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Monday, November 3, 2008

Loving Lawlessness

once again, im in a huge t shirt and boxers.

this is my comfort wear, as all you loyal readers know by now.

and for the first time in a very very long time, i truly feel at ease.

i mean.. good things have been happening.

i just came from a tutorial session that pays pretty good. i am in my second week of training as a DJ in one of the best radio stations in davao.

i have just submitted an article for my column in edge (newspaper).

i have just received my topic for this week's project. this is for my web content writing stint.

and im just waiting for pescado (a locl bar and grill) to call me. i will soon have regular gigs there

so..if bein g out of law school feels this great...

trhen i wish i had left earlier

confession #23

if i didnt leave law school at the time i eft it..i probabaly would not have had time to assess my life and what i really wanted to do with it..

now, i can express myself through my music, my writing, and my mouth (for talking, not singing this time)

aaah..what na life

everyone wants to be heard...and i am one of the few people who can actually do that