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Friday, October 10, 2008

Remembered Too Late ( One Sweet Day)

"Sorry, I never told you... all I wanted to say"
Those are the opening lines of one tof those most succesful songs ever written. the song is called One Sweet Day, penned and performed by amriah Carey and BoyzIIMen.
I do not know anyone who does not know about this song. It is truly a wonderful song, and although it is filled with melismas and vocal acrobatics, the essence and the meaning of the song was too strong to be covered up by such vocal suprfluousity. Of course, the song is wonderfully sad but hopeful. And somehow, i never truly understood the meaning of the song until yesterday.
I know the lyrics are clear and that everyone could probably relate to the song because loss is a toic everyone has experienced and has had a hard time experiencing, but soemhow, i did not really "feel" the song as much as i feel it now.
And this was yet again, because of another party.
Yes, I was invited yet again to a party. This time, it was my friend's 21st birthday. And i was quite taken aback when i learned where the party was going to be.
When i arrived at the Davao Memorial Park, i greetd the birthday girl straight away. We were in her mom's mosoleum.Her mom had died a couple of months back and she probabaly wnated to spend her first birthday without her mom (physically), with her mom (in essence).
What struck me was that this woman lying there in the mosoleum was someone i had never talked to. I had been invited to several birthday celebrations of this particular friend but she had never brought her mom along. She would often leave her behind or something. Mayeb her mom was busy, maybe she did not feel comfortable drinking in front of her mom (who would be?). But my point is that she was never around us when her daughter celebrated her birthdays... until now.
Although it is such a cliche, the saying "don't know what you've got 'til its gone" is a strong one because it is true, and most often, it is a realization too strong to ignore. So it struck me. How long must we wait to start to show care for people we truly care about?
Will we forever be stuck as what the philosopher Riceur would describe as a "socius"? One who is too caught up with this functional relationships instead of his personal relationships that we do not really get to stop for a while, step back and show people how we truly feel about them?
Are we too caught up in the beaurocracy of our modern world to have a chance to be truly human towards others? Are we too caught up with our functions rather than our relationships?
These thoughts are deserving of some pondering, and i think everyone should asses their lives at some point. we should never let go of the things that truly truly matter to us. We should not allow our jobs, school or whatever holds us back and gives us a false goal to make us forget the truly impoertant things in life: family, friendas and compassion.
confession # 14
that is probabaly what i like about clubbing. you eternally live in the moment. you do not have any function to perform. you just party, and party hearty! no worries, no one forgotten, no one sad..
until you come back home and then people ask you for those projects, people ask you to do chores or bosses stress you out.
The good thing is, there is always an all out, no holds barred gimmi8ck nigh out waiting for you every weekend.