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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Am I?

i have intentionally left my name out of this blog, i have intentionally kept some parts of me that would eb telling about who i am and what i am...

i figured, a little mystery would never hurt...and if you think you know me... you have no idea...

but i have realized that today i need to tell my audience who i am..just friggin bored..

and this is MY blog...

So, who am I?

Here's who:

1. i am currently taking up law in san beda
2. i am a part time writer... i write porn
3. i love eating raw vegetables, especially ampalaya
4. when given a choice between caramel and chocolate, i always choose caramel without skipping a beat... and then at the last minute, change my mind as i realize that chocolate is healthier for me
5. my idea of happiness is iced gem biscuits
6. sadnes? no alcohol for three days
7. all i want to do right now is to lose weight
8. i need more money... thus i need more work
9. i sleep all day, party all night
10. i am a VIP in the hottest local clubs
11. i love myself
12. i love myself so much that i want to commit suicide
13. when iu was born, birds sang, unicorns flew high above and sea horses rejoiced... a star was born
14. i wanted to stop at thirteen. its a lucky number
15. every body oves me, especially the dragon who loves eating peanut butter
16. i ahve a best friend named phoukie, and he lives in an enchanmted forest. he survives only on honey bees and chocolate eclairs dipped in starbucks' coffee
17. i just lied. a lot