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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday!

  • Sienna Miller 29
  • John legend 32
  • Gayle King 56
  • Denzel Washington 56
  • Maggie Smith 76

Drink of the Week: Royal Orange Fizz

The royal orange fizz is a simple cocktail that is fizzy, fun, and festive! It is perfect for the coming New Year celebration. LOVE IT! This is the perfect new year cocktail

Ayway, here is how you make it:

in a shaker shake ice cubes, 1 ounce of gin, half a teaspoon of sugar, and the juice of two oranges. strain it over a champagne flute until it fills it halfway. Then top it off with champagne or sparkling white wine.

December 28 is Card Playing Day!

Today is Card Playing Day! So gather all your card playing friends and have a card playing party!

Serve some finger food and some really good beer and enjoy card playing until the wee hours of the morning!

oh, and tell me if you win any game.hahaha

Davao's Ultimate Partyphile,

Zhaun Ortega

Things to Look Out for in 2011

A new year always means new experiences, new fascinations, new parties, new addictions, and a whole new world of wonder. Instead of taking in whatever comes your way, I find that expecting things to happen and searching for them and making them happen sooner I always better because you come prepared when they arrive. Having said that, I present to you the things to look forward to this year.

Alright, alright. So it’s not that deep. I just wanted to give you a preview of the things that could invade our Facebook (or some new social networking site!) status messages or Tweets really soon… because, well, it’s a fun topic.

10.) Abreeza Mall opening in Davao: Shopaholics and Foodies have been going crazy waiting for the next big mall to open in the locality. Rumours have been flying about Starbucks and/or Krispy Kremes finally opening in Durian City, as well as a slew of really good fashion brands; making the opening of this Ayala mall much awaited.

9.) Celebrity Babies: Since we are a society that is obsessed with celebrity, their offspring are always matters of international interest. Some celebrities who are sure to spend 2011 with new babies include the sensual Penelope Cruz, Hollywood Actor Orlando Bloom, edgy Singer Pink, Breast Cancer Survivor and actress Christina Applegate, not-so-Baby Spice Emma Bunton, and Diva du Jour who is expecting a set of twins by her rapper-producer husband, Nick Cannon.

8.) The Pacquiao-Mosley Fight: Alright. I admit I am not into the Pacquiao fever mostly because I have never seen any of his fights because they are usually too early for me and always happen on a Sunday (which is obviously after a Saturday, which is obviously the day partyphiles go out to party hearty). However, I am pretty sure that this next fight will be as epic as his last few ones. And although the grapevine says Mosley is too easy an opponent for Pacquiao; I think this will, once again, turn out to be a really good fight.

7.) Albums: Music is always a big part of people’s (especially partyphiles’) lives. Because of this, new albums from the following artists are much awaited:

· Lady Gaga

· Beyonce

· Britney Spears

· Madonna

· Black Eyed Peas

· Blink 182

· No Doubt

· Aerosmith

· Red Hot Chili Peppers

· U2

As a side note, two young international artists are hitting the Philippines early this year: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

6.) Movies: Movies are always entertaining and big movies usually send in trailer a year before their actual release. This seems to create an excitement for movie buffs around the globe. The movies to look out for this year include:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows Part II
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
  • Xmen First Class
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • The Green Hornet
  • Green Lantern
  • Thor
  • Parites of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Kung Fu Panda 2

5.) Every urbanite has to have his slew of gadgets to make life easier and keep connected to the world. Here is a list of all the most anticipated little gizmos and gadgets to watch out for in the year that is:

  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 i9200
  • Nintendo 3Ds 3D Camera
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2
  • The PlayStation Phone by Sony Ericsson
  • Nintendo 3Ds
  • Sony Vaio 3D

4.) Antonov Apple: This ready-to-drink beverage is starting to gather a sufficient numbers of fans in PArtylandia because of its sweet taste, affordable price, and unique packaging. This apple flavoured vodka concoction is Antonov’s answer to two of the biggest hitters in the ready-to-drink cocktail world: Gilbey’s Premium Strength and Tanduay Ice.

3.) The Proposed BRT System in Davao: I’m guessing this would not materialize within the year but I’m hoping for some sign that this will actually happen really soon. Any improvement within the year would be such a blessing. A Bus Rapid System (or BRT) is composed of a line of busses that travel on a special lane. People hop on and get off at platforms all around the city. It is said to be more cost efficient and more convenient for everybody. This would hopefully help with the traffic situation in our growing city.

2.) Diaspora*: The social networking site that is said to be the next “Facebook” will be fully usable this year. Unlike Facebook, Diaspora makes it so much easier to protect posts, videos, photos, and other media. More importantly, it allows you to pick and choose exactly who it is you want to share your posts with in a much easier fashion. More importantly, they give you full ownership of all your photos and protect them for your sake. I wonder if Facebook is trembling or trying to make friends with Friendster already.

