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Sunday, January 11, 2009

the rich boring man's vice

yup. the new year is here but somehow, everything feels a wee bit old. i was in urban club last night and it was gross

it was filled with kids..i not old 22...but urban was filled with..i dunno...15 year olds?




its just wrong..i dont wanna be flirting with somebody and ending up in jail for corruption of minors..yucks.more importantyl...they shouldnt even be drinking and stuff.

whats more...torres is gfetting tired...its now ike a market place..i saw a lot of emos there as well...and a lot more jologs kids and grandpas...

rizal is starting to be a bore..i see the same people..and all of them are gayt its getting boring for me...i need a new change...
my party god! where will i go now?

i hope davao comes up with some new bar....i might give up on gimmicks completely..and stick with the rich boring man's vice: coffee