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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Summer Alphabet

Summer, the funnest, most exciting season, is right around the corner. The air is warm, days are longer, bright colors fill the runways and display windows and everyone seems to be more chillaxed than usual. And to remind you of the essentials of the most gloriously sunny season, here are the Summer A to Zs:



Aqua- Aqua is a cool and calming color. Why not fill your room with Aqua accents to truly celebrate Summer? It will not only put you in a relaxed mood, it will also remind you of all the fun memories you have of the ocean.


Bikini Season- Bikini season is here, go on girls, take those sexy bikinis out of your top drawer and flaunt them with style! Boys, stick to the board shorts, trust me, no matter how fit you are, we don’t want to see you in Speedos.


Confidence- Summer is all about confidence. So what if your love handles are not, well, lovely? Who cares if your abs are covered in flab? So what if you aren’t a size 0? The only accessory you need is confidence. So hit the beach in whatever outfit you want to wear; and let everybody ogle at you… if not for your body, at least for your confidence.


Dance- A wave of fun, summery songs are sure to blast the airwaves in this season of sun, sand, and sea; and when you hear these catchy tunes, don’t try to fight it, just dance and groove to the beat!


Enjoy- Stop complaining about the heat. Enjoy the sun and go to a beach or stay indoors and blast the AC; just try to enjoy. Summer in the Phillies seems to be getting shorter and shorter, so enjoy it before June brings back those hard rains and little tragedies.


Flip-Flops– Rest those heels and toes and slip into some flip-flops. Wear them at home, on the beach, while lounging by the pool, in your favorite coffee shop, on the way to work, or to the mall; wear them anywhere. This season you have the license to rest your feet; just make sure that the pair you wear is stylish enough to make those gorgeous feet stand out!


Glasses- Sunglasses are one of the hottest things you could wear this summer. Go for something fun and quirky or stick to the classic frames; just make sure to pick a pair that compliments your face’s shape; and get ready for a stylish Summer ’09!


Hose Down- If you can’t go to the beach or pool just yet, do what you did as a child: strip down to your swim wear, turn on the water and blast yourselves with your garden hose! This is sure to bring out your inner child and will surely result to a day of silly fun and laughter.


Ice Cream- Ice cream has always been the favorite summer food around the world, so when you can’t take any more of the heat, go for this sweet and cool treat. Buy yourself a pint of sorbet, sherbet, or ice cream in refreshing flavors like watermelon, melon, or orange and melt your Summer worries away with every cool lick.


Just Chill- Lie on the beach; read your book under the shade of a tree; drink a tall glass of iced coffee; or simply watch TV in bed all day. Summer is supposed to be casual and carefree. This Summer… just chill.


Kick It- For a more exciting pastime this summer, try Futsal. Although this is as fun and exciting as regular soccer, this indoor version won’t force you to play under the heat of the sun all day. Plus, it might just leave you with a spankin’ hot body before classes start.


Lounge- If swimming and underwater frolic isn’t really your thing, grab a cold drink, put on a gorgeous pair of shades and lounge by the pool or near the beach. Not only will you look mysteriously sexy, you will also get a gorge tan in the process.


Margaritas- When throwing a party by the beach, there is absolutely no better way to beat the heat than buy sipping on some freezing-cold margaritas. These delish drinks are a Summer staple, and there seems to be an infinite way of serving margaritas. Pick your favorite recipe, flavor and color and serve them up in your next Summer luau.


New Knowledge- Summer classes have always been popular for schooling kids because they take up most of the day, and keep the tots busy while the parents are away. However, summer classes aren’t exclusively for kids; there are a lot of summer classes for adults as well. Try cooking, baking or painting classes which are surprisingly easy to find. If you want to lose weight while learning a new sport, try Ultimate Frisbee,


Ocean- Do I really have to explain why the Ocean is here?


Pool Party- When you can’t go to the beach for a Luau, why not throw a pool party instead. This is one staple of Summer, even for us DavaoeƱos who live so close to the beach, that we just can’t over look. The pool just brings a different type of fun for everyone.


Quiet Time- People often get carried away during summer and book too many parties, gimmicks, and trips. So when you really want to relax this summer, take some time alone and try to find your quiet place. You don’t really need to take a trip to have a vacation; sometimes the most important trip to make is a trip inside yourself.


Rafting – Everybody with a lust for adrenaline should gather up the gang and try white water rafting. It is fun, interestingly exciting and not that heavy on  the wallet!


Surfing – This Summer, Surfing is definitely “in”; so pack your bags, visit beautiful Siargao and surf away partyphiles!


Tan- Forget whitening lotions; spread some tanning oil and flaunt the best accessory this summer: a gorgeous, golden tan!


Umbrella- Although tans are chic this season, skin cancer is not. When you can’t slather on some SPF, grab an umbrella and protect that gorgeous hide!


Vacays- Plan a vacation away from everything and everyone that gives you stress. Plan a trip to somewhere serene and relaxing. You could go to nearby Samal, to Glan in Saranggani, Boracay, or somewhere out of the country. Your budget may limit your choices for vacay spots, but that doesn’t mean it should decrease the amount of rest and relaxation you could get.


Water- Stay hydrated this season and chug down your 8 glasses of water! Otherwise, you might catch yourself passed out from dehydration in some hot beach, looking, well, un-hot.


Xtra Large Halo-halo- Nothing spells summer in Las Islas Filipinas like a tall, xtra large tumbler of special halo-halo—xtra scoops of ice cream and xtra servings of Leche Flan required!


Yellow- Face it, not everyone looks good in yellow. However, this season, you may wear the color of summer and sunshine more than usual. Besides, is there anything sexier than a bright yellow top on gorgeously tanned skin?


Zzzzzzs-Get some sleep. If there is anything summer is popular for, it is those mini breaks and long weekends; so sleep for three days and get back to work feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Amber is The Color of Summer

Here is one of the most summery-songs ever...Amber by 311