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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Top Reasons Why It Is Better to be Single During Christmas

10. You spend less when Christmas shopping, because you wouldn’t have to buy your bf or gf a gift. You wouldn’t have to buy one for their parents, siblings, grandparents, nannies, best friend, etc

9. You get invited to more events; you can go to reunions without feeling bad about leaving your bf or gf behind; you get to enjoy more, drink more, live it up more. Plus, you actually get to spend time with your friends who are visting over the Christmas break.

8. It controls your weight. The fact that you are single makes you want to look good. Thus, you would be more careful about what you eat during the Holidays

7. You do not have to spend the holidays with your in-laws when the only thing you want to do is lay in bed in your Mother’s house.

6. You do not have to think of ways to make your bf or gf’s xmas sweeter, better, happier. You do not get pressured into buying the perfect gift either. Being single during Xmas is almost stress free.

5. You can do whatever you want to. You can travel, you can sleep, you can do nothing. Xmas usually gives us time off to do anything we want to. Being single means you would not have to consider anybody else.

4. You avoid having to dress up in matching Yuletide outfits. ICK!

3. You can buy yourself a gift and actually enjoy it instead of feeling guilty about it.

2. You can go home to your province and celebrate Xmas with your parents without guilt

1. You can flirt with all the cuties you meet during Christmas parties and reunions.

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