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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drink of the Day: Jamaican Cocktail

It is really easy to make ad is quite exotic-tasting! Here's how:

In a shaker, combine one part rum, one part peach juice, and one part coconut liquor (Malibu is a good brand). Shake that with ice ad then strain it over a tall glass and garnish with a wedge of lime.

This exotic tasting drink is kind of like a spin to the traditional Pina Colada but with peach. Is it any good? Well, for me, as long as it gets the job done (makes me drunk), I really don't care. But that is not to say this drink sucks. it is actually quite refreshing. try it and then tell me how it goes, partyphile!

The Ultimate Partyphile

Zhaun Ortega

August 6 is Wiggle Your Toes Day

I know your feet are probabaly all cramped up and rarely get exercise so today, dear partyphile, tkae off your shoes (just be aware of the smell though) and wiggle your toes... Come know you it to your toes... Better yet, get a foot spa and then wiggle them while the therapist is trying to clean them up. It might sound mean, but it sure is fun! haha

August 5 is Work Like A Dog Day

Today is Work Like A Dog Day. So work your socks off for the sole purpose of being quite celebratory today. BUT remember what I always say: work hard, party harder! Why? Well, because if you work like a dog, and skip partying, you might as well be my pet. Haha. What? I know I do not make sense..but ....I'm overworked. So forgive me. Bark! Bark!