1.) New Banknotes: If there is one thing that gets me more excited than alcohol, that is definitely: Money. Our new banknotes will feature upgraded security features, more vibrant colors, younger photos of the personalities on the fron of the bill, and a whole new back that features (for each bill) a landmark, an animal indigenous to the Philippines, and a band based on indigienous art, designs, or weaving patterns.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Drink of the Week: The Christmas Cocktail

Here's a cocktail that combines all the flavors of Christmas: Coffee, Cinnamon, and Chocolate! It's rich, satisfying and definitely packs a punch. Here's how you make it:

  1. Grab a shaker and fill it half-way with ice cubes
  2. Pour in an ounce of Tequila
  3. Pour in an ounce of Bailey's Cream
  4. Pour in an ounce of Cinnamon Schnapps
  5. Sprinkle some powdered coffee
  6. Shake until it is well blended and serve it in a Martini glass with a Cinnamon Stick.

Xmas is Here, Let’s Play!

Christmas Day has just ended but the smell of Noche Buena fare is sure to still be wafting in your home. In fact, your garbage cans are still filled with gift wrappers and (for some of us) those unappreciated gifts from our annoying exes; and our social calendars are still chuck full of Christmas parties and reunions until the earlier part of January.

If you are simply attending these reunions and parties, then you are in luck. All you have to do is show up with your uninspired gift and avail of all the food and be chummy with friends you hardly even talk to anymore. However, if you are the one planning the party, or the one assigned to make it more fun, the task of finding fun (not corny) games for your Christmas party may be harder that looking for that classy yet affordable gift for your boss. So here are some of my game suggestions:

1.) Stick It On That Body Part! : So here is a game that can get a little naughty although it requires some noggin’ usage and a sense of familiarity among the participants. That being said, it is most applicable to reunions. The game is easy. Members are divided into three or four groups and each group chooses a model. Each team is given a roll of masking tape. Then, the moderator asks each group to stick pieces of masking tape on any body part that starts with the chosen letter. The moderator chooses the letter, announces it, and times the challenge. I suggest two to three minutes per letter. Then, the models are presented in front of each other and the pieces of masking tape are counted. The whole group must agree if the body part is acceptable or not. The team that gets the most points wins. Thanks to Suzette Tan-Atmosfera for the tip!

2.) Tell Me A Story! : This next game is appropriate for corporate parties and such. It requires contestants to form three groups of four. Each group forms a line with their first representative at the front of the line. A moderator asks general questions like “what is the essence of Christmas?” and the representatives try to answer it three words at a time. So, the first representative answers using three words, which the second representative then connects to, until they make a long conversation or paragraph. They do not have to answer the question, and they do not have to make sense. All that is required is that they do not exceed the three word limit. Whenever one person says more than three words, a point is awarded to both of their opposing teams, and s/he is replaced by the next person in line. A sample conversation reads like:

Moderator: What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Representative 1: The true meaning…

Representative 2: …of Christmas is…

Representative 3: … having fun in…

*back to Representative 1: … the beach, man!

3.) Wrap It Up! : If your guests have been on Earth even before Cher was born, you would definitely want to choose games that are a little more subdued like a gift-wrapping contest. Simply provide both teams with some wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, and scissors and ask them to wrap empty boxes. If you want to make it more challenging, you may hide the materials around the venue before they start wrapping.

4.) Sing-A-Song! : This is one of the simplest games in my Yuletide Roster. Simply divide the participants into three or four groups and give them five minutes to jot down all the Christmas songs they know. Then each group takes turns in singing one Christmas Song. If other groups happen to have the same song in their list, they crash it out from their list. The next group then sings one of their Yuletide tunes. The group that has the most titles left, wins the prize.

5.) Get Wasted! : This is one of the simplest games ever; and all you need for this game is a pair of different colored dice and six participants. All you do is roll the dice and check out the results. The first die indicates the number of shots the person drinks. The second die indicates who among the six participants should take a shot. Note: if the die ands on a five, the person who threw it starts counting from his right-hand side until he reaches the fifth person. Nobody gets a prize, but everybody gets wasted. And we all know that getting boozed up is the true meaning of Christmas…well, at least in Partylandia, it is.

