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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party Rum: A Collection of Cocktails

Let’s face it. The Philippines, especially Davao City, loves beer. Everywhere we go, it seems like beer follows. And although there is nothing wrong about this, I find it a pity that not many people actually get to experience cocktails. The truth is, cocktails offer a much pleasurable experience for your taste buds; and yes, they also offer a much pleasurable experience for your tummy and your head as it is more alcoholic than the common bottle of ale. Unfortunately, cocktails do not really do well for the pocket. Especially in a city where beer comes cheap; cocktails just seem to be a little too pricey for the common partyphile. But I don’t think this should stop any self-respecting partyphile from exploring the world of bartending and cocktails. So here are five simple cocktail suggestions that make use of one of the cheapest alcoholic beverages in the Philippines: Rum. So here are the five easiest rum-based cocktails. I hope you try these recipes out during your next house party and finally start to appreciate getting drunk sans beer.

1.) The first cocktail is the good, old-fashioned Rum-Coke. There are no specific measurements for the Rum-Coke, but the ratio I follow is 1: 2. That is, one shot of Rum for two shots of rum. Mix that together in a rocks glass filled with ice and maybe add a squeeze of lime, lemon, or good old calamansi.

2.) The next cocktail is a slight step-up from the traditional Rum-Coke. It is called the Grand PA. Don’t ask me why. It just is. The process of making the Grand PA is as simple as making the Rum-Coke and the ratio is simply 1: 1: 1. That is, all you have to do is prepare a rocks glass and then fill it with ice. Then, pour one shot of Rum, one shot of Coke, and one shot of Red Bull. This drink will not only get you drunk, it will also give you energy… a little too much energy, in fact.

3.) The Army Ranger is one of the strongest cocktails in this lot because it features not only Rum, but also Jagermeister. Create this lethal cocktail by pouring an ounce each of Rum and Jagermeister in a tall glass with ice and then topping it off with some Red Bull.

4.) The Brass Monkey is another classic cocktail that is easy to make and features ingredients that are easy to find. It is citrusy and quite potent and features Rum and its best friend Vodka (which you can now find in grocery stores for less than 150 pesos). All you have to do to make a Brass Monkey is pour half an ounce each of Rum and Vodka and then top the glass with some Orange Juice. Oh, and remember to fill the glass with a whole lot of ice.

5.) The final cocktail is a take on the traditional Tequila Sunset. This is sans Tequila, so it may only be referred to as Island Sunset. All you have to do is prepare a tall glass ad fill it halfway with ice. Then, pour two ounces of Rum (or less if you prefer your drinks lighter) and then top it with some pineapple juice (or the orange juice from the Brass Monkey). Top the rink with a splash of grenadine to give it the “sunset” effect.

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