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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Easiest Cocktails

Although people assume that being a partyphile means that you go to all the hottest events and are a staple in the party scene, they often forget one facet of the party lifestyle: throwing parties. Partyphiles would not qualify as real partyphiles unless they throw really hot parties. Throughout the years I have been giving you tips on how to throw a party and the different party themes you could choose. And we all know that alcohol is one of the most important elements to any party. So, here is a collection of all the best cocktails that are easy to make, the ingredients are easy to find, and they taste really, really good. Here we go.

1.) Since we have just recovered from the frantic celebrations brought about by the Kadayawan season, let’s start this article off with the Davao Sling. Here’s how to make it.

In a pitcher combine:

1 250 ml bottle of Rum;

1 500 ml bottle of water;

1 168 ml can of Condensed Milk;

2 sachets of instant coffee (not the three -in-one mixes);

a couple drops of Durian essence, 1/4 cup of durian puree, or 1/4 cup of watered down durian jam.

Stir all the ingredients and serve with ice.

2.) The lazy beach is one of the simplest cocktails ever!

It is perfect for the beach or for a garden party, and is really easy to make too. Here's how:

In a shaker filled with ice, combine:

2 oz Coconut Rum ( Malibu )

2 oz Rum

2 oz Sprite

4 oz Pineapple Juice

Strain and pour over two martini glasses.

Garnish with a slice of fresh or canned pineapple.

3.) If you are looking for a cocktail that can pick you up, make the Energy Shot:

In a shaker combine one shot of vodka, three shots of Red Bull, and one shot of blue Curacao (you may add less if you don’t appreciate sweet cocktails). Strain that over a martini glass and enjoy the energy boost!

4.) If you want something exotic, you might want to try this twist on the traditional Pina Colada.

Today's special drink is called the Jamaican Cocktail.

It is really easy to make ad is quite exotic-tasting! Here's how:

In a shaker, combine one part rum, one part peach juice, and one part coconut liquor ( Malibu is a good brand). Shake that with ice ad then strain it over a margarita glass and garnish with a wedge of lime or blend all ingredients with ice and serve in a hurricane glass

5.) For fizzy, festive drinks, you may want to try the next two cocktails. They are perfect for big celebrations and are the easiest to make.

Lemon Fizz: In a highball glass (filled half-way with ice cubes) pour a shot of vodka and then fill it to the brim with equal amounts of Club Soda and Lemon Juice.

Orange Spritzer: Combine 1/4 cup Campari;

1/2 cup Orange Juice (without Pulp); and 1 1/2 cup Sparkling Water. You may also add some simple syrup if you want to make it sweeter. Make your own simple syrup by cooking one cup white sugar and one cup water until you get a smooth syrup. Stir all the ingredients in a pitcher filled with ice and serve in highball glasses. You may garnish the glasses with orange slices or dump some in the pitcher.

6.) For an easier and more convenient twist to the traditional Kamikaze, try this:


In a shaker filled with, ice combine:

1 shot Vodka

1 shot Triple Sec

Half a shot of Island Lime or any other lime liquor

Simple Syrup to taste

Shake and serve in a margarita glass

7.) If you plan to throw Chocolate-themed parties, try these cocktails:

Chocolate Martini: In a shaker, shake together a jigger of vodka and a jigger of Irish cream. Transfer to a frosted Martini glass lined with chocolate syrup, and you are good to go. You could also drop a chocolate kiss for a sweet ending to every drink.

Choco chip margarita: In a blender, combine a shot of White Rum, a shot of Crème de Cacao (if you can’t find white rum or crème de cacao simply put two shots of Bailey’s Cream), 4 chocolate chips (I swear FIBISCOs work better than Chips Ahoy), and 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream. Blend all the ingredients until they get smooth and serve them in margarita glasses or hurricane glasses.

8.) If you are a cheapskate and prefer 2-ingredient cocktails, try these:

Ice pick: In a shaker filled with ice, shake 1 shot of Lemon Iced Tea and 1 shot of really good Vodka. Strain over a highball glass filled to the brim with ice. It is called “ice pick” because it is supposed to be served super cold.

Kahlua Cockroach: In a cocktail shaker, mix one part Golden Tequila (that means the Tequila comes in an Amber color, and not clear), and two parts Kahlua. Strain the mixture over a martini glass. You may garnish it with an orange twist.

Dirty Mother: In a shaker, combine half a shot of brandy and half a shot of coffee liquor and pour it over an Old-Fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

9.) If you prefer sweet and sassy cocktails, try making the Strawberry Kiss. Here’s how:

In an electric blender combine:

2 ounces of tequila rose (one ounce is one shot glass)

1 ounce of rum

4 pieces of fresh strawberries or 1 ounce of strawberry syrup

1/2 cup crushed ice

Make sure you blend it until it is smooth and then our over hurricane glasses lined with strawberry syrup.

10.)The screwdriver is probably one of the simplest cocktails ever. Simply pour on shot of Vodka over a highball glass filled with ice and ten fill it to the brim with orange juice.

I hope you try these cocktails out on your next party, or practice and perfect them at home. Tell me how it goes.

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