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New Christmas Commandments

It has been two years since I released my first version of the Partyphile Christmas Commandments and I am releasing another version today because I find that it is good to have some guidelines when we are caught up in way too much celebrating and way too much boozing. And although I am not one to be preachy and tell you how you should spend your Christmas, I find that these commandments give me a well-balanced look at the Yuletide season. In a sense, these commandments help me keep sight of what Christmas truly means. Being a partyphile makes it easy to lose sight of that, and we all know that everybody transforms into a partyphile during the Yuletide season. For this cause I give you my Christmas Commandments:

1Thou shall not gain a gazillion pounds- We all know the dangers that the seemingly never-ending slew of Christmas parties brings: overly indulgent buffets. Yes, it is quite hard to resist all those sumptuous dishes and keep our waistlines in check. I for one, have always succumbed to the call of that gorgeous glazed Jamon de Bola. And although it is quite tempting to just let go of your year-long diet and finally say “hello” to a life sans calorie-counting, it just makes life harder post-Christmas. In the end, it is your call, but be sure to have a closet full of clothes a size-too-big, just in case. Oh, and if it helps, just think of how you’ll look in all those Christmas photos! Remember: though it is the season to be jolly, it is NOT the season to totally forget about your belly.

2Thou shall not be grumpy this season- Everybody hates the Grinch. Why? Because he is always grumpy and tries to ruin the spirit of Christmas. Why? Because he is an insecure little snob with too many emotional problems; no shrink could probably fix him. We don’t notice it sometimes, but we too may have the tendency to act like the Grinch, and you don’t want to be the Christmas spoiler now, do you? Be a little nicer, greet everyone with a smile, and just spread the holiday cheer.

3Thou shall party a little harder- Come on. Your close friends are sure to be in the mood to party a little harder this holiday season. Go with the season and party a little harder, dear reader. And I’m not just talking about partying more often, just try to be in a more festive mood and enjoy everybody’s company. After all, everyone is always a couple of bucks richer come Christmas time.

4 Thou shall not break the bank- It is true that it is the thought that truly counts, if you do not have a budget to buy everyone special to you a gift this season, then write them a sincere Holiday card. I am sure they will appreciate it much more. And please do not ever recycle gifts. Its just plain gross. One should give gifts not for duty, not for reciprocity, and not for personal satisfaction; one should give for the sheer joy of giving.

5Thou shall not dress in red and green- Horrendous. Who in their right mind would dress up like a Christmas tree? Red and green is reserved for Christmas ornaments, not your clothes. Do everyone a favor and please do not don holiday colors. It’s just not cool.

6Thou shall let out thou’s inner child- Christmas time is the perfect time to remember the simples things and life and to see the world through the eyes of a child. Remember the greatest gifts you have: family, friends, and the maturity that partying may be guilt-free.

7Thou shall not have false idols- PSPs, iPads and Blackberries are not the things that make up Christmas. Remind yourself that the novelty and gratification you will get from these gadgets will only last until the New Year. Think of what really matters and you are sure to cut your Christmas wish list in half.

8Thou shall self indulge- Christmas is a time for loving, yet most of us forget to love ourselves a little bit more during the holidays. So self-indulge and do what you really want. Go to the beach, have a massage, buy yourself that thing you have been eyeing for so long. Now is the perfect time to give yourself what you deserve, even if it is a little capricious. After all, if you aren’t going to look out for yourself, nobody else will.

9Thou shall spend Christmas happily alone- Spending Christmas alone isn’t something to feel bad about; one can do so much more than just mope around at home while playing sappy Christmas songs and indulging in self pity. One does not have to feel bad about not being able to, or not wanting to, spend Christmas time with their family. If there is one thing that watching too many re-runs of Sex and the City has taught me, it is that you could choose to spend any joyous moment with the family you born in, or the family you choose to make for yourself. So gather everyone you know who can’t be home for the holidays and spread the yuletide cheer. After all, the real essence of Christmas is not found in the people you choose to spend it with; it is about being happy, no matter what.

10Thou shall keep the “Christ” in Christmas- We often think of Christmas and remember Old Saint Nick; but Santa Claus and gift-giving sometimes distracts us into thinking that this holiday is really about Christ. I am not trying to be preachy here, and I certainly am in no position to give you readers a lecture on religion; but all I ask is for every partyphile to step back a little, and for once, give the spotlight to the person who really matters this season: Jesus the Christ.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drink of the Week: Chocolate Margarita

The chocolate margarita is an interesting twist to the margarita. It is tequila based, is filled with chocolate, but also has a citrus kick to break the monotony. Here is how you make it:

In a shaker combine:
  • 1 1/2 oz Tequila
  • 1 oz Godiva Liquor or Bailey's Cream
  • 1 oz Milk or Cream
  • 1 Tablespoon Chocolate Syrup
  • 2 oz Orange Juice
  • and some ice
Shake it until well combined and cool and pour over a margarita glass lined with cocoa powder (on the rim)

Today is Chocolate Covered Day

Today is the day when we celebrate everything that is covered with chocolate. So gather all your chocoholic friends, make some chocolate dips, and go crazy with a chocolate fountain!

