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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drink of the Week: Cupid's Arrow

Here is how you make this gorgeously red cocktail:

In a shaker filled halfway with ice, combine: 

  • Two Ounces of Raspberry,Peach, or Mango Vodka
  • Half an ounce of Triple Sec
  • Two ounces of Cranberry Juice
  • A Splash of lime
Shake until the drink is cold and combined, then strain over a Martini glass

Partyphiles Confess: Valentine Activities

Since it was Valentines yesterday, I asked “How did you spend your Valentines?”

Here are your answers:

Jepoi Tupas: Played tong-its with single friends
Ezza Legaspi: Spent the day working, afterwards I slept straight away to make the day end quicker
Ling : I was with a long lost friend, we went to I Love You Flowers to pick out flowers for someone else. I chose the flowers and he paid for it. When I went home, the flowers were there waiting for me. My boyfriend asked my long lost friend to pretend that he needed help.
Yassy Fabricante: Spent it with a gallon of ice cream shared with my boys at home
Dino Danao: My partner and I went to a theme park and acted like seven year olds
Jeremy Yap: Cried over whom to give the blue velvet cupcakes I ordered from Zhaun because I had broken up with my partner the previous day
Emman: Celebrated V-Day in a resto with a group of friends
Joy Cosare: I spent V-Day with my bestfriends chatting over coffee then moved to some bar and decided to toast to every little thing
Ron Chuan: At the office. Had a date with work
Nadia Shami: Went to Abreeza alone and then bought my grandma a rose
Ryan Erik: Solo dinner in some resto. Its my own way of declaring independence
Karla Pillerin: Went around the city to deliver flowers all day then enjoyed his surprise fancy dinner
Maki: Studied the whole day then went to dinner with friends
Janus: Had dinner with single friends then got drunk to forget about our exes
Pee-ay Sanico: Dinner with family then went to a coffee shop with friends and shared ghost stories until 4 am
Flow: Spent V-Day with single friends. Watched The Vow and felt bitter all throughout
Maya: I spent it bored and alone
Kian: Slept through it
Ced: Accompanied my bf to audition for a reality TV show then had dinner together
Gabo: At work then went straight home
Xian: Had dinner with single friends then had some drinks. I don't think VDay is for people who are in love, it is something worth celebrating for everyone who knows how to love
Arianne: We had a Vegas Valentine and then went to the seaside
AJ Gutang: Ate at a Korean resto with friends
Kara: Sushi date with my BF
Rye Rye: Watched MYMP and then I had dinner with my family
Enzo Villegas from Eevee: I worked the whole night. Had gigs
Iya Rojas: Had sexy time then went to see The Vow. Afterwards, we went Karaoke with my BF's friend as he spent his birthday
Mela: Working
Jose Manuel: We ate one whole Bigby's heart cake before bedtime.
Devona: Sleepover at his place with his parents. Made him my own mango float in the morning, and then drank and partied after.
Dondie: Gave and received a surprise then ate at Ranch and Reef
Angel Abella: meetings