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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trending on Twitter Today

Here’s a quick peek at what’s been trending on Twitter

Twitter trend 1: Zayn Malik as left Twitter

Zayn Malik, one-fifth of British boy band and former finalist for the original X-Factor, One Direction, has left Twitter with one final tweet saying “the reason I don’t tweet as much as I used to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinion and hate that I get daily. Goodbye Twitter.” which left his five million followers no other option but to bid goodbye to his micro-blogging account.

Here’s the back story: One Direction’s record label is trying to market the boy band in the United States. Because the label wants the boys to concentrate on music ad work, they have insisted on a sex-ban for all five members, including those that are single. Obviously, this is difficult for the lads to take as they would want to enjoy all the female attention they are getting in the US. Unfortunately, their management has given them strict security even outside their hotel rooms so that no female visitors may enter the boys’ quarters.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that one female fan who happened to be sleeping next door from Mr. Malik took a video of Zayn trying to get a girl past his security and  inside his room, even instructing her to come back after thirty minutes as he assures the girl that the security officers would be gone by then. To that, Malik’s body guard simply replied that he has decided to stay out(side the room) longer to keep the female fan away, much to the One DIrectioner’s frustration.

So the video made it online, went viral, and caused fans to be infuriated with their idol because he has a highly publicised relationship with Perrie Edwards, one-fourth of the girl group, Little Mix who won X-Factor in 2011. Now that he has been getting crap about this affair and a lot more hate tweets, the musical hot property has decided to exit the social networking site. Will this do well for his career considering that Twitter is fast-becoming one of the most effective marketing platforms? We shall wait and see.

Twitter trend 2: Prince Harry flashing the Royal Jewels

So Prince Harry’s nude photos are circulating and have now gone viral. The source, TMZ, alleges this happened during a game of strip pool where the royal who is third-in-line to the throne obviously lost.

In these photos, Harry is shown wearing only a necklace and a watch covering his “jewels” with both hands. In another, he is shown bear-hugging another person who is also nude and is yet to be identified as male or female.

Nobody close to the Prince has made a statement but the palace has warned newspapers within the UK not to print the photos as it was a breach of privacy. There are no uncensored versions of the photos online as the ones posted by TMZ had strategically placed stars on them.

Twitter trend 3: Nicki Minaj to join Mariah Carey as the latest judge on America Idol

It seems like there will be two divas this year on American Idol’s judging table as Nicki Minaj is set to join Mariah Carey during the next season of the talent show. However, Twitter-users have been talking about some endorsement problems as the female rapper is a top endorser for popular soft drink company, Pepsi while American Idol is sponsored by Coca Cola.

This has not been the first time a conflict of sponsors had to be ironed out as last season’s judge, Jennifer Lopez had to get clearance from a car brand she endorsed to be on the show sponsored by a competing brand.

More rumors are flying on Twitter about Mariah Carey’s displeasure about the news that she was not going to be the only female judge this year. Reports say that Mariah eve hung up on American Idol execs who were in the process of telling her that Minaj was going to be sitting alongside her in the judges table.

Carey and Minaj have done a duet a couple of years back but rumors say Carey is not keen on sharing the spotlight with somebody who hogs it with her outrageous outfits and even more outrageous attitude.

Meanwhile, Mariah is Twitter-campaigning for her good friend, Lenny Kravitz, to be one of the judges on Idol’s next season. Some of the others actually considered by the show to sit on the judging table are Filipino-Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias and Disney baby, Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.