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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 10 Most Unforgettable Confessions of a Partyphile Moments

If you don’t already know, Confessions of a Partyphile, my radio show, is ending this Wednesday. It has been a glorious four-year ride on the show but times are changing and I have to do something for myself. To celebrate the end of a wonderful era in my personal and professional career, I’m counting down the most unforgettable moments on the show. Here they are:

10.) The first-ever Confessions of a Partyphile show: How can I forget? I thought about the segments for weeks and weeks and it was finally time to execute it. I came up with some segments that I still use until the last day of my radio show like the DRINK OF THE WEEK and EVENT UPDATES. I had a very limited play list as party music was just on its way to going mainstream. I remember the first show included Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna and Insomnia by Craig David. Yes, it’s been that long.

9.) I got a message from an African-American New Yorker: I know this doesn’t seem very grand, but an African-America New Yorker dropped me a message on Facebook telling me that he had been staying in the Philippines for a couple of weeks and he religiously listened to Confessions of a Partyphile for two reasons: 1.) His girlfriend was a huge fan and 2.) My show reminded him of home. According to him, Confessions of a Partyphile sounded like it was right out of New York radio. It was a very proud and humbling moment for me because it gave me the sense that I was doing something right. That Confessions of a Partyphile actually measured up to international standards.

8.) Steve Midnight saying bye bye: I was on the air with Steve Midnight for over two years and there is no doubt that he was the best on-air partner I had ad he became such a dear friend. His departure changed the whole dynamic of the show and really felt like half of Confessions of a Partyphile left with him. In the end, I truly believe that th show was as much his as it was mine.

7.) Debuting Make It Better: It was Alessandra de Rossi’s first single off her first album. We debuted the song before anyone else in Philippine radio; and it was extra special because Alessandra is a good friend and the type of music she made was not very radio-friendly. I felt like having the opportunity to play a song that is not very radio-friendly was a big deal in advancing her musical career as well as introducing a new genre of music to the local audience. Plus, Alex took time out of her busy schedule to tune in the whole time.

6.) Having Chef Bautista on the show: Chef Bautista was a guest chef for Marco Polo Davao’s French food festival. His usual clientele included some of the 100 richest people in the Philippines and he got his culinary education in Le Cordon Bleu; arguably the finest culinary school in the world. And because I am me, I asked him to share pulutan recipes. I just find it funny how I had such an amazing and cultured chef on the show and the only thing I asked him for was the simplest pulutan recipe he had that went well with beer.


4.) Having Chef Sharwin Tee on the show: Chef Sharwin Tee is the host of Lifestyle Network’s Curiosity Got the Chef. Because I am a fan of the show, the network, the chef, and food in general, it was a really thrilling experience to have Chef Sharwin on the show, sharing his recipes and culinary-know-how with our listeners.

3.) Drink of the Week: Bastard Series: The Bastard series is a five-drink menu that includes a starter (Gin Fizz), The three bastard drinks ( Suffering Bastard, Dying Bastard, Dead Bastard), and a closing drink (Bastard in Heaven). This five-set cocktail menu is the most lethal drink combo you can ever consume. It is set that only a special breed actually make it to the fourth drink. We gave the recipe out on the air, and I had the most overwhelming response from the listeners who wanted to get the recipe. Consequently, my blog post which contained the recipe for the Bastard Series became one of the most popular ones on my blog.

2.) Having 2,000 Online Listeners: This made me realize that people actually listened to my show. There was an episode of Confessions of a Partyphile where we actually reached 2,000. During that episode, we started with about 800 listeners, and by the time we ended we had more than 2,000. Once we ended the show, the number of online listeners gradually decreased to 500. What made it special is the fact that they actually listened and partied with me for the duration of the show; and that told me that people were actually responding to the show.

1.) Debuting Happiness by Alexis Jordan: Happiness by Alexis Jordan was released on September 7, 2010. We started playing it on the show the same day it came out, September 8 in the Philippines. Everybody loved the song, and it started to pick up. They started playing it in Manila clubs six months after, and I even heard it played in a club in Dumaguete a year after. I’ve always felt like Confessions of a Partyphile helped bring the song in the forefront, or we just got really lucky to be the first to debut a song that would become an instant dancefloor classic.

Saying Goodbye to Confessions of a Partyphile (The Radio Show)

I started Confessions of a Partyphile on October 2008. At face value, Confessions of a Partyphile seemed like any other radio show. It had a host, music was played, and there were assigned segments and topics for the night. But in many ways, Confessions of a Partyphile was the first of its kind.

It was the first locally-produced radio talk show that played purely party music; it was the first radio show that promoted partying as a way of life, and it was the first locally-produced radio show to have regular events.

When I started this radio show, it came as a surprise. Mostly because I was very new to the industry, and the opportunity to be given a chance to start a special show was reserved for more seasoned of DJs. I do not know what Miss Joey, our station manager, saw in me at that time, but I am most grateful that she gave me this platform to promote what I believe in.

