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Thursday, February 26, 2009

disclaimer my ass!!!

hmm..ive been reading my friend jobo's blog and i realized something when i came across his disclaimer...

he was saying that he might be writing something readers should read at their own risk...and then i realized, i write much like the way i party: carelessly crazy.

i write about everything, anything and whatever i think of.i talk about sex, drugs and alcohol, and i dont know if thats really good or if it makes for some good entertainment...but that is just how i write stuff

and i dont care who i offend because..i dont know...i just dont fucking care

o here's my disclaimer:

if you have read my blog and disagreed with anything, or felt offendedby anything i have ever written, or will ever write...well...fuck you! suck it up and stop reading

if your shallow mind can't even take a single person's shouldn't even be surfing the web...go hide under your mommy's panties and stay there..for good...


idding..jst chill for read blogs for inspiration...SO....NOT....COOL....

by the's jobos blog: