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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going Out with 15

Alright. Now anyone who has followed this blog would know how ive been depressed the past weeek, but thi week i a totally different story. i do not understand why, but luck has been on my side lately..

last night, i visited my friend's house. i walked going there, so it didnt cost me anything. i had to walk ecause all i had with me was a measly 100 pesos plus change.. that just does not work for me so i decided to walk..

a few chit chats later, we decided to join our other friend in pescado. its this new place in torres. my friend gave me 40 for the cab ride, and i chipped in a measly 13 pesos. anyways...when we got there, they decided to transfer to we did

and i got a free ride..hehehe

so..recap...ive been to theree places now and all ive spent is 13 pesos..

peiple gave me beer left and right, and so i drank the night away,...hehe...

to cap things off, i shared a cab with my friend and i chipped in 2 pesos..

so my total expense for last night: 15 pesos..

confession #7:

someone tells me that when you manage to go out and party and not spend a single peso... thats when you know you are loved for who you are and not for what you have