When Confessions of a Partyphile started, people thought it was controversial. To be promoting drinking and partying in mass media was something that did not sit well with everybody. However, the true reason why I started Confessions of a Partyphile, the newspaper column—blog—and radio show four years ago, was to educate young partyphiles on the Dos and Donts of partying. The truth is, the party scene, or PARTYLANDIA as I call it, can change you. A young partyphile could see some bad behaviour and feel like it is appreciated in the party scene and mimic it. I put it upon myself to be the voice of reason, telling these partyphiles that you can have fun without throwing away your values.

Thus, aside from talking about good alcohol, how to cure a hangover, or how to dress for a party; I also talked about party etiquette, and setting limitations. Contrary to popular belief, this was not a show that capitalized on gimmicks, hoopla, and controversy. I just said what I thought people needed to hear; to know; and to feel.

So, I think it is only fitting that I end the show on its fourth year. In a sense, you, my dear listener, have graduated from Partyphile College. In many ways, I have given everything I know about the partyphile lifestyle, there isn’t much more to be exhausted from the unfortunately very limited brain space I have for useful information. So I think that I have achieved what I have set out to do. I have imparted my knowledge, I have entertained, I have informed, and I have become part of many people’s lives.

You, my dear listener, have let me into your life. You had made me part of your Wednesday habit. Whether you listen to me by accident or whether you tune in religiously, the fact that you have shared with me an on-going conversation about the partyphile lifestyle is a lot to be thankful for.

I am leaving the show to move on to other things, but I would like you to know that you have made this booth my home. And no matter where life takes me, it will always ring true, that there is no place like home. There is no place like Mix FM. There is no place like Confessions of a Partyphile.

I’d like to thank Ms Joey for all the understanding and the opportunity to do what I want and need to do and for allowing me to grow under her mentorship. For making all the ads for my events, for the friendship, all the tips, and gossip, and the moments we shared by your office door. More importantly, Ms Joey always told me about things to look out for, and people to stay away from, because she is genuinely concerned about how I do inside and outside the booth.

I thank Jack Savage for being like an older brother to everyone in the station and for giving me the best party songs in Davao and for allowing me to debut the freshest party songs, other radio shows haven’t even heard of. I know it must have been added work for him to actually look for songs to fill my show with, but it was all worth it in the end. People always tell me that I play great music on my show, but I take no credit for it. It is all Jack Savage’s work.

To Sonny B who had always made me feel like I could be good at DJing; that I was doing something right. His opinion meant much to me, and the fact that his opinion of me was always positive lets me know that somebody who is an industry institution sees something in the work that I do.

To all my co-DJs past and present, thank you very much. To Alexy and Lee: who would have thought I would last four years as a DJ? To Gab who has grown soo much as a Dj and as a person. To Raven and Trip who are doing soo well compared to when they started out. I remember during their earlier days as DJs, we would be teaching them the rules and the guidelines, and sometimes they’ve stuck by it and sometimes they’ve bent all the rules; but they’ve really grown to be wonderful radio jocks. To Miss Steph who is always cool and is like the sensible but jolly older sister I never had. To Sir George Booke whose timeslot I took over; thank you for trusting me with Wednesday evenings. To all my partners past, Chris Chase, Wacky, and Steve Midnight, for all the friendship and putting up with my weirdness and endless farting inside the booth. To Ate Mae and Ate Mai and Kuya Armald and Kuya Ruel, I’m sure you’re going to miss me and my kakulitan but not as much as I’m going to miss all your help and the friendship you were so willing to give me. The truth is, there are many other companies that have better salaries or benefits than mix fm, but for me Mix FM is more than just a company I work for. Mix FM is a family, it is a second home, it is a place where I found friends that will last me a lifetime.

To all the people from bastis brew who are as much part of the mix fm family as we are theirs, thank you very much. Thank you to all my sponsors, to everyone who goes to my parties, to edge davao, to marco polo davao, to dj gary, dj torch, and most especially to you my dear listeners for making the last four years a truly truly magical time in my life.

Not everyone is given the chance to live their dreams; you made it possible for me. And for that, I am forever grateful. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drink of the Week: Dead Dog Vomit

There are not many cocktails scarier than the DEAD DOG VOMIT as far as I'm concerned. The alcohol content in this is just redunkulous and the taste is not very pleasant either. Needless to say, it gives me the shivers. Which is why I thought of it to be the perfect cocktail for Halloween. Here is how you make this dreadful cocktail:

Step # 1

Grab a cocktail glass.

Step # 2

Layer some Bacardi 151, Jagermeister, and Tequila.

