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Monday, December 15, 2008

is santa real?

holidays are coming..and yeaa..i might have gotten the christmas bug already...but somehow

i feel like this christmas is not going to be as exciting as it used to

i remmeber the dy in discovered that santa wasnt broke my heart

and that probabaly was one major factor that lead me into somebody who did not get excited for the holidays..

i mena, christmas used to be magic. i used to like christmas because it gave me something to believe in. it taught me that nothing was really impossible, and that every llittle qwish you have may come true..and then i discovered santaa wasnt real..

santa's gift was the one thing that i looked forward to during the holidays...and the knowledge of the falsity of this magical gigantic just disapointed me was good while it lasted...

and that pretty much sounds like the chistmas im going to hjave this seems like i had somethying real..but now...with a lil more conteplation..i discovered that, like sant, love during the holidays is just something that isnt really for me..

but, like the knowledge of was good while it lasted


i dont know how things will turn out..but, being my crazy self...i always expect the worst case