Christmas Trivia

1.) Santa Claus has 8 original reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. Rudolph was only introduced to the public through a booklet during 1939. Thus, he is not included in the popular Yuletide poem, “the Night Before Christmas”

2.) The most popular song Christmas song of the past decade, and one of the best-selling Christmas songs of all time, “All I Want for Xmas Is You” is actually not a cover song. Mariah Carey wrote it together with Walter Affaneseiff and was released as part of her first Christmas album entitled “Merry Christmas” on 1994. This makes it one of the few modern inclusions in the long line of traditional Xmas carols.

3.) The song Jingle Bells wasn't originally made for Xmas. It was created as a theme for a children's thanksgiving show and its original title was “One Horse Open Sleigh”. In fact, there is no mention of Christmas in the song.

4.) Germans were the first to make artificial Xmas trees. They used goose feathers that were dyed green.

5.) The top 5 Christmas songs (in no particular order) are: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Winter Wonderland and White Christmas. This is based on sales of recorded version of the track.

6.) The Top Three Best Selling Christmas albums of all time are Kenny G’s “Miracles”, Celine Dion’s “These Are Special Times”, and Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas”.

7.) If you receive all the gifts in the song 12 days of Xmas, you would end up with 364 gifts. One for each day of the year!

8.) The best selling Christmas song of all time is Bing Crosby's “White Christmas”. “White Christmas” is also the most recorded Christmas song. It has more than 500 recorded versions.

9.) The number one song last Xmas was Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay Z.

10.) Music industry experts predict that this year’s Christmas Day number one song would be either Katy Perry’s “Firework”, or Pink’s festive track “Raise Your Glass”.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Semi-DIY Gift Ideas

Christmas is definitely just around the tinsel-decorated corner, and it seems like everyone is going crazy for Christmas shopping. Gift giving is so common these days that everyone seems to start giving out the same generic gifts. For this reason, people are starting to appreciate personalized or homemade gifts even more. They tell the gift-receiver that the gift-giver has put much time and effort into their gift and made it especially for the receiver. This alone is a gift in itself.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to spare to create personalized or homemade gifts. My solution? Semi-DIY (do-it-yourself) gifts that are easy to make, easy on the budget, and easy on the eyes. Here are some of my affordable Yuletide suggestions:

  1. Homemade Pate: A pate is a type of dip that is usually made with a type of meat (usually liver or fish) and has a strong savoury flavour. It is usually made with duck liver or smoked salmon, but since neither are easily available or easy on the budget, you may create a more Pinoy version of the pate. Simply caramelize some onions with butter on low heat and add a couple cloves of garlic. Season it with slat and pepper and an herb of your choice (common choices include oregano, basil, paprika, or bay leaf). Dump this mixture in a food processor. Then, add some flaked smoked Bangus or some canned Tuna in Water (if you are working on a really tight budget) and some Cream Cheese. Blend the mixture in the food processor until it is sooth and spreadable. You may also add chopped nuts like walnuts, pistachios, or almonds. Transfer this mix into decorative glass jars and give them out as gifts. Just remember to keep them refrigerated. Oh, and if you want to, you may create different flavours and give a set of homemade pate to your friends.

  1. Semi-DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies: Now, this is my personal favorite. I actually do this every time I need some ort of gift and I run out of time to buy some. What I do is buy some decorative boxes (which cost about 50 to 80 Pesos) and line the insides with some Japanese paper (which cost about 2 Pesos per sheet) and then fill the box with some cookies I buy from a popular baked-goods chain. The chocolate chip cookies taste somewhat homemade (as compared to the generic, mass produced ones) and are actually cheaper. Then, I give the cookies in boxes out and claim I made it myself. The receiver always seems appreciative for the fact tat I exerted some amount of effort in “baking” the cookies.

  1. Chocolate Bath Milk: If you know somebody who loves taking care of their skin and happens to have a bath tub, you may want to give them some really affordable Bath Milk with a twist of Chocolate. They may use this to soak in the tub with to get really supple skin. The ingredients: 2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder, and 2 Cups of Powdered Milk. Simply mix the two, put in metallic canisters, and decorate.

  1. Bandana-Wrapped Candies: People often give out candies or chocolates during Christmas as a default gift. Personally, I dislike receiving edible gifts because there is nothing to remember the gift, or the giver by, once the food is consumed. So what I do when I decide to give out some candy is wrap it with something useful. Usually, I use a bandana which costs well under 50 Pesos. I simply place the candies in the middle of an open bandana, pull all ends to have them meet at the top (surrounding the candies), and then tie a secure ribbon to hold the candies in place, and to add a more festive flair. You may also use this technique when giving out little trinkets.

