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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Asked, I Answered

Dear Partyphile,

I plan to throw a big party in two weeks and I'm currently having a problem with inviting people to go to my party. What can I do or say to encourage them to go to my party? What must I do? Please help. Thanks a lot. :)



Hey Wee!

Thank you for writing in. I know how you feel. You are probably stressed out about people not showing up to your party.

First of all, I don’t understand what is up with people not wanting to go to parties. I mean, it’s a venue to have free food, and more importantly, free drinks. Right? Right.

Seriously, my first advice would be: invite close friends; friends who love you and support you. Forget the popular crowd, forget whoever else. Just invite the people whom you love, and love you back. I am sure they would all want to come.

You could also check if your dress code is too much of a hassle. If you are going for a theme on your party, maybe you could change it or make it a little less cotume-y. Go with colors instead of a whole theme; like an all-blue party, a black party, or a pink party; whatever it is you feel like having. I hope that helps, and please update me about the party. You could even send me some fabulous pictures to post on my blog.

Davao’s Ultimate Partyphile,

Zhaun Ortega

Famous Birthdays

Happy birthday to:

Zachary Quinto - Heroes. Spock on 2009 Star Wars (33)
Wayne Brady- Don't Forget the Lyrics (38)

Belated Happy Birthday to Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean (84)

Chuck Ali! Happy Birthday

Ten ways to become Famous

10 Enter a reality show. Think: Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Susan Boyle, William Hung, the guy who sang Pants On the Ground, Bikini Girl

9 Create a really hot youtube video. Charice, Esmee Denters, Boyce Avenue, Marie Digby, Justin Bieber, Happy Slip, the prisoners from Cebu, and that guy who was crying about Britney Spears

8 Expose a scandal

7 Be in a scandal

6 Beat a world record. Beat the record for writing the stupidest book ever.

5 Commit a crime

4 Be the most famous Jejemon. Lobby at Congress to have the Constitution be re-written in Jejetext or create a partylist to uphold the rights of Jejemons…or go the opposite end and replace the Davao Death Squad with Jejebsuters

3 Date and Marry a really famous person. Think: K-Fed, Sharon Osbourne, the

2 Create a really good cocktail

1 Be the best party-thrower in the country

Drink of the Week: Gin Tonic

The most popular and most ordered cocktail in the world is the Gin-Tonic.

How do you make it? Really simple:

In an Old-Fashioned Glass filled with ice add a shot of gin and fill to the brim with tonic water. Add a wedge of lemon or lime

June 2 is Fame Day

June 2 is fame day! Do something to catch people's attentions today! Haha