Step # 3


Step # 4

Pass out.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Youtube Channels to Subscribe To

Sometimes, it is less about the show and more about the channel. This is especially true when talking about Youtube channels to follow. With the internet now being the more popular entertainment platform it is no surprise that more and more people are skipping the boob tube and going straight to their laptops. However, with popularity comes clutter. Unlike in the world of television where only those that can afford to put up a station or show, anyone with an internet connection and camera can upload their own video online. Thus, the most popular video streaming site in the world, Youtube, is unsurprisingly filled with as much clutter as it is filled with videos people would actually want to watch.

Now, watching a video is one thing, while actually subscribing to a channel is a whole different ball game. For a person to subscribe to a Youtube channel it has to be: 1.) filled with great content. 2.) updated regularly, and 3.) be entertaining to the subscriber.

Unfortunately, actually finding channels that are worth your time in a site that is filled with gazillions of random videos may not be as easy as the three-step process above. Thankfully (for you), I have rounded up some of the most interesting Youtube channels that are worth subscribing to, or at the very least, checking out.

1.)    Youtube Channel: Househacker

The channel features videos of “life hacks” or simple tips that help solve everyday problems or inconveniences using common household items. The tips are usually contributed by other Youtubers and are dramatized by the people behind Househacker to show you exactly how to use the tips. These life hack videos are about two to three minutes long and are collections of ten-second tips that actually figure to be very handy. Some popular tips include how to make your own stylus, how to unclog a shower head, how to clean your windows with cola, and how to unseal an envelope.

2.)    Youtube Channel: StarKid Productions

StarKid Productions is a channel that is full of full length musicals divided into several Youtube videos. The channel rose to popularity with A Very Potter Musical, a pardody based on the JK Rowling novel, Harry Potter. The star of the online musical is Darren Chris, the half-Filipino star of hit television series, Glee. Chris also writes and composes the songs in A Very Potter Musical with his friend AJ Holmes. Aside from the Potter parody, the channel also features a musical parody of Batman entitled Holy Smoke, B@man, and a musical based on Sci-Fi flicks. The greatest strength of this channel lies in the fact that unlike most Youtube channels that feature a short segment or show, StarKid Productions actually features full-length musicals which sets them apart from billions of other channels on the site.

3.)    Youtube Channel: Fedde Le Grand TV

Fedde Le Grand is one of the top DJs in the world and is popular for hits like Diamonds In the Sky, Soundtracks and Comebacks, and Put Your Hands Up for Detroit. In his Youtube Channel, viewers get to be right there with him as he plays the grandest venues in the world, tours the world, creates magic in the studio, and even get to hear his latest singles first! Any partyphile would enjoy the site because of the gorgeous visuals, the gobsmackingly good house music, and the raw energy a really good party brings. Plus, it gives you new gems for your iPod play list.

4.)    Youtube Channel: Entertainment News Television (ENTV)

This Youtube Channel is kind of like the E! for Youtube. It is a collaboration between some of the most respected names in online entertainment news such as,,, and They give out the freshest and most up-to-date entertainment news that are categorized under different focuses including: Spoiler Alert (a play list dedicated to squealing some television series spoilers, Reality Check! (a play list dedicated to commentaries on reality-based talent shows, Breaking Entertainment News television (that gives all the latest global entertainment news), Movie News, TV News, Hollywood movie trailers, Gossip, and Celebrity News. They dish out information-packed videos in less than ten minutes to give any Hollywood-craving Youtube user their daily fix of everything showbiz.

5.)    Youtube Channel: Tipsy Bartender

The Tipsy Bartender is a Youtube channel that teaches viewers how to make cocktails. Unlike most bartending channels on Youtube, this one actually has some entertainment value in it. The videos on the channel are usually hosted by a very attractive girl who shares recipes of cocktails that give a nod to pop culture like cocktails named after the popular television show, Walking Dead. Tipsy Bartneder also shares videos on how to spike the most mundane ingredients like gummy bears or a 7-11 Slurpee to turn it into really good (and really potent) party fare. This one is the definite choice for the fun loving partyphile who wants to learn how to mix a cocktail or spike everything in sight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drink of the Week: Pink Gin Spritzer

The Pink Gin Spritzer is said to be a great Hangover Helper because it has some fruit juice in it which gives you some vitamins, it has some fizz in it which helps quench your thirst, and it has some alcohol in it too which makes you hangover-free.

To make the Pink Gin Spritzer:

In a tall glass with ice,  combine :

  • one shot of gin
  •  two shots of cranberry juice
  •  a teaspoon of grenadine 
  • and then fill to the brim with some soda water

Tip of the Day: Learn to cure a hangover

It is essential for anybody who intends to keep on drinking that they know how to manage their alcohol. More importantly, the responsibility of knowing how to cure a hangover if and when it happens is something that is much more important than probably anything else in your life.

 Thus, we suggest that you keep following this blog and memorize the best ways to cure a hangover.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Marlboro Black in the Philippines

I still love my Marlboro Blacks which are the newest variant of Marlboro Cigarettes in the Philippines. I just looove how there is a super mentholated Marlboro Black in the Philippines now because I used to eat a mint everytime I smoked just to have that extra-minty sensation. How about you? What do you smoke?