  1. Semi-DIY Cereal Snacks: Everybody has stale cereal; and nobody ever seems to want to eat it. To recycle stale cereal I make some Cereal Snacks. I simply heat up a cup of brown sugar, a cup of water, a pinch of salt, and some cinnamon, until all the sugar is dissolved. I bring the mixture to a boil and once boiled, I pour it over the stale cereal (in a bowl) combined with some raisins, chocolate chips, glazed fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and desiccated coconut. Then I transfer the mixture to an oiled baking sheet and wait for it to dry. If you cooked the caramel right, this would dry in a couple of minutes or less. Then, break the pieces (at this point they would have clumped together into one big piece) and transfer them to decorative glass jars, tie a ribbon near the top, and hand them out as edible gifts for Christmas.

  1. Decorative Alcohol: Alcohol is another classic Yuletide gift because it is generic and (most often) inoffensive. Instead of simply giving out bottles of your favorite booze, try this creative (and cheaper) spin on alcohol-giving for the holidays.

Simply buy decorative bottles in mall-based department stores (or the trusty shops at Uyanguren) that sell house ware or even supplies for flower arrangements. You may simply fill these bottles with affordable Vodka and give them out as gifts. If you want a more creative twist, you may choose different-colored decorative bottles, or simply add food dye to your vodka. You may also flavour the vodka with oil or water-based flavourings that are available in most supermarkets.

  1. Oatmeal Soap: Oatmeal Soap is very good for the skin, and always looks semi-homemade. Unlike Papaya, Carrot, or Seaweed soaps, oatmeal soap has little granules of oatmeal which makes it look a little more rustic and less “mass produced”. You may wrap the pieces of oatmeal soap (without the box or the plastic wrapper) in Japanese paper or gift wrapping paper made from recycled paper. Then, tie some paper twine around the soap and then glue-gun a piece of dried flower or potpourri on top of the knot.

  1. Nuts: The Yuletide season is probably the time of the year when most nuts are consumed. There is something about nuts that reminds us of lazy Christmas days, and all the glee it comes with it. Giving nuts for Xmas is not only unique and inexpensive, but is also very helpful for people who are trying to watch their weight. Simply create your own version of mixed nuts, and make sure to include the more festive ones like Walnuts, Chestnuts, Almonds, and maybe even Pistachios. Then, place them in canisters or simple glass jars and tie ribbons on the lid. This makes for a festive and gift that all members of the family are sure to appreciate.

  1. Monogram White Napkins: White napkins are almost essential to every household; plus they make for really inexpensive gifts. Simply buy a set of white napkins (which are very inexpensive), and some textile paint (which cost less than fifty pesos). Simply use stamps to create designs on the white napkins and let it dry overnight. You may put a simple leaf design or the initials of the person who will accept the gift. If you are giving it away as a gift for the whole family, make one for each member of the family and choose letters that correspond to their first names. The key here is simplicity. Do not put more than one icon on the napkin.

  1. Hot Chocolate Mix: Everybody loves some hot chocolate during the yuletide season; so why not give it away as a gift? You may prepare some hot chocolate mixes by combining powdered sugar, powdered milk, cocoa powder, and a little salt. You may choose to flavour your hot chocolate with cayenne peppers (which is too good for words), cinnamon, nutmeg, or whatever flavour you like. Then, place them in metal canisters or glass jars. Tie a ribbon across the top and give it out as gifts.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Even Santa Fell In Love

And since I also believe that it s nice to have someone during Christmas, here is the only song about the First Lady of the Holidays: Mrs. Claus... because even Santa fell in love..

The Top Reasons Why It Is Better to be Single During Christmas

10. You spend less when Christmas shopping, because you wouldn’t have to buy your bf or gf a gift. You wouldn’t have to buy one for their parents, siblings, grandparents, nannies, best friend, etc

9. You get invited to more events; you can go to reunions without feeling bad about leaving your bf or gf behind; you get to enjoy more, drink more, live it up more. Plus, you actually get to spend time with your friends who are visting over the Christmas break.

8. It controls your weight. The fact that you are single makes you want to look good. Thus, you would be more careful about what you eat during the Holidays

7. You do not have to spend the holidays with your in-laws when the only thing you want to do is lay in bed in your Mother’s house.

6. You do not have to think of ways to make your bf or gf’s xmas sweeter, better, happier. You do not get pressured into buying the perfect gift either. Being single during Xmas is almost stress free.

5. You can do whatever you want to. You can travel, you can sleep, you can do nothing. Xmas usually gives us time off to do anything we want to. Being single means you would not have to consider anybody else.

