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Sunday, March 15, 2009

In response to: The Plight Of a Partyphile

i stumbled upon this blog this afternoon:

Being a partyphile stings. It can lead u nowhere. At certain times when you got drunk from drinking
sprees, and the world seemed to doom upon you, you can find yourself lying on the ground with your
back full of dirt and grime, and you feel like suspending in mid-air. You wouldn’t believe you are really
experiencing an actual trance or astral projection of your life. No magic, no tricks, and for real. Not surprising
really. This is my reward after those endless hours of shouting and jumping up and down the ledge, waving my hands, banging my head, and getting frantic and crazy with the R&B music. Seems like I was
put of my mind for a moment. And the whole world is mine. Mine alone, and nobody can take it from me. But some good things never last, right? Here’s my dilemma after the exhilarating party: 1. I lost my wallet and bills 2. I suffered a terrible headache and stomach pain
3. I was soaked with sweat and marred with food grease and
liquors 4. I had a hard time remembering my name
5. I was too scared to resurface for the next day 6. I cancelled all my appointments because
I have to take more aspirins to ease the migraine.

Confession # 666:

All I can say is... gross..

first of all...nobody goes wild for RnB music..well at least...not

secondly...who the hell loses his walet while on a gimmick spree?

third and foremost (i am aware that its grammatically wrong..its justa joke
my friends and i have...get with the program)


third and irritates me that the writer put the title "plight of
a partyphile"

my freaking god...not because you go wild for a night means u can call urself
a takes hard work to work your way up the social ladder.and
give yourself that title..and complain about your stupidity, well
proves how ignorant you are about the world of

to all you partyhile wannabees out there: there is a reason why people STILL
dont know you. theres a reason why you still pay for your drinks, and

and if u could relate with the "plight of a partyphile"

THATS the arent a partyphile...fuck

that shopuld have been titled "plight of a non-partyphile who was trying so
hard to party" talking too muc

it jus iritates me that people do stuf stupidly and complain about

my suggestion: put a lil class in your