Halloween Cocktails

If you are looking for gorgeous halloween cocktail recipes, then you may want to check out the following blog posts:


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Ask, Partyphile Answers: When to Order Drinks

Jake: Hey Partyphile! I don't party often, but when I do, I always feel awkward about when to start ordering drinks. I mean, when I step inside a club, sometimes I just feel like dancing and not really drinking, do you think that would be alright? or is it a must to have a cocktail in hand? How soon after I step inside the club must I head tot he bar and order a drink? Also, what is a good drink to order if I wanna go dancing?


Hey Jake! That's a very tough question. I totally get your point though. I'm sure it kind of feels awkward to not have ordered anything while inside a bar. It might feel like people would think  of you as a cheapskate or that you can't handle your alcohol but the truth is, nobody really cares that much.

As long as you don't act like a wallflower, I think you'll be good. There's no hard and fast rule for how long you can stay inside a club without ordering anything, but if you dont really wanna drink, dont for yourself.

Order some Sprite and tell everyone it's a Vodka-7.

Oh, and if you wanna go dancing, order something hard. Beer can make you sleepy while cocktails with a lot of sugar can give you a sugar high but a sugar crash as well.

Drink of the Week: Cherry Bombs

Since I suggested that you threw a brunch party over the last post, I decided to give you a recipe that would be perfect for morning drinking. This recipe is a breeze to make and is alcohol-free. However, you may replace the soda with some sparkling white wine or champagne or maybe add a little vodka to the mix if you want to get your friends drunk before 3 pm on your next brunch-party! So here is how you make the gorgeous Cherry Bomb:

  • In a skillet, boil two cups of water.
  • Once you get a rolling boil on the water, add a cup of Grenadine Syrup.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat, let cool, and transfer to ice cube trays.
  • Freeze overnight.
  • When you are ready to serve the drink simply build it by filling the glass with your grenadine ice cubes and then top them off with lemon-lime soda or soda water.
  • Add a cherry for garnish.

Tip of the Day: Throw a Brunch Party

Not a lot of people have tried going to or throwing a party over brunch so I suggest that you try it out for your next celebration.

Throwing a bash at brunch is a lot more relaxed thus making it easier to organize ad host. Plus, the food does not have to be as fancy or as heavy as a dinner celebration, ad there are so may food options you can choose from like the old Tapsi combinations, pancakes and waffles, a pandesal-sandwich-making station, omelettes, breads, rolls, fritatas, a coffee and hot chocolate station, or even a cereal bar.

Words of Wisdom from Confessions of a Partyphile

October 3 is Techies Day!

I know it’s kind of an odd thing to celebrate, but today is actually dedicated to all techies. And as if they didn’t need any more bullying, October 3 also happens to be VIRUS APPRECIATION DAY. How odd. Whatever! It just gives us another reason to celebrate. 

Website Winners

Spending hours online seems to be one of our favorite past times. Indeed this generation, our generation, has become one that indulges in getting our fix of information, entertainment, commerce, and self-expression over the web. Sometimes, it seems like there is so much to find online but we stick to visiting a handful of our web favorites making it feel like we are getting such a small bite out of the huge burger that is the internet. Thus, to expand your web-surfing selection, I have rounded up some cool sites and blogs that I think are worthy of at least thirty minutes of your online time. Here they are:

Online Foodporn

They call it  “a silly and rebellious food blog for creative people in the Philippines” and although that is a mouthful, it gives you a clear idea of what the site is all about. looks like a food magazine. The photos are fun and have a professional look to them, and the articles are fresh and very entertaining. The site features new food finds, some poll questions, quick and easy recipes, food hacks (recipes for their version of resto faves), and a lot of fun features that can keep any foodie busy for hours on end.  The articles and recipes are so good that any food lover would find themselves book marking every other page!

Facial Goo at Home

Today, facial is trending towards fresh and natural. And what can be fresher and more natural than facials, acne solutions, masks, and other facial care solutions that you can make right at your home from ingredients that are probably already in your pantry? Sounds cool? Yes it is. According to Homemade Beauty with Victoria on, it is your essential guide to skin care.

In the site they feature several skin care recipes that address specific skin problems like acne, dry skin, under-eye dark circles, and wrinkles. They also have posts about certain natural products and how they can help your health and appearance.

Macho Make-at-Home Menu is a website that features man-food. You know, simple comfort food that is usually grilled and served in huge portions, best enjoyed when watching a basketball game or enjoying the summer heat by the pool. That kind of food. Simple, no-frills, easy, and tasty. Here, you can choose recipes based on the main protein used on the recipe, the “man events” you plan to serve the dish during, the “man cooking tool” of your choice (slow cooker, toaster oven, deep fryer, grill),  the type of cuisine you’d like to enjoy, or the diet you intend to follow (low-carb, vegetarian, low-fat). All the recipes are very easy to follow and the site in general is very simple and streamlined; perfect for the man’s man who doesn’t appreciate froufrou or words that sound like it.