4. You avoid having to dress up in matching Yuletide outfits. ICK!

3. You can buy yourself a gift and actually enjoy it instead of feeling guilty about it.

2. You can go home to your province and celebrate Xmas with your parents without guilt

1. You can flirt with all the cuties you meet during Christmas parties and reunions.

Drink of the Week: Brownie Cocktail

In a blender mix:

  • 2 cups crushed ice,
  • 1/2 cup of vodka,
  • 2 cups of fresh milk,
  • 1/4 cups chocolate syrup,
  • and one chocolate brownie

Serve this blended drink in a cocktail glass

December 8 is National Brownie Day

December 8 is National Brownie Day! So gather all our brownie loving friends, ask them to bring some brownies with them, and have a gorgeous brownie party!

You may also drink some brownie inspired cocktails, the recipe of which i'll be giving out later.

Take it form me, because my name is Zhaun... and these are the confessions of a partyphile!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Akihiro Sato is the Survivor Philippines Winner

Just in case you are wondering, yes, Akihiro Sato won Survivor Philippines. BTW, i saw Aki among with other Survvor Castaways and he was looking a bit chubby, Solenn was not as retty as I had imagined, and Ervic was very arrogant and seemed to seek attention. Eew

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

  1. Homemade pate
  2. Homemade choco chip cookies
  3. Choco milk bath powder
  4. candy in a bandana--soap
  5. Home made fiber snacks
  6. Decorative bottles with vodka
  7. Soaps.jap paper
  8. nuts
  9. white napkins
  10. hot choco mix

Drink of the Week: Cape Codder

Since we are celebrating World AIDS Awareness Day, I am giving out the recipe for a red cocktail: the Cape Codder. It is really simple to make and is deliciously tart. Here's how:

Fill a highball glass with ice.

pour a shot of vodka and three shots of cranberry juice in the glass. also add a dash of lime juice. stir well and garnish a wedge of lime. serve

December 1 is World AIDS Awareness Day

December One is World AIDS Awareness Day. Make sure you learn all the things you need to know about AIDS. And fight Aids, not people with Aids.

Friday, November 26, 2010

multi tasking

Multi-tasking means everything to everyone these days. It seems like; a simple nine to five just won’t cut it anymore. People from my generation feed on multi-tasking; the only way we know how to survive is to maintain several different lifestyles. And although a balancing act is required for one to successfully maintain several different lives, it sure beats sitting in an office all day.

So here I am: Zhaun Claude Rosales Ortega, 23 years old, from Davao city; and I am a multi-tasker.

So what is it that I do? I am a partyphile. I go out to party every weekend, and make it a habit to drink (socially) on the weekdays. I have made partying a lifestyle; one that allows me to de-stress while having some fun with friends after work. Also, partying allows me to expand my network; allowing me to get to know people from all walks of life.

Because I have imbibed the whole “party lifestyle”, I did not want to land a regular job. In fact, the lifestyle I’ve chosen inspired me to try and make some money out of it. For this reason, and for my love of writing, I started my blog: Confessions of a Partyphile, that deals with the local party scene, throwing house parties, and all things festive, and fun. Because I did not want to limit my market to the internet-user, Confessions of a Partyphile is also published in a local Business Weekly. These two mediums allow me to express myself in writing.

Another way I choose to express myself is through talking and playing music on my radio program. Also entitled Confessions of a Partyphile, my three hour radio program (in a local radio station) dishes out three hours of the hottest party music with short breaks that allow me to give out cocktail recipes, event updates, and party tips.

Confessions of a Partyphile—the brand turned two last July. To celebrate that, I decided to throw a big anniversary party for all the hottest Davaoeno party animals; making me a first-time event organizer as well. I plan to make the anniversary party a yearly event to allow me to give back to my readers and listeners.

A bag line and a clothing line are in the near future of Confessions of a Partyphile, as I have also recently talked with local manufacturers who have decided to include me in the “designing process” for a limited edition Confessions of a Partyphile line. A concept for a local TV version of Confessions of a Partyphile is also in the works.

Aside from my blog, radio show, and newspaper column, I cash-in by hosting events in the city. Mall shows, band/show choir competitions, store openings, debuts, weddings, birthdays, and even dance-party events are some of the events I host. Aside from that, I maintain two online writing jobs which require me to submit articles (about herpes medications, cupcakes, treatment centers, and online pharmacies)daily. I am also a regular contributing writer for a local glossy called M Magazine; a publication dedicated to highlighting the beauty of Mindanao.

Another one of my passions is singing. I have an acoustic band, Walnut Avenue, that plays songs from many genres. We play strictly by invitation, as the band members’ busy schedules do not really allow us to play regular gigs. I have also been invited by a local rap duo to sing the chorus for their song “DC Strollin”, a track dedicated to showcasing the vibe and feel of Davao City.

To express my creative side I also write songs and create some henna tattoos. The most canvas are my own hands.

