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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kids Drink Alcohol

Some of the best parties of our lives were celebrated during our childhood birthdays. There is something about the simplicity of a children’s party that brings us back to the days when there was nothing to think about and to plan for.

Everything in the party was set out for us by our parents: the sweet Spaghetti, the hotdog skewers with marshmallows, the chicken lollipops, juice that came in tetra packs, give-aways, loot bags, games, the traditional pabitin, and the mascot.

Sometimes, it is good to try and get that feeling back again. For your next birthday party, why not let your hair down, and throw yourself a kiddie party that will allow you to go back to that little place in your dreams, where love is the priority, and you have the license to believe in un-reality. Here’s how:

Ambience: A children’s party has always had the same elements: a dose of fiction, a lot of color, and simple decors. For an adult-kiddie party, I suggest you use the same stuff. Hang some paper-chains on your walls, or long strips of crepe paper on your ceiling; have balloon sculptures and make everything colorful. Instead of matching your tables and chairs, why not go crazy and rent different-colored chairs and tables, to add to the fun, festiveness of your party? Oh, and don’t forget to tie balloons to each of the chairs.

Food: Although I’m tempted to tell you to serve all your childhood favorites, I’m afraid being too literal with this theme would just come out cheesy. So instead, I suggest you give your childhood faves a modern, more adult twist.

Instead of serving the usual Spaghetti, why not turn your recipe into more sophisticated paella. You can decorate it to make a little more festive by putting slices of hard-boiled eggs. And in lieu of the hotdogs you usually put on your spaghetti, maybe you could try putting some Bilbao Sausage?

You could also serve some chicken lollipops but give it a twist: make Buffalo Lollipops. You can find a lot of recipes o n the internet; just make sure that you try them out before your actual party.

Instead of serving hotdogs on sticks, grab some chocolate balls or soft truffles and some cherries and put them in festive red skewers. These choco-cherry balls are sophisticated and posh, and can be eaten while waiting for dinner.

If you want a sophisticated centerpiece to double as an interactive dessert, try having a chocolate fountain. This chocoholics addiction fix is now a staple in kiddie parties, and doesn’t really cost much. But since this is an adult party, try pouring some brandy or rum on your choco mix.

Drinks: Remember to keep your drinks colorful. I suggest you make green, red, purple, orange, and blue martinis. The recipes are quite simple, and if you are on a tighter budget simply mix powdered juice with vodka. It always tastes great. For a more festive flair, put them in purified water dispensers, so your guests could fill up anytime they want.

If you’re serving some punch try and make the ice more festive. Take some surgical gloves and fill them with colored water (food coloring plus water). Tie a secure knot at the opening and then freeze. When you are about to serve your punch, peel of the surgical gloves and dunk them in the water. This is a good conversation piece. Your guests will keep on guessing how you managed to shape your ice into a hand.

Music: Play something that sounds young and hip, without getting too kindergarten. Play music from the effervescent Mika or from the cutesy Lenka. If you want to play something more mainstream, Miley Cyrus is your best bet. If you can’t stand her, try some of her friends: Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, or Ashley Tisdale.

Photo Wall: You can set up a photo wall for your click-crazy friends. To give it a kiddie touch, print out some cartoon characters on a tarpaulin. If you want a more adult cartoon try using images of the Simpsons or Family Guy; for a more edgy photo wall try the characters from those cute toki-doki bags.

Cap it Off: Require your guests to wear party hats. These make your party more festive, casual and silly. If this doesn’t put your guests into a more youthful mood, nothing will.

Candies Anyone? Leave a bowl filled to the brim with candies and chocolates by the door. This could serve as your welcome treat for your guests, and they will enjoy the idea of having a lot of sweets nearby.

I hope you follow these tips and throw the most outrageous kiddie-themed adult party ever. Trust me; you’ll be the object of envy at the playground.

Confession: I could always suggest the elements to make this kiddie party work, but the most important thing here is that you let your hair down and really bring back your five year old self. No insecurities, no problems, just plain old fun-- and then, you will truly have a great time.

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Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas: Amazing

One of the most amazing videos i have ever seen. At first, i was like "what's up with Oprah's gold mic?"

and then i was like: "what's up witht hat girl dancing alone...?"

and then what followed was simply magical. :D

Alcoholic Sachets

First, there was SPAM in sachets, and then sardines in sachets, the next thing i knew, they had marlboro sachets as well... i thought they had crossed the line until i saw this.


Just. Plain. Weird.

Jollibeer? Really now?

From the people who gave us the best-tasting chicken in the Phillies, and the tough, burnt, fast-food lumpia shanghai comes another first in Philippine fast-food: Jollibeer! Woohoo! I guess it goes well with their burgers..but i'd like to try it with the McSisig...hahaha

I can't wait to order this on my next trip to Jollibee (especially since i havent visited a branch in like 2 years). I'll be waiting the cashier to ask me to "go big time" hahahaha...and i'll be ..yeah!

You want an order of projectile vommit with that sir?

September 16 is National Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh was my favorite toy when i was younger. Somehow I enjoyed that I was in total control of the world I made. And then I grew up and realized, that was not always the case in the non-dough world. But it was good until the illusion lasted. I love Play-Doh so much, I even tried tasting it.

Yes, it IS salty.

Anyway, we are celbrating Play-Doh today! The best toy in all the land.... Make sure your friends play with these everyday, and maybe they'll turn out like me: an alcoholic partyphile! Yahoooooo!

Hand me my Play-Doh Martini!

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the squeaky-voiced, youngest of the Joe-Bros...Nick Jonas and to the sexily funny, Jennifer Tilly aka the voice of the Bride of Chuckie. :D If you can read this, I LOVE YOU !!!!