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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Throw A Beach Themed Party Indoors

Throwing a beach-themed party is one of the best ways to keep yourself busy during this season. A beach-themed party is a great way to entertain guests in a casual way that is apt for the season and is always exciting.

Of course, it is too much of a hassle to actually go to the beach and organize a party there so instead I’m giving you tips on how to throw a beach-themed party indoors. I hope you enjoy throwing your beach-themed summer party and apply the following tips:

Project a Beach: If you want to create the perfect summer time backdrop, you have to find a gorgeous image of the beach or the sea. Find a high resolution photo of it and project it against one blank wall in your party’s venue. This will serve as an inexpensive way to add some beach vibe to your party.

Dim Lights: Dim the lights to achieve two things. First, to make your beach back drop more visible, and second, to help your guests forget that they are actually indoors. So what do you use for lighting? You may install torches if you insist but I think it’s overdone. Instead, craft some lamps from pineapple peels and place that in the middle of your table as a centrepiece. You may also grab glass jars and then fill it halfway with sand or small shells. Then, place a small tea light candle on top of the sand for a muted island experience.

Hammock at Home: If you happen to have a hammock, why not set it up inside the party’s venue to give off some island flair?

Banig is Your New Bestfriend: For a chillaxed vibe, set up some banig (mats) made out of natural fiber in neutral colors. Prop some throw pillows (in aqua or sea foam hues) to add to the beach side vibe.

Sounds of the Sea: Look for a CD or a youtube video that features the sounds of the sea and play it during your party. Make it loud enough so everybody hears it, but soft enough so it would not overpower the actual party music you prepared.

Smells like the Ocean: If you want to give your guests a total sensory overload, why not burn some coconut or sesame oil with some vanilla extract to make your party smell like the beach?

Grill Baby: Whether you grill some baby back ribs or a simple pork belly, grilled food is expected at a beach themed party because the taste of smoky meat reminds people of their wonderful experiences by the sea.

Fresh Nuts: If you want a refreshing drink that takes your guests right in the island state of mind, then serve some fresh coconut water straight from the nut!

Pineapple Collide: If you want a more potent potion for your party, mix a smooth Pina Colada with some Rum, Coconut Cream, and Pineapple Juice for the perfect summer cocktail.

Reggae and Happy: For some audible island vibe, play the best Reggae songs. Rasta music always reminds people of the island life, and playing this during your beach-themed party would be perfect. Other options include Jack Johnson songs, Beach House tracks by Hed Kandi, and maybe even some 311.

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