I am also a foodie that enjoys eating as much as cooking. I share all my foodscapades on my blog: It features restaurants I have eaten in and some simple recipes (with step by step guides and photos). I am also a heavy tweeter, so staying online at all times is one of my priorities.

Being a marketing graduate from the Ateneo de Davao University also comes in handy as I am also an insurance agent which requires me to look for individual clients who would like to avail of our services. I am also an account executive for the local radio station I work for; a job that requires me to look for advertisers and sponsors. Sometimes, I also do some copywriting for local malls in the city.

When I want to de-stress, I go and travel the country. This year I have toured most of Mindanao, including Iligina, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Dapitan, General Santos City, Cagayan de Oro City, and some neighboring cities as well. I have also started to explore Visayas and plan to explore it further.

Basically, that is who I am. A blogger, a radio show host, a columnist, an events organizer, an events host, a contributing writer, a web-content writer, a song writer, a henna tattoo artist, a copy writer, a vocalist, a band member, a foodie, a cook, a traveller, an insurance agent, a tweeter, an account executive, a partyphile, a multi-tasker.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Partyphiles

10.) A dozen Beer Cupcakes or Red Wine Cupcakes from Johnny Cupcakes

9.) Personalized Shot Glasses. Simply buy ordinary shot glasses and decorate them yourself or take them to a custom-design shop and have your partyphile friend's initials printed on the shot glasses.

8.) Shotglass Checkerboard. Buy a checkerboard big enough to fit a shot glass per square. Buy shot glasses enough for playing checkers. Include instructions on how to play the game:

make some vodka-sprite and fill all the shot glasses with the cocktail. Then, either color half the cocktails with food coloring, or add some juice. use these shot glasses as your checker pieces. everytime you "eat" one of your opponent's checker pieces, s/he takes the "eaten" piece and drinks it.

7.) The iBartender is an iPhone application that costs 99 cents. it gives detailed instructions on how to make your favorite cocktails. if you can't pick a cocktail, it even picks one out for you.

6.) Jansport Cooler Party Pack Bag: This bag is waterproof, shock proof, can hold twelve cans of beer in a cooler compartment on the underside of the bag, has ipod controls on the straps, has a headphone port, and has built in speakers

5.) Reef Dram Sandals. These sandals are the first to feature a built-in flask right in the middle of the sole. It holds about 1.5 fluid ounces and makes the sandal extra comfy to wear. check out to buy some

4.) Goldschlager. This alcoholic beverage is extra festive because it tastes like cinnamon and has gold leaves in it.

3.) The party paddle is literally a wooden paddle with circular recesses that can fit up to six shot glasses. This makes it possible to serve your drinks to six different people at the same time, with a simple stretch of your hand. check out

2.) CK One SUmmer 2009. With hints of Rum, Lime, and Mint; this perfume actually smells like a Mojito.

1.) A gorgeous cocktail-making set complete with glasses, shakers, jiggers, stirrers, and strainers.

Drink of the Day: Electric Lemonade

Since we are celebrating nothing in particular today, i thought of giving out a recipe for something that is as common as apple pie... So here is a twist to your traditional lemonade, the electric Lemonade! :D

Grab a Collins glass and pour :

  • 1/2 a ounce of blue curacao
then, fill the glass with ice.

Next, pour:

  • 1 jigger (thats 1.5 ounces) of Vodka
Then fill it to the brim with Lemon-Lime flavored Soda

November 24 is NOTHING dAY

believe it or not, according to my source, there isn't a holiday to be celebrated today. so, feel free to create your own reason to celebrate and party!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clubs Gone Wild

Clubbing and social drinking are some of the most wonderful joys of life. These acts remind us that life does not have to be a total bore, and that there is actually a pot of gold at the end of that eight-hour full-time job we would like to think of as a fun and happy rainbow.

Whether you are a corporate slave or a corporate-slave-in-the-making (read: a student), you would most definitely appreciate the fact that clubs exist to give you some relief after a week’s worth of hellish experiences. For the weary partyphile, a club is their version of that wonderfully refreshing waterhole in the middle of the desert on a hot summer day. Thus, clubbing is more than just a reason to get drunk; it is a way of letting one’s hair down—de-stressing after a long week. And as a bonus, it is the perfect place to expand a network.

Unfortunately, if you have stayed in the party scene for a long time, you find that it has gotten quite routinary. Admittedly, the party scene in this city is not all that exciting. Thus, I have rounded up some of the most unusual bars from around the world in the hopes that some moneyed millionaire form this city of Durians and Eagles finally invests in a bar that has more personality than Betsey Johnson.

