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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Signs That You Are A Pinoy Partyphile

9 When drinking liquor on rocks, you always think you need a chaser. Non-Pinoys just mix some other beverage with their hard liquor and call it a cocktail

8 You always have a shorter name for everything like TAGAKA (Tanduay Gatas at Kape), T-Ice (Tanduay ice), Gin-Po (Gin with Pomelo juice), GPS (Gilbeys Prmeium Strength), RH (Red Horse), LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea… ok, so I just made that up)

7 You take photos inside the club and post them on Facebook. If you happen to drink expensive liquor, you take photos of the bottle. If it is really expensive, you take the bottle home and keep it as a souvenir.

6 You drink everything with ice including Champagne, Red Wine, Beer, and Tequila Shots

5 When entering a bar that does not allow slippers, you argue that your Havaianas should be excused from that rule

4 When your favorite song plays inside the club, you sing at the top of your lungs…even if you don’t know all the words

3 When walking inside a bar with your barkada, you hold hands and form a choo-choo train

2 You point at your eyes with two fingers to ask for ice

1 You eat dinner before drinking, eat pulutan while drinking, and still have the appetite for hot soup after drinking