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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Partyphiles

Going green is the “in” thing right now for our generation. And whether you go green because of sincere and genuine concern for the environment or just because it is in fashion; helping Mother Earth in little your own little way is always a humble cause.

Even partyphiles aren’t excused from going green. You can help in your own little way. Here are some tips:

1. Share a glass. When you are out partying with your friends, instead of drinking from separate glasses, ask your server to give you one glass to share. Not only will you save detergent, water and ultimately Earth’s resources, you will also get to drink the same amount of alcohol at the same time, and actually decide the pace of everyone’s intoxication. The next time you go out to drink, share a glass! Note: just make sure that your drinking buddies are free from any contagious diseases; otherwise you will be jeopardizing your own health to save Mother Earth’s. And that is definitely not cool. Gross.
2. Butts Out! IF you smoke while partying, make sure to throw your cigarette butts in an ashtray or trash can instead of just throwing your cigarette butts anywhere you can. This will help keep Mother Nature cleaner, and your wastes easier to manage. Plus, who wants a litter-filled city?
3. Bag It! When buying your booze in your favorite convenience store or gasoline station, make sure to bring your Green bags (which are readily available anywhere). Ask the bagger to put your alcohol in those eco-friendly bags instead of the usual plastic bags. Or if you can’t bring your Green bags, at least try to recycle those plastic bags the next time you buy some booze for your house party.
4. Hold it in! If you really, really have to puke after an all-night gimmick session, please do it in the toilet. No matter how drunk you are, make an effort to puke inside the toilet, and inside the bowl. Cleaning up all your vomit wastes a lot of water, detergent, energy, and deodorizers. Plus, the rest of us in the partyphile world would not have to inhale the stench of your vomit all night (or morning) long.
5. Rag-giddy! If your table is wet from all the moisture your beer gives off, or from spillage when transporting ice cubes from the ice bucket to your grail of choice, kindly ask the waiter or server to wipe your table with a rag instead of trying to wipe all the water off yourself with all those pieces of tissue paper or paper napkins. Just make sure to leave a tip for the kind server.
6. Beak it down! Try not to break glasses, no matter how drunk, rowdy or wild you get. This will not only add some unnecessary items on your bill, but it will actually save Mother Earth. Remember, glass takes hundreds of years to decompose, so we don’t need any more pieces of useless glass on this planet.
7. Match made in heaven! IF you smoke, please use matches instead of disposable lighters. Disposable lighters just end up in land fills, while matches are actually made from recycled material and are more easily decomposed. So you don’t just save trees (because again, they are made from disposable materials), you even save space in our land fills.
8. Carpools are not for kids! If you are going out on a saturnight and plan to bring a car, why not pick your friends up on your way to your chosen gimmick spot? Less cars mean less air pollutants, and could actually translate to more fun, unless of course one of you pukes in the car, in which case, refer to tip number 4 of this article.

These tips are not always easy to do or apply in your daily party life, but sacrifice a bit and make a conscious effort to help Mother Earth, no matter what your intention is.