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Thursday, January 28, 2010

V-Day Fun Day

Just like every year, Valentine’s 2010 has, somehow, managed to creep into our realities after a dose of unreality brought about by the recently concluded Yuletide season. Somehow, we always forget that V-Day is coming which leads us to panic for the panic gift for our partner. Of course, it does not help that we have exhausted all our gift ideas during the yuletide season and that we are now required to celebrate and exchange gifts during monthsaries because everybody seems to be doing it. So we sit alone racking our brains to come up with the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Fortunately, for you, here are some ideas:

Box It: Buy an ornate box that fits your partner’s style and fill it with 365 reasons why you love him or her. Print out these little messages on pieces of decorative paper, or write them down by hand for a more personal touch. Phrases like “you smell good even when you haven’t showered”; “you don’t need make-up to look beautiful”; “you eat the white part of an Oreo, and give me the biscuits”; “my evil 5 year old nephew loves you”; “you never look at me in a confused kinda way when I talk crap”; or “you smell like Vanilla”. And then, on the bottom of the box attach an envelope with a note that says: “I don’t need Valentine’s Day to realize why I love you. I do that every single day.”

The Power of Facebook: If you know your partner’s facebook password, hack it and send a message to all of his/her friends asking them why they love your partner. If you do not know your partner’s password, send his/her friends a message from your account; however this will require you to add her friends up. (Heads up: according to surveys, couple who have common friends last longer; so it is actually a good thing to add his/her friends up). Collect all the answers, especially the cute stupid ones, and ask his/her parents and siblings as well. Write the answers and the names of the people who sent in the answers in pieces of paper, or print them out on decorative paper. Put them in a scrap book together with photos of your partner with you, or with her friends and family. Do not leave your own answer. Instead write a phrase that goes a little like: “If all these people love you, how can I not?”

Movie Magic: This gift is for the guys. Ask your friends or family members to occupy all the seats in a movie house that are by the aisle. Give them a rose each, and ask them to reserve e two seats for you in the middle of the theater. Leave a bouquet of red roses there or a huge stuffed animal, if your girl is into plush pals. Ask your girl out on a movie date and make sure to pass in the middle aisle (where all your friends are seated). Ask your friends to give your girl a rose as she passes along where they seated. This is enough to surprise your girl. However, the extra special gift that is waiting in her seat will seal the deal.

Cutest Carnap: Now this is for the ladies. Steal your boyfriend’s car, with the permission of his parents and siblings, of course, and take it home. Ask his parents to convince him that a family friend borrowed the car. Buy some water-based, washable markers and write sweet nothings on the body of your boyfriend’s car. Fill the inside of his car with pink fabric, paper hearts, and everything that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. If you are the naughty type, you could write naughty innuendos instead of

Remember that the best gifts are those that are personalized, well thought of, and have an element of surprise. Choose from one of the suggestions above, or create your own little wacky idea. But never forget to have fun while you spend the day of hearts with the one you love most.

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