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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Partyphile Poll: Men Drinking Ladies Drinks--- HOT or NOT?

Here's a controversial topic in the partyphile world: is it alright for men to be seen drinking Ladies Drinks? Is it hot or not?

Deng Ongkingko: Not! I prefer seeing a man drinking Colt45. Strong beer for real men.

Marjorie Mendoza: Not! A ladies drink is called a "ladies" drink for a reason.

Karla Singson: It depends. I'd be intrigued though. Maybe it would make me go over and strike a conversation with him. For me, I'd be more interested in the man rather than the drink in his hand. And if he has the balls to drink a cosmo in a club, then, that's something!

Eric Michael Tan: Walang basagan ng trip! I love Lychee Martinis! It's really the attitude that matters regardless what the man drinks.

Doy Bijis: Drink what you want and stop worrying about what other people think about you. 

Koi Sevilla: Not! I want my man hunched over a beer or a shot of whiskey, brooding away as if the world is against him. And then after he takes the shot or consumes the bottle, he is ready to do battle, destroy his enemies, and then make love to me! Growl. Sexy!

Brian Reyes: Not! I'd rather be a ma drinking with the ladies than one who actually drinks ladies drinks.

Panjee Morales: Not! Mukatawa jud ug taman! (I'd laugh like crazy)

Ria Lumapas: Hot! What's with all the labels? Besides, just because you're a man doesn't mean you have to be all macho. If it tastes good, go for it!

JVince: Not! There would always be that notion that he's gay or not man enough. He ain't goin' home with anyone, that's for sure.

Jonah Taojo: Not! Even my gay friends don't like cocktails that much. We like it HARD!!! It's not sexy at all. It's going to make me think twice if he's straight or not.

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