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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Partyphile Recommends: Flavored Beers

I recommend that you try out flavored beers. Expect that they won't get you drunk, but will actually taste quite good. it's perfect for chill drinking, or as something to help you cool down on a warm day.

If you wanna go local, try out the San Miguel Flavored Beers in Lemon and Apple

If you wanna hit the international selection, try Pink Killer, with hints of White Grapefruit

Partyphiles Confess: Most and Last Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Now, I aksed my social network friends about their most faorite and least favorite alcoholic beverages and here are some of the answers:

Martin Buen : Loves- Vodka Kurant and 7-Up
Hates- Rum-Coke

JM Reyes: Loves: Guiness (Irish Beer)
Hates: Gin-Po (Gin with Pomelo Juice

Jen Calderon: Loves: Vodka Cruiser because of its fruity taste and low alcohol content
Hates: Bacardi 151 because it makes everyone pass out

Cyra Go: Loves: Tequila Sunrise because it is fruit and sweet
LEast: Beer, because it is bitter

Dorothy Falcon: Loves: Jose Cuervo Tequila
Hates: Boracay Rum

Jeremiah Yap: Loves: Mother Lover (Similar to Pina Colada but with Grenadine and Rum)
Hates: Tequila Sunrise

Dann Basilio: Loves: Tanduay and says it's cheap and doesn't give him hangovers

Duane Bacon: Loves: Screwdriver

Dux Rosales: Loves: Absinthe with Lime

Steff Kessel: Loves: Cipirinhia (A drink made with cachaca, a liquor made form sugarcane, and lime)

Partyphile Clues You In: Choosing Drinks

Now, here is the deal. When choosing a drink in a bar, choose something that you know. It is alright to experiment once in a while, in fact, it is encouraged to do so, but never get drunk on an unfamiliar drink. Why Because different alcobevs have different effects to different people. For example, I always get body pains when drinking gin, while another friend vomits every time she consumes vodka. So, to be safe, order what you know. For example, if you love vodka, and you swear that your body is okay with vodka, then order a vodka based cocktail. This does not mean that you must stick to one cocktail, it just means you should stick to one type of liquor.

Drink of the Week: Watermelon Vodka

Since we are celebrating National Watermelon Day, I decided to give out a recipe for the classic Watermelon Vodka. Now, this doesn't exactly follow a clean-cut recipe, but I'll give you a guide on the simplest way to go about it.

1.) First, bore holes in your watermelon. You can do this with the use of a corkscrew.
2.) Take out some of the watermelon meat right under the hole you just bored.
3.) Pour about half a cup of Vodka into the watermelon using a funnel and then stick it int he fridge.
4.) Let it set for a couple of hours and then add more alcohol until it can not take anymore.
5.) Slice it up and serve

Partyphile Celebrates: National Watermelon Day

When you think about a Watermelon, you think about it as a simple, refreshing, tropical, fruit. However, when I think about a Watermelon, I think about it as a vessel for alcoholic greatness!

Since we are celebrating Watermelon Day today, I suggest you make the classic Drunken Watermelon. I'll post a recipe for that later on.

In the mean time, just keep that in mind: Partyphile Celebrates: National Watermelon Day, another reason to party tonight.