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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beer Facts

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world, right after water and tea

If you want to get rid of the foam on top of the beer, simply stick your finger in it.

If you don't want your beer bottle to stick to the napkin, sprinkle a little salt before putting your drink down

When you are bored and want to see something fun, simply throw some salted peanuts in some beer and watch them dance.

When you take a bottle of beer that has sat inside the freezer for quite some time, strike the bottle with a piece of coin or spoon right after opening it. This will turn your beer into slush.

Drink of the Week: Danger and Cloudy Day

Beer is one of the most common drinks we enjoy and because it is delicious, we enjoy it in large quantities. But because we always drink it, it can get tired. So here are two other ways you can enjoy some beer


Danger is a cocktail that involves two simple ingredients. All you have to do is grab a tall glass, fill it halfway with ice, add a shot of vodka and then fill it to the brim with beer.

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day is an exciting cocktail that mixes two of the best drinks: Beer and Tequila. All you have to do is open a light beer, drink some of it so the neck of the bottle is empty and then add a shot or two of Tequila. Add a squeeze of lime or calamansi and then stick your thumb in the bottle's mouth and turn it upside down to mix all the ingredients well. Serve and enjoy.