Music News on the Net

If you want to stay on top of all the latest news and gossip in the world music scene, then is definitely the site for you. Don’t let the name fool you, this site is so much more than Jon Ali’s blog; it is a sneak peak into everything music-related. The site gives you the latest news about new releases, exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the industry, plus it introduces some indie artists through interviews and album reviews. Following this blog is definitely a great idea if you want to keep your play list updated, and your noggin’ chuck full of music information.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Ask, Partyphile Answers: Should I Invite Someone to Someone Else's Party?

Jill: Hi Partyphile! Usually, I get invited to a party/event where I don't know anybody. Would it be alright if I bring a friend along?

Partyphile: Hey Jill! I know it gets very tempting to bring a friend with you to avoid uncomfortable social situations. However, most etiquette experts would tell you not to do that just because it messes up the host's day. It gives them another thing to worry about, another person to entertain, and another hitch to fix.

What I suggest you do is drop by the party, try to see if you have friends there, try to make new friends, or simply leave once you feel uncomfortable with the situation,

Of course, it is the host's duty to see to it that everyone is entertained and nobody feels out of place, but this can prove to be a gargantuan task for a huge celebration.

Partyphile Poll: Men Drinking Ladies Drinks--- HOT or NOT?

Here's a controversial topic in the partyphile world: is it alright for men to be seen drinking Ladies Drinks? Is it hot or not?

Deng Ongkingko: Not! I prefer seeing a man drinking Colt45. Strong beer for real men.

Marjorie Mendoza: Not! A ladies drink is called a "ladies" drink for a reason.

Karla Singson: It depends. I'd be intrigued though. Maybe it would make me go over and strike a conversation with him. For me, I'd be more interested in the man rather than the drink in his hand. And if he has the balls to drink a cosmo in a club, then, that's something!

Eric Michael Tan: Walang basagan ng trip! I love Lychee Martinis! It's really the attitude that matters regardless what the man drinks.

Doy Bijis: Drink what you want and stop worrying about what other people think about you. 

Koi Sevilla: Not! I want my man hunched over a beer or a shot of whiskey, brooding away as if the world is against him. And then after he takes the shot or consumes the bottle, he is ready to do battle, destroy his enemies, and then make love to me! Growl. Sexy!

Brian Reyes: Not! I'd rather be a ma drinking with the ladies than one who actually drinks ladies drinks.

Panjee Morales: Not! Mukatawa jud ug taman! (I'd laugh like crazy)

Ria Lumapas: Hot! What's with all the labels? Besides, just because you're a man doesn't mean you have to be all macho. If it tastes good, go for it!

JVince: Not! There would always be that notion that he's gay or not man enough. He ain't goin' home with anyone, that's for sure.

Jonah Taojo: Not! Even my gay friends don't like cocktails that much. We like it HARD!!! It's not sexy at all. It's going to make me think twice if he's straight or not.

Tip of the Day: Master a Cocktail

No matter how easy it is to buy pre-made cocktails, alcopops, or good old beer these, every Partyphile must master at least three cocktail recipes.

I'm not suggesting that you go all out or study bar tending extensively; I'm just saying that it is good to have at least three mastered cocktails in your pocket when the opportunity comes to impress your fellow partyphiles or when there is no bartender in sight.

It would be wise to master three cocktails with the same ingredients as well so that you could make more cocktails with a limited set of ingredients and impress everyone with your tending know-how.




Drink of the Week: Blue Martini

Our drink of the week comes in a cool blue hue but packs a definite punch! The Blue Martini is a simple cocktail that is best made with high-quality ingredients. But after a couple of swigs of this hard-packing cocktail, nobody would really mind if you switch it up with cheap liquor.

In a cocktail shaker with ice combine :

1 1/2 ounces of Vodka
1 1/2 ounces of Gin
1/2 ounces of blue curacao

Shake. Strain. Serve on a Martini glass with an orange twist. You may also serve the drink on the rocks in a rocks glass

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drink of the Week: Milkshakes!

According to an online survey, the drink that people most enjoy with their burger is the good old milkshake.

Since today is CHEESEBURGER DAY, Confessions of a Partyphile has decided to give you an easy-peasy Milkshake recipe that should work well with any flavor of ice cream

In a blender, combine:

  • two cups of ice cream
  • one cup of milk
Blend until smooth. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.

September 19 is Cheeseburger Day!!!

Today, September 19, is Cheeseburger Day!!!

Thus, you have every reason to spoil yourself with a fat, juicy, savory piece of meaty goodness!

And don't forget to send some this way. Enjoy your burger day!

