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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

give love on xmas day body is sore...i cant smell anything..ive got the head aches and im just not feeling well...

its 8n days before xmas and the season has brought the yuletide breeze as well..needless to not feeling in tip top shape because of the sudden change in the weather..

and what makes it worse is that its 8 days before xmas..

and although i know its supposed to be a warm and fuzzy time for everyone..

i feel like something bad is looming...why?

because once again im going to spend christmas alone...

and why, do u ask, is this such a bad thing?

well..i dont know...but this has been a cycler for me..every christmas for me was spent alone

and im getting tired of it all...

why doesnt someone give me love on xmas day?