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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things to Watch Out for in 2012

The New Year is just around the corner, and if you are not yet excited for it, here are some things that are sure to keep you waiting in anticipation for the year that is supposed to signal the end of the world. 10.) The new wing of SM City Davao in Ecoland is slated to open in 2012. More importantly, the new SM Mall in Lanang is also said to open within 2012. What does this mean? It means more jobs for Davaoenos so we could have money to spend in new shops and restaurants that are also slated to invade the city because of this brand new mall. Better news: shops that will open in the new SM mall will be targeted to wider demographic and social strata. This means, more stuff that are budget-friendly. 9.) The invasion of brand new flavours of alco-pop beverages is also one of the more exciting things that 2012 holds for us. If you have not yet been informed, Tanduay Ice has actually released Red and Blue variants that are sure to be as popular as their original alco-pop outing. Antonov also released Antonov Ice and Antonov Mandarin Orange: two enticing flavours that follow the original Antonov Apple. These new flavours are the same price as the original which means that we have more affordable options to get us to that happy place we call Land-of-Non-Sobriety. 8.) Although I absolutely adore my Blackberry, one of the things I dislike about it is the fact that I can’t make free calls over the internet with it. Thank god, they have now contracted Skype to provide online calling and maybe even video streaming for Blackberry handhelds. Skype for Blackberry is said to be launched on May 2012. 7.) Every self-repsecting urbanite has a slew of cool gadgets that make life easier and make communicating a staple. Here is a list of some of the most anticipated gadgets to watch out for in 2012: • iPad 3: The follow up to the iPad 2 is said to run on iOS5 and features their new assistant, Siri. It is also rumoured to have a retina display, WiFi, 3G, and 4G LTE Connections, and a sleek new design. • iPhone 5: We have all waited anxiously for the iPhone 5 last year and to find out that what we have been holding out for was the iPhone4S. 2012 however marks the coming of the iPhone 5. Why is it so special? I don’t really know yet. I know nothing about the new iPhone which is said to come out during the last quarter of 2012, and neither do you. Why are people interested about it? Well, I guess they would like to greet the end of the world in style. • Dell Peju Tablet: To compete with the iPad, Dell is creating the Peju tablet which is slated to run on Windows 8. It may come out during the first quarter of 2012 in the States but there is no telling as to when it will reach our humble shores. • Wii U: The new frontier in gaming seems to be more compact, and without wires. The Wii U is supposed to act as the Wii remote control but has its own LCD. How does it work? I have no idea. 6.) There are also exciting movies to watch out for this 2012 including: • The Dark Knight Rises: The new Batman movie which still stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader. • The Avengers: which, according to critics, feels more like Ironman 3 rather than a movie made for a team of superheroes. Obviously, the biggest star in this outing is Robert Downey Jr., but it also starts Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a spin-off of the Lord of the Rings franchise. It still stars Elijah Wood accompanied by the gorgeous Cate Blanchett and the effective Martin Freeman. • The Amazing Spider-man: It tells the tale of how Peter Parker dealt with his powers during his younger years as a teenager. Expect it to be awkward and filled with mushy teenage love troubles…and of course some action. Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, this outing is definitely one to watch out for. • Underworld Awakening: If you did not enjoy the previous Underworld outing, chances are, you will not enjoy this one as well. The good news is, Kate Beckinsale is back in her tight leather ensemble and hard candy attitude in this tale about vampire warriors. 5.) Diaspora*: The new social networking site is now already fully-functional but is said to hit it big in 2012. Diaspora * makes it easier for people to protect their posts, screen who can see whatever they are posting, separate friends and categorize contacts, and keep ownership of all your posts, photos, videos, and everything else you post on their site. You hear that sound? That is the sound of Facebook scrambling to kill the competition. 4.) The Peak at Gaisano Mall has already opened but there are more exciting things to come. First off, the opening of one of my all time favorite Mongolian Barbecue-style restaurants are, Kubali Khan, is said to happen during 2012. Also, Happy Lemon and Red Mango are supposed to hit Gaisano Mall’s the Peak really soon. Oh, and there are talks of a new party place opening at the topmost level of the peak in 2012. 3.) Music makes the world go round, or so they say. Here are some of the most anticipated albums that are slated to come this 2012: • Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded • Justin Beiber’s Believe • Madonna’s new album that is slated to come out early next year • Willow Smith’s Knees and Elbows • Ke$ha’s new album that is yet to be titled • T.I.’s Trouble Man • No Doubt’s Reunion album Listen to Confessions of a Partyphile on the radio on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesday nights from 6 to 9 in the PM. For comments, suggestions, and more confessions from this partyphile check out or follow the columnist on

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Cocktail Collection

Christmas is all about merry-making. We know that already. It is about attending and throwing a thousand and one parties that all feel the same, look the same, and oddly taste the same. And even though the thought of attending countless social events in a span of two weeks or so may seem enticing, the truth is, after the third party it gets kind of boring. So here is what you can do: instead of bringing food to the regular potluck party or serving beer for the next party you host, why not try sharing the experience of new cocktails with your friends and co-party attendees? Here are some Holiday-inspired cocktails that should do the trick.

