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Thursday, October 8, 2009

100 things you probably didn't know about me

1. when i wake up in the morning, my face is oily
2. ive dyed my hair so much, i dont rememebr what shade of black it originally was
3. i cant step out of the house without putting any product on my hair
4. i love the moles on my face
5. i hate my freckles
6. i wish to lose weight
7. i love rhum-coke because its cheap and potent
8. i surf the my undies
9. i write for a blog
10. a local paper
11. and soon, a national paper
12. i sing in the shower. very very loudly
13. i cook real good pasta
14 ive stopped eating rice
15 i very seldom eat bread
16 i get headaches when i wake up because of my allergic rhinitis
17 i love cocktails
18 im lazy
19 i watch 2 hours of cable tv before i sleep
20 i sleep between 3am-5am
21 because i sleep late, i now have pimples
22 i never use exfoliant
23 i never use facial wash
24 i never use facial scrub
25 i use plain soap
26 ive only had a facial once in my life
27 only one person can cut my hair properly, aside form me
28 i lick my lips..always...
29 i have scoliosis
30 i love blue jeans
31 i love wearing long-sleeved button-down shirts with shorts
32 i love shades
33 my momma used to listen to bohemian rhapsody while she was pregnant with me
34 at 10 months i could hum "greatest love of all". i couldnt speak yet
35 i was supposed to be one of the hosts of 5 and up
36 when i was in 3rd grade, i worked as a vopice-over talent for tv and radio commercials
37 ive been a radio dj for 11 months
38 ive been a newspaper columnist for 1 year and one month
39 i was born in cagayan de oro
40 i studied in marist school in marikina from prep to grade 3
41 i graduated elementary at the ateneo de davao university
42 i graduated college and high school at the ateneo de davao university
43 i was supposed to move to san carlos university when i was in 2nd yr college. i aced the entrance exam, i got discouraged.
44 i enjoyed my alone time in cebu
45 i love going out to bars and clubs
46 im allergic to seafood
47 im allergic to safeguard
48 i cant sweat too much and stay under the sun. my lips get swollen
49 i almost never ride a jeepney
50 im too lazy to learn how to drive
51 i dont drink coffee every morning. just when i feel like it
52 i cant live without a hanky
53 i love perfumes
54 i almost never step out of the house without any perfume on
55 i almost never step out of the house without any perfume in my bag
56 i dont use a wallet
57 i know how to get free drinks in a bar
58 i dont party as much as i used to
59 i plan to take up courses in creative writing
60 i didnt realize that i could write until somebody offered me a job as a writer
61 i suck at math, but im good in subjects like philosophy and economincs
62 i can go for days without sleeping
63 naps arent in my vocabulary
64 chocolates are my weakness
65 i also love cake
66 and pizza
67 i love plurking
68 when i use the restroom for making sh*t, i take all my clothes off
68 i can put my fist inside my mouth
68 i can put my cellphone inside my mouth without touching any part of it (with my lips or teeth)
68 i can put a cigarette box (20s) inside my mouth without touching any part of it (with my lips or teeth)
69 before i step out of the house, i look at myself in the mirror a lot. once in my bro's room, twice in the dining area, once near the cr, and then another time in the living area
70 back in college, i always used cheat sheets
71 i almost got a perfect score on the entrance exam i had to take for law school
72 i love kiamoy..that could make me fall in love
72 id love to order happy meals but the cashier might give me an odd look
73 i make a yum-o chocolate chicken!
74 i dont swim in pools
75 i dont swim in beaches either..unles theres noone around
76 i dislike my love to be tan
77 i wanna have straight hair
78 i have huge eyebags
79 i dont eat breakfast because i wake up at noon
80 i used to be a vegetarian
81 if i could choose anywhere to be in right now, id choose boracay and live there forever
82 i love reeses
83 and resses pieces
84 i love combining skittles to make different flavors
85 when i eat iced gem biscuits, i remove the tops and then save it for later
86 i dont eat hotdogs. ive outgrown the taste, i guess
87 i dont eat sardines in tomato sauce because, it doesnt taste anything like tomato suace
88 i dont eat mayonnaise
89 i dont eat bagoong
90 i dont use patis
91 i dont dip food in vinegar
92 i HATE HATE HATE bananas
93 i love cofeeshops
94 i love yoghurt and yoghurt shakes
95 vodka is my poison of choice
96 last time i counted, i could sing 45 black and white notes on the piano
97 even though there are a lot of really good donuts, my favorites are still dunkin donuts' butternut and choco butternut
98 i love hazelnut spreads
99 i love icing
100 when i was born, angels sang, unicorns flew and penguins screamed.....a star was born

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to R.L Stine (the writer of Goosebumps, my first introduction to literature), Chevy Chase (from SNL), Matt Damon, Mr. Mariah Carey (aka Nick Cannon) and the uber-tall Sigourney Weaver.

I'll be waiting for a party invitation from any of you! Woohooo!