Newsflash April 19, 2012

'Bwakaw'  Selected as Philippines Oscar Entry

Director Jun Robles Lana’s recent Toronto entry Bwakaw has been selected to represent the Philippines in the best foreign language film category at the 85th Academy Awards.
The Film Academy of the Philippines announced the selection of the drama-comedy, which stars 83-year-old Filipino action star and comedian Eddie Garcia as a gay man who came out of the closet at 70. The film is repped internationally by Fortissimo Films.

Photos, videos bigger in Twitter redesign

Twitter's rise as a global communications service came in short bursts of text-only messages. But a redesign of the company's website and mobile apps announced Tuesday could generate new revenue streams by placing greater emphasis on photos and videos.
In other words, a picture is now worth 140 characters.
CEO Dick Costolo appeared on NBC-TV's "Today" show to announce that the San Francisco company has completely overhauled its iPad app, tweaked its website and revamped its iPhone and Android apps to make visual elements like photos and videos more prominent.

Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj Join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on Idol's Judging Panel

On Sunday, September 16, the revamped American Idol judging panel made its official debut in New York. Country artist Keith Urban and pop/hip hop artist Nicki Minaj joined previously confirmed judges pop diva Mariah Carey and music producer Randy Jackson to begin the process of sending season 12's Idol hopefuls to Hollywood.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Qs with Gravefresh

These days, online sellers populate too many pages on social networking sites like Facebook and Multiply. Indeed, selling goods online has become one of the easiest options for newbie entrepreneurs as Overhead and Marketing costs are kept to a minimum. However, the online selling industry has become a marketplace that is even more congested and chaotic than a real-life market.

Online (selling) competition is cut-throat and several sellers sell the same products at virtually the same rate. To really stand out in a sea of generic online stores, one has to cater to an un-served niche market; and that is exactly what Ken Quiratman has done with his brainchild—one of the most popular Davao-based online stores—Gravefresh.

We got to interview the Owner/Founder/Creative Director, Mr. Quiratman, about the creation, the passion, and the inspiration behind the brand.

CP: First of all, where did you get the name?
KQ: Gravefresh is a combination of two of the fields I am interested in. Grave depicts the “Metal” side while Fresh depicts the “Reggae, Hip-hop, Urban” side.

CP: So, what is Gravefresh?
KQ: It is an all-original Davao-made supreme brand. It showcases what Davao has to offer and creates a distinct and unique approach by bringing international trends to our market. We aim to bring Davao to the international scene. Gravefresh focuses on different (underground) lifestyles such as skate, music, and tattoo. Basically, we showcase unique designs that other brands do not offer.

CP: Why did you decide to start Gravefresh?
KQ: I was into digital designing before I started Gravefresh. I joined some online contests and did some collaboration work. I was very inspired by international artists who also started their own brand. Also, when Cebu brands emerged like Product of Uranus and Nick Automatic I realized that it was also possible to do it here in the Philippines. I also really wanted to wear clothes that were unlike those that you’d see in malls. I used to find it difficult to look for clothes that I really liked so I decided to make my own designs.

CP: So who makes your designs and how do you come up with them?
KQ: I make most of the designs. We have one release that is a collaboration between I Am Ink Tattoo Studio and myself. Basically, I create designs based on my mood and current mindset. I draft them by hand and then see how they translate on clothes.

Two of Gravefresh's best sellers: Stay Levy and High Five

CP: Who is the typical Gravefresh man? Who is your target market?
KQ: We target enthusiasts of music, skate culture, hip-hop culture, and artists.

CP: Where are your orders usually from?
KQ: Usually we get orders from Manila and other parts of Luzon. We also get a lot here from Davao and some from Cebu.

CP: Is Gravefresh just a clothing brand or do you have any other products?
KQ: We sell clothes but is not our only focus. We are starting to organize events specifically for the purpose of supporting the local music scene. Soon, we will reveal and feature more fresh products.

CP: So how do these events work with your clothing line? Are these events mainly for promotions?
KQ: Yes, we promote our brand during the events but it is not just about promotions. It has become a way for Gravefresh to support the local scene. For us, it is not just about business, it’s more about the brotherhood.

CP: What differentiates Gravefresh from other online brands?
KQ: We sell all-original designs in limited quantities. We also organize events unlike most online sellers.

CP: Would you encourage other young people to follow your footsteps and open an online shop? 
KQ: Yes. If they decide to start an online shop they must be original and innovative. It would also be good if they supported the local scene and local products.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Questions Answered On the Air

  1. Duane: What’s the best way for me to invite my crush out on a Saturday night if we don’t have common friends?

  1. Rina: I’m planning to throw a simple party in our garage. Would you suggest that I stick to a theme? If so, what is the most budget friendly theme?

  1. Jan: I know it’s a bit out of topic but I’m confused as to how may bridesmaids I should have for my wedding.

  1. Diane: I’m not really a fan of beer but I don’t know what else to order in the bar. Got any suggestions?

  1. Mike: When I’m trying to pick up chicks in a bar, would it be better to be partying with other girls or a group of guys?