1.) Merry Christmas: The Merry Christmas may sound the most Christmasy out of all the cocktails in this list, but it actually plays on one of the most iconic flavours of another holiday—Thanksgiving. This highball drink is a gorgeous melange of cranberry, citrus, and just the right amount of alcohol. Here is how you make it:
a. Grab a highball glass and fill it halfway with ice. Then, add an ounce of regular Gin, an ounce of Cranberry Juice, and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Stir the liquids until it comes together and top it off with some canned club soda or soda water. Garnish the drink with fresh or dried Cranberries or a slice of lemon or lime and serve.
2.) Angel’s Delight: This festive cocktail makes the cut as a holiday cocktail thanks to its creamy texture and dreamy color. It tastes opulent, rich, and indulgent---perfect for the Season. Here’s how you make this velvety drink:
a. In a cocktail shaker, combine one ounce of cream, ¾ ounces of triple sec, ¾ ounces of gin, and a couple dashes of Grenadine syrup ( which is now readily available in supermarkets). Shake well and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. You may opt to serve it with a piece of strawberry for garnish.
3.) Apple Pie Martini: One of the most familiar holiday tastes is the taste of apple pie. The juicy freshness of apples combined with the kick of cinnamon is captured perfectly in easy-as-pie cocktail. Here is how you make it:
a. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine one shot of Goldschlager (cinnamon schnapps with 24karat gold flakes), one shot of vodka, and three shots of apple juice. Shake well and pour over a cocktail/martini glass. Remember not to strain the drink as this will leave the gold flakes inside the shaker instead of staying in your drink.
4.) The Christmas Cocktail: This cocktail is an exciting concoction of the flavours people associate with the Holidays: Coffee, Cinnamon, Cream, and Chocolate. Plus, it comes down smooth and ends with just the right amount of alcoholic kick. If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy while chugging down this glorious cocktail, follow these instructions:
a. In a shaker filled with ice, pour one once each of Vodka, Bailey’s Cream, and Cinnamon Schnapps and shake well. Strain the concoction over a cocktail glass and top it off with some powdered coffee. You may garnish it with a Cinnamon stick.
5.) Mimosa: The Mimosa is one of the more popular cocktails in history. Thus, you would find a gazillion and one recipes of it. However, I find that the simplest recipe is still the best. Make this simple cocktail for your next Yuletide event for some added fizz and flair. Here’s how:
a. Grab a champagne flute, fill it halfway with chilled orange juice (and please do not use powdered orange juice) and then top it off with cold champagne.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Party-Throwing Tips

For the common partyphile, throwing hot parties seems natural. We simply create a theme, stick to it, invite a handful, pour some alcohol click some glasses, and voila--- an epic party has been thrown. However, during this season, partyphiles always have to face their worst fear: throwing a Christmas party.

Here is the deal: when we talk about Christmas parties that we throw ourselves out of our own will, we actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, when we are forced into organizing a Christmas party, it seems like all hell breaks lose and stress just comes flooding through our lives as if flood gates of stress-triggers have just been opened. For the really pitiful partyphile pushed into organizing a Christmas party for his office, school org, school mates, class mates, church mates, seat mates, cheat mates, and all other social groups sine time immemorial, a comma is inevitable. Why? Because organizing a party that is supposed to be fun for everyone is hard to do. Why? Because when you take some random group of people, it is hard to get an idea of what they like doing and what they enjoy. Moreover, it seems impossible to please each and every single one of the party’s attendees. In fact, simply gathering all the attendees before the party happens to draw names that decide who shall exchange gifts with whom is a gargantuan task all in itself. The good news is, I felt really inspired today so I decided to give you three tips on how to make organizing a Christmas party a little easier for you instead of going on and on with my holiday rants. So here are my tips:

  • Although it is really tempting hire a caterer to get rid of your food preparing problems, the truth is, for groups comprised of people who do not see each other often, asking for the payment for the caterer is very difficult. Moreover, caterers’ prices spike up during the season and since they are extra busy, you would need to book them way ahead. The solution: a potluck party. Again, the only problem with potluck parties is that people bring either similar food, or food that are so different they can not be eaten together. The solution is simple: throw a potluck party but set a theme. For example, you can require the party attendees to bring Pizza or Pasta ONLY. Or, you may ask them to bring some Chinese food. If you want a more diverse spread, assign each person to bring a specific kind of foodstuff. Assign some people to bring dessert, some to bring some alcohol, some to bring entrees…. You get the idea.
  • When it comes to exchanging gifts, it becomes very difficult to see each other at one time just to draw names to decide who gives gifts to whom. I suggest you set a price range and simply exchange gifts on the day of the party. Of course, everyone would have to bring a gift that would be good for everyone, but all the effort that goes into scouring for the perfect gift that anyone would like is part of the fun.
  • If you want to keep your party exciting for everyone, it is important that you follow a program. Leave all your hang-ups out the door and play silly games and give away prizes. You may also play drinking games or a trivia game involving bits of trivia about Christmas and the attendees of the party. Although eating and giving gifts is exciting, it should not be the only thing to transpire during the party. Remember, you are get together to bond with the other attendees of the party. Plan activities that will allow you to have fun while bonding and strengthening relationships with other people in the party.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Drink of the Week: Cuba Libre

Since it is my birthday week (i'm celebrating my 25th birthday tomorrow) I decided to give out a recipe for one of my all-time favorite cocktails-- the Cuba Libre. This cocktail is easy to make and is quite refreshing. Here is how you do it:

Grab a highball glass and fill it halfway with ice
Add a shot of rum
the juice of half a lime
And then fill it to the brim with some coke.