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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is...

Came across abby's blog and i read a post that describes happines

so here is happiness as i define it.

happiness is:

1. a stress-free, drama-free, no-holds-barred gimmick night
2. a perfectly delivered punchline
3. the opening lines of the songs "sandcastle disco" and "train on a track"
4. indulging in some sundae-dipped fries and a big mac
5. iced gem biscuits
6. hanging out with friends
7. receiving unexpected money from whoever
8. singing in the shower
9. texting all day in bed
10. waking up early and discovering that classes were ud get back to sleep
11. a sweet, heartfelt text message
12. somebody doing you a favor unexpectedly
13. your crush remembering something random and doing something about it
14. a warm plate of lasagna
15. just chilling at home...while listening to the sound of raindrops
16. an over night trip to the beach, with only your hassle
17. smoking after a huge meal
18. dunhill frost..i loooove mentholated cigarettes