  1. Carl: How do I get a girl’s attention inside a club?

  1. Charlene: What’s the best tasting liquor in town? Yung affordable ha

  1. Michelle: I’m the only one who is still single in our group and we usually party together on Saturdays. Recently, my friends have been inviting single guys to party with us in a sort of a “blind date”. What do I do if I don’t like the guy and I’m stuck with him the whole night?

  1. Lisa: I live in a apartment and the limited space becomes somewhat of a problem sometimes. I have enough chairs, but not everyone gets the luxury of eating on a table. I know everyone is alright with holding a plate on their lap, but is there a better solution for this?

  1. JoMar: Recently, there has been some news about two guys who gate-crashed a party and ended up stealing some stuff in the party host’s home. How do you enjoy a party without compromising your safety?

  1. Joel: My Manila friends usually pay with cards. Do you think it’s alright to do this especially in Davao?

  1. Marjorie: Should I bring a gift every time I get invited to a party? Etiquette books say so but I don’t think it is expected here in the Philippines.

  1. Adrienne: When throwing house parties, how do I tell guests that it is time for them to go?

  1. Marie: I’m organizing my little sister’s debut. Should we pre-assign seats for her guests or would it be easier if they were to pick out their seats?

  1. Edmund: The last time we threw a party at home, we realized that we didn’t have enough seating. What should we do to compensate the next time?

  1. Lalaine: My birthday is coming up and I want to keep the guest list to a minimum. I’m planning on inviting just my close friends from college and maybe one or two people from work. Would it be alright to invite them in one celebration or would it be better to throw separate celebrations for two groups?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drink of the Week:

Our drink of the week is the Caribou Lou...Just because. lol

It seems really bright and fresh and tropical but I'm sure the inclusion of the 151 makes this a silent killer. here's how you make the CL

In a highball glass with ice, combine:

  • 1 1//2 oz of Bacardi 151
  • 1 oz Coconut Rum
  • 5 oz pineapple juice
Stir and serve!

Today is Just Because Day

Today is"Just Because" Day! And we're celebrating it...just because...

Newsflash: August 29, 2012

Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins

This morning more than 30 trucks filled up with coins of 5 cents arrived atApple’s headquarters in California. Initially,  the security company that protects the facility said it was diverted to the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that  they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.
the funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send him to the creators of the iPhone its billion dollars as they deem best.


Pinoy fashion blogger Bryan Boy: 'Next Top' judge

Another Filipino is on the path of international stardom — Bryan Yambao, more popularly known as “Bryan Boy,” was selected as a judge for the reality show "America’s Next Top Model" (ANTM) Cycle 19.
In a post on his Facebook account, Bryan Boy, 27, said he was excited about becoming a judge in the popular American show.
The host and producer of the show, supermodel Tyra Banks, even tweeted that she was with “Pinoy Fashion Blogger” Bryan Boy, who signed a contract with ANTM on May 25.

Model, TV host Joey Mead King to judge Asia's Next Top Model

Model and TV personality Joey Mead-King will be a judge and mentor for Cycle 1 of "Asia’s Next Top Model" (Asia’sNTM) which will be aired late 2012.
Asia’sNTM is a spinoff of the reality model search series on TV, "America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) which will give young Asian women the chance to experience the high-stakes world of international modeling.

Mead-King will be joining Asia’sNTM host Nadya Hutagalung and co-judges fashion director Daniel Boey and fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler.


LL Cool J fought and detained burglar at his house, police say

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Grammy-winning rapper and TV actorLL Cool J fought a burglar in the kitchen of his Los Angeles house early on Wednesday and held him there until officers arrived to take the man into custody, police said.
The 58-year-old prowler, whom LL Cool J caught in his house shortly before 1 a.m., appears to have been homeless, said Los Angeles police spokesman Richard French.
"There was a brief physical confrontation between the two," he said.
Afterward, LL Cool J called police and the prowler, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital, French said.
He will be charged with burglary, French said. The extent of the man's injuries were not immediately clear.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trending on Twitter Today

Here’s a quick peek at what’s been trending on Twitter

Twitter trend 1: Zayn Malik as left Twitter

Zayn Malik, one-fifth of British boy band and former finalist for the original X-Factor, One Direction, has left Twitter with one final tweet saying “the reason I don’t tweet as much as I used to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinion and hate that I get daily. Goodbye Twitter.” which left his five million followers no other option but to bid goodbye to his micro-blogging account.