1.) Eternity, The Coffin Bar: This bar in Truskavets, Ukraine is styled to look like a giant coffin on the outside. The interiors are quite interesting as well. All the walls ad ceilings are black and there are coffins scattered inside the bar. Their servers are dressed in a black polo and black slacks ensemble and serve beer and other simple cocktails. To lighten up the mood of the interiors, they have several funeral flowers inside.

2.) Danse le Noir: This bar literally leaves you in the dark. With branches in Barcelona, Paris, London, and Bangkok, this is the most popular dark bar. They make you leave your cellphones and other gadgets in lockers and have you order before you get inside the bar. Then, everybody holds on to their blind guides and start to drink and dine in a pitch black room. It is so dark that you would not be able to see anybody in the room, no matter how much glutathione they ingest. What is the whole point of the bar? The owner says, it makes you experience the food and the drinks better. I say, they just want to offer something different. And with four international branches, I think it is paying off.

3.) The Clinic Bar: This bar in Singapore looks like a clinic. With industrial looking interiors, wheel chairs for seating, hospital beds, and the most unforgiving of lightings: overhead fluorescent, this bar looks exactly like that place we go to whenever we want some Botox stuck under our skin.

4.) Alcatraz ER: This bar in Tokyo, Japan is styled to look like one of the toughest prisons in the world: Alcatraz. I would not know why somebody would actually want to party inside a prison cell complete with hand cuffs and cell guards, but I find the fact that I can bang a metal rod against the prison cell rails (to call a waiter) quite exciting...but that’s just because I enjoy creating irrelevant noises (thus my radio show). Oh, and they serve food in stainless plates, bowls, and feeding bottles, and do not allow people to wear shoes inside the prison cells. Don’t ask me why; it is one of the greatest mysteries of my life.

5.) Vampire Café: This bar in Tokyo is the new safe haven for Vampires around the world. This is probably where the cast of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and all the other cheap vampire rip-offs party. Vampire Café is drenched in red velvet, and is decorated with skulls, bats, candelabras, spiders, and as a bonus, a real Coffin! Plus, their waitresses are dressed in French Maid outfits, which is probably more sexy than creepy. Their expansive menu is just as creepy as their interiors, as they have been known to serve coffin-shaped cakes, and some blood based dishes.

6.) The Red Sea Star: This bar is the first underwater bar in the world. It is located in the middle of the Red Sea (wherever that is) and is decorated with jelly fish stools and star fish-shaped light fixtures. I guess it is quite a delight to get drunk while staring at some fishies swimming by. The good news is, you have the whole sea as your toilet bowl when you finally decide to throw up.

7.) Guacara Taina: In the Dominican Republic, this bar is sixty feet under the ground and has a capacity of three thousand people. It is minimally decorated with stalactites and has three stories of pure hard partying bliss.

8.) Baobob Tree Bar: The Baobob tree in South Africa is six thousand years old and is probably one of the oldest living things in the whole world. So, what does one do with an old tree? Well, South Africans deemed it would make a very good wine cellar and bar. People may enjoy al fresco drinking (probably to the stench of a nearby Safari), or choose to get drunk inside the tree. They also have darts, and some very tacky interiors that are composed of wood, wood, and more wood.

9.) Cova D’en Xoroi: This is a bar set in one of the cliffs in Spain. It has a view of some of the most breath-taking mountain sides and is at a very high altitude. The actual establishment is worked inside a tunnel-like structure right in the middle of a mountain.This bar seems to attract all the liquor-hungry tourists, making it one of the main tourist attractions for this particular Spanish district. Another bit of good news: they serve alcohol even in the morning, making this columnist want to leave Durian city and move to that bat-infested cavern.

10.) Skeleton Bar: Designed by the Academy Award Winning set designer HR Giger, this bar looks like the insides of a weird, mutated, alien whale. Decorated with ultra-modern fixtures that are set against strange walls that are filled with cement statues of baby heads that are stacked up on each other, and chairs that resemble some kind of octopus tentacles with several horns and a velveteen back; this takes the cake for the most unusual bar in the world. It is so unusual, it actually looks other-worldy.

Listen to Confessions of a Partyphile (the radio show) on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesday nights, from six to nine in the evening. For comments, suggestions, and more confessions from this partyphile, log on to Follow the columnist on

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Isaac Hanson (29)
Rachel McAdams (31)
Daisy Fuentes (43)
RuPaul (49)
Danny DeVito (65)

Drink of the Week: World Peace

Since we are celebrating World Peace Day, it is only befitting that I give you the recipe for the World Peace cocktail.

In a shaker, mix:

  • 1.5 oz gin
  • .5 oz lemon juice
  • 2 drops blue curacao
  • 2 drops almond syrup
Serve in a chilled martini glass

November 17 is World Peace Day

Today is World Peace Day! So gather all your peace-loving friends and celebrate the holiday with the best peace-keeper in the world: alcohol!