to be heard; yet inspired the world.

We don't know her personally, my generation doesn't know half the things she's done, but we know things would be different if she hadn't done it. She lead us all in a way nobody else could. She took care of us just like an Aunt. So even if we do not know her personally, we call her our Tita, because she gladly played that role.

Her death wasn;t just a nother person's death. It marked the end of an era of peace and nationalistic ideals.

Tita Cory, Thank You, you are now in your rightful place.

August 5 is Work Like A Dog Day!

August 5 Is Work Like A Dog Day!

Cleberate by working hard, and partying harder....

But, between you and me, im glad today's a holiday. :D