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Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Summer Soiree Suggestions

Six Summer Soiree Suggestions

To celebrate the season of sun, a true partyphile must throw a summer party. There is something about summer parties that inspire the party-lover in everyone. Perhaps, the casual and carefree vibe of the season works well with the idea of partying and enjoying the company of family, friends, and food.

To give you more summer inspiration, here are five summer party tips that are easy to pull off, affordable, and add a festive flair to your summer soiree.

1.)    Pop and Stir. Sparkling water is the perfect base for any summer drink. The fizz of sparkling water refreshes the palette, while the absence of sugar that is common in carbonated drinks keeps thirst away. To create the perfect summer refresher, simply squeeze some fresh citrus juice (Lemon/Lime/Calamansi) into a glass with ice then top it with some sparkling water. Add powdered sugar for some sweetness. Here’s the cute summer suggestion: instead of sticking a stirrer inside the glass, pop a citrus-flavored lollipop instead. This adds color, some sweetness, and novelty to your drink.
2.)    Sand in Hand: Desserts make your summer spread even more special, especially if your dessert-of-choice is kitschy and cute. To create cupcakes that are attention-grabbing and oh-so-summery, all you need are some unfrosted, store-bought cupcakes, store bought icing (or you can make some from scratch), crushed grahams, and some cocktail umbrellas. Add some summer flair to these dollops of cake by frosting them evenly with your frosting. Then, completely cover the frosting with crushed grahams to resemble sand. Finally, top the “sanded” cupcake with the cocktail umbrella, and your dessert is ready to be served.
3.)    Covered Cup: Outdoor parties are perfect for summer. Unfortunately, celebrating in the open also means that you have to come up with creative solutions to keep dirt, bugs, and dust away from your spread. One simple way to add beauty to your table while keeping your drinks bug-free is by using decorative muffin liners. Simply fold your cupcake liners crosswise and cut a slit in the middle of the liner. Then, run this through your straw with the bottom-side up. This could fit most slim highball glasses. Also remember to choose cupcake liners that come in colors to match the theme of your summer party.
4.)    Bandana Bonanza: Most people have a stock of safe and neutral table cloths that work well as a blank canvas for any party theme. One way of adding a quirky pop of color and instant attitude to your table during a summer party is by using several bandanas in lieu of table runners or place mats. All you have to do is arrange your bandanas over the neutral table cloth ad voila! Instant kitsch for your party. You may also use your bandanas to hold some party favors like pieces of candy or nuts by wrapping them up in a bun and securing it with a ribbon. This unexpected touch definitely adds some zing to your summer soiree.
5.)    Summer Spring: One of the easiest ways to add some summer appeal to your table is by creating flowers from cupcake liners and straws. All you have to do is choose two shades/colors of cupcake liners and run them (right side up) through a bendy straw by cutting a slit on the bottom. When done right, this will give the effect of bloomed flowers.
6.)    Gummy Dummy: Summer is all about fun and festive flair. It is also about a carefree attitude that brings us back to our childhood days when we were afforded the luxury of not going to school and enjoying all the sweet treats we want. One way of bringing back those times (while still staying interesting for your current age group) is by adding some alcohol to your favorite childhood snack: gummy bears! All you have to do is simply purchase a pack of gummy bears and pour some vodka over it. Let it rest for at least twenty-four hours and serve them chilled during your next summer party. What you get is pieces of reconstituted gummy bears that have grown in size while acting like a sponge and sucking up all the alcoholic goodness of vodka. This unique dessert/snack/cocktail is the perfect treat for a hot summer day.

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