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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Most and Last Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Now, I aksed my social network friends about their most faorite and least favorite alcoholic beverages and here are some of the answers:

Martin Buen : Loves- Vodka Kurant and 7-Up
Hates- Rum-Coke

JM Reyes: Loves: Guiness (Irish Beer)
Hates: Gin-Po (Gin with Pomelo Juice

Jen Calderon: Loves: Vodka Cruiser because of its fruity taste and low alcohol content
Hates: Bacardi 151 because it makes everyone pass out

Cyra Go: Loves: Tequila Sunrise because it is fruit and sweet
LEast: Beer, because it is bitter

Dorothy Falcon: Loves: Jose Cuervo Tequila
Hates: Boracay Rum

Jeremiah Yap: Loves: Mother Lover (Similar to Pina Colada but with Grenadine and Rum)
Hates: Tequila Sunrise

Dann Basilio: Loves: Tanduay and says it's cheap and doesn't give him hangovers

Duane Bacon: Loves: Screwdriver

Dux Rosales: Loves: Absinthe with Lime

Steff Kessel: Loves: Cipirinhia (A drink made with cachaca, a liquor made form sugarcane, and lime)

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