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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Converasation Shortage

blah blah blah...

i wish i could hear a l;ot more people talking than my mom telling me what to do. clean this, clean that, mop this,l mop that...doesnt she get that im at home because im working? if i was not doing anything i wouldnt even be home..

it seems like my life is now lacking of wonderful conversation

after this, im going to school. my teacher will once again tell me what to do, how to live my life.pathetic.

there. i hear my mom again as she tells me to clean up..

i am getting tired of this.
i am getting tired of hearing everyone talk, when they are not really saying anything.

conversation with my classmates, they sometimes seem lame.its like all they hink about is school.

where is everyone's love for life and living?

because completely submerging yourself in a life of school or work is not living at all..i used to think it was... but it isnt

confession #10

some of my friends do not want to meet up in a bar (my element) because, they say, we cannot talk there. but, in this world where good conversation is scarce, i sometimes hope that instead of talking somewhere about some senseless stuff, we could be dancing or drinking the night away in some noisy bar. because then, you get to see what your friends really want to tell you.

who gives up his seat for you?
who accompanies you to the loo?
who gives you attention?
who faces you whent hey dance?
who shares a drink with you when you have no cash left to buy some?
and who talks to you when you're "just not feeling it" and you are tucked in a corner, trying to find a hand to hold in this crowd full of lonely people?


tambagan is a visayan/davawenyo word i had recently discovered. throughout yesterday, people were saying this word and it got me thinking once again about how people dealwith advice

of course i realized i was being too full of myself to pretend like i know what im talking about, and so i have decided to blog about advice and myself.

now, i know this seems narcissistic, but i have a point here.. trust me..

well..people often give me advice, they tell me what to do, how to l;ive my life..

some advice is unsolicited, some is..the point is:

whether or not i ask for advice or not, i never listen to them... i mean, even before i ask people what they think about a certain predicament or query, i have already made a decision in my own twisted mind. but the fact that poeple put their two cnets in, or even that they could sway my opinion or make me think about the issue at hand again, it just makes me feel more in control of my emotions and the decisions my mind makes

therefore, advice-taking is not really for the purpose of is somewhat of an assurance.
sometimes, i just want to know if people agree with me, and if they don't, i wanna know the reason behind it as well

confession #9

note to friends: when i ask you for your advice, never tell me taht you have nothing to say or that you are bad at giving advises. when i ask you for your advice, i am not really asking for your advice, i am asking for re-assurance of my worth in this world, i am asking for a shoulder to cry on, most importantly, i am asking for YOU, and not the words that come out of your mouth.