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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drink of the Week: Pink Gin Spritzer

The Pink Gin Spritzer is said to be a great Hangover Helper because it has some fruit juice in it which gives you some vitamins, it has some fizz in it which helps quench your thirst, and it has some alcohol in it too which makes you hangover-free.

To make the Pink Gin Spritzer:

In a tall glass with ice,  combine :

  • one shot of gin
  •  two shots of cranberry juice
  •  a teaspoon of grenadine 
  • and then fill to the brim with some soda water

Tip of the Day: Learn to cure a hangover

It is essential for anybody who intends to keep on drinking that they know how to manage their alcohol. More importantly, the responsibility of knowing how to cure a hangover if and when it happens is something that is much more important than probably anything else in your life.

 Thus, we suggest that you keep following this blog and memorize the best ways to cure a hangover.