Here’s the back story: One Direction’s record label is trying to market the boy band in the United States. Because the label wants the boys to concentrate on music ad work, they have insisted on a sex-ban for all five members, including those that are single. Obviously, this is difficult for the lads to take as they would want to enjoy all the female attention they are getting in the US. Unfortunately, their management has given them strict security even outside their hotel rooms so that no female visitors may enter the boys’ quarters.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that one female fan who happened to be sleeping next door from Mr. Malik took a video of Zayn trying to get a girl past his security and  inside his room, even instructing her to come back after thirty minutes as he assures the girl that the security officers would be gone by then. To that, Malik’s body guard simply replied that he has decided to stay out(side the room) longer to keep the female fan away, much to the One DIrectioner’s frustration.

So the video made it online, went viral, and caused fans to be infuriated with their idol because he has a highly publicised relationship with Perrie Edwards, one-fourth of the girl group, Little Mix who won X-Factor in 2011. Now that he has been getting crap about this affair and a lot more hate tweets, the musical hot property has decided to exit the social networking site. Will this do well for his career considering that Twitter is fast-becoming one of the most effective marketing platforms? We shall wait and see.

Twitter trend 2: Prince Harry flashing the Royal Jewels

So Prince Harry’s nude photos are circulating and have now gone viral. The source, TMZ, alleges this happened during a game of strip pool where the royal who is third-in-line to the throne obviously lost.

In these photos, Harry is shown wearing only a necklace and a watch covering his “jewels” with both hands. In another, he is shown bear-hugging another person who is also nude and is yet to be identified as male or female.

Nobody close to the Prince has made a statement but the palace has warned newspapers within the UK not to print the photos as it was a breach of privacy. There are no uncensored versions of the photos online as the ones posted by TMZ had strategically placed stars on them.

Twitter trend 3: Nicki Minaj to join Mariah Carey as the latest judge on America Idol

It seems like there will be two divas this year on American Idol’s judging table as Nicki Minaj is set to join Mariah Carey during the next season of the talent show. However, Twitter-users have been talking about some endorsement problems as the female rapper is a top endorser for popular soft drink company, Pepsi while American Idol is sponsored by Coca Cola.

This has not been the first time a conflict of sponsors had to be ironed out as last season’s judge, Jennifer Lopez had to get clearance from a car brand she endorsed to be on the show sponsored by a competing brand.

More rumors are flying on Twitter about Mariah Carey’s displeasure about the news that she was not going to be the only female judge this year. Reports say that Mariah eve hung up on American Idol execs who were in the process of telling her that Minaj was going to be sitting alongside her in the judges table.

Carey and Minaj have done a duet a couple of years back but rumors say Carey is not keen on sharing the spotlight with somebody who hogs it with her outrageous outfits and even more outrageous attitude.

Meanwhile, Mariah is Twitter-campaigning for her good friend, Lenny Kravitz, to be one of the judges on Idol’s next season. Some of the others actually considered by the show to sit on the judging table are Filipino-Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias and Disney baby, Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drink of the Week: Pine-Orange Mimosa

This cocktail is light and fizzy and oh-so-delish. Make this sparkling gem of a cocktail by filling half a champagne flute with chilled Champagne then top it with Pineapple-Orange Juice.

For the virgin version, use Sparkling Grape Juice instead of Champagne.

Newsflash: August 22, 2012 It's official: US 'Survivor' shot in Philippines to air September

It's now officially out in the open: The next season of the US reality show Survivor will be called Survivor: Philippines.
During the season finale of Survivor: One World on Sunday, May 13 (Monday, May 14), host Jeff Probst officially announced the venue of the next season, slated to air September 2012.
Probst, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly published Sunday, disclosed that they have recently finished shooting episodes of the show in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.  One Direction's Zayn Malik deletes his Twitter account

One Direction's Zayn Malik has deleted his Twitter account saying he is "sick of all the useless opinions and hate".
He posted two messages on the microblogging site saying he would not be sending any more updates.
The 19-year-old said: "The reason i don't tweet as much as i use to, is because I'm sick of all the useless opinions and hate that I get daily goodbye twitter.
"Fans that have something to say can tweet me on the one direction account."

NY Daily Nicki Minaj will join Mariah Carey as new 'American Idol' judge

Pull up a chair, because Nicki Minaj may just be joining the judges' table over at "American Idol"!

The colorful female emcee, 29, is reportedly already set to be the latest addition to Fox's hit singing competition show, a source tells Us Weekly.

"I'm not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it," the source told Us. "A few more things to sign off on but it is happening."

Another source told the magazine that Minaj is "100% confirmed to judge 'American Idol.'"

(Rumors: Four judges will be in the latest season of American Idol and Randy Jackson will act as a mentor instead of a judge.

American Idol is trying to fix deals with Coca-Cola as their latest judge, Nicki Minaj, is a Pepsi Cola endorser. It is also to be noted that a couple years past, Mariah Carey was also a Pepsi Cola endorser. 

Enrique Iglesias is rumored to be the top choice to fill the next spot but Mariah is campaigning on Twitter for her friend, Lenny Kravitz, to get the seat in the judging table.)