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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Names? Try Video Games

The video gaming world has definitely created its own niche in the recesses of pop culture. Somehow, it has taken over a certain number of the populace and sticks with them, even after puberty (where they first learn about the wonders of video games). Some people would be content to throw video game parties; others would be delighted just to download games; but some hardcore fanatics go to the next level, and name their children after some video game characters.

Some people say it’s weird, some people say it’s pathetic; but I say it was inevitable. I mean, cool kids who grew up playing video games had such an affinity for their favorite boob tube characters or PC pals… they loved these characters; not just the game. So it should not be surprising that some people actually name their children after video game heroes.

For example, a hardcore Tomb Raider fan named his first-born Lara after Lara Croft. Of course the name isn’t very unique, but he one who gave it to her will always be reminded of the mighty good times he’s spent with Ms Lara croft.

Some die-hard Zelda fans would name their daughter Zelda too; which is actually quite a pretty name… Actually, there are rumors flying that Robin Williams was gonna name his daughter Zelda… I don’t know if there was ever any truth to that or it was just one of his numerous antics, but Zelda is a really nice name.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many pretty/nice/handsome boys’ names out in the gaming world; although I have heard about a couple who had twins named Mario and Luigi.

If I had a son though, I would definitely pick Sonic (from Sonic the Hedgehog). I mean, isn’t that a bad-ass name for a boy?

For a daughter, probably Sakura or Pikachu… Just kidding!