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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top Ten Pinoy Pulutan

I took a poll among all my online buddies and received 75 replies. These are the most popular "pulutan" food in the Philippines:

1.) Sisig with 30 percent of all the votes

2.) Peanuts gets 8 percent of the votes

3.) Chicharong bulaklak also gets 8 percent

4.) Kropek takes a considerable 4 percent

5.) Surprisingly lechon gets 4 percent as well

6.) Fish crackers come in at number 6 with 2 percent of the votes

7.) Fries also get 2 percent

8.) Lechon manok has 2 percent

9.) Pizza gets 2 percent

10.) and finally, the raw and fresh Sashimi is awarded 2 percent of the votes

My Tweets

Here is a compilation of some of my most re-tweeted Tweets.

@zhaun: Alcohol is good for the bad times. it is good for the good times too. Even when it is bad, it is still good. And when it is good, it is bad.

@zhaun: The only person you really need to please is yourself. Do what makes you happy. Hopefully, it makes everyone else around you happy.

@zhaun: Friends celebrate over dinner because food feeds the tummy,conversation feeds the mind, and friendship feeds the soul.

@zhaun: If you think about your problems, it will multiply. If you call friends and talk it over some Margarita, it will divide. Haha

@zhaun: People always have the impression that all I do is party. That is sooo untrue. i work very, very, very hard...when I feel like it. Haha

@zhaun: No matter what anybody says, your star will shine as bright as your smile. You are a star, dear follower. Acknowledge it, and own it.

@zhaun: One of these days, you have to realize that you were born because your parents were bored one night and forgot to use contraception.

@zhaun: At the end of the day, aren't we all just losers, trying to be cool?

@zhaun: Remember those people our parents have warned us about? We have become those people.

@zhaun: The policeman asked if I was intoxicated. I assured him there was no Blood in my Alcohol system.

Tweet, tweet!

Twitter is fast becoming the preferred social networking site for partyphiles, yuppies, glitterati, and celebrities; and it is easy to understand why. Twitter gives you the chance to share your nuggets of thought with the whole world, or at the very least, the people who follow you. More importantly, it gives you instant information in easily digestible portions (140 characters). Also, this no nonsense, no frills, social networking website allows you to take a peek at the people you wish to. You never have to follow people back, unless you want to. This allows for you to feel like a star and get all the attention that you want; or gives you the perfect avenue for stalking your favorite celebrity or campus crush. The possibilities are endless (well, almost. You have to observe the 140 character rule, but there is Twitlonger for that) with Twitter; especially because more and more people are logging on, and an increasing number of applications are being custom made for the site. So, if you still have not started tweeting, here are some of the tweets you’ve missed:

Rap star and wonder-producer Kany West, @kanyewest: Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL

Rapper 50 Cent, @50cent: I haven't been putting out new music cause I think people need to miss me. I go hard everybody knows this

R&B Senstation, Jay Sean, @jaysean: I hate it wen u click on a "music vid" on YouTube&instead it's some dude in his bedroom giving his critique.I don't care! I wanna c the vid!

Country star who is now infamous for her extra-marital affair, LeAnn Rimes, @leannrimes: Love when you get the line perfectly straight w/ liquid eyeliner!

R&B Singer and Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles, @solangeknowles: I had candles burning,was doing some kind of lyrical interp dancing & knocked one over. Opened eyes & flames galore. Momma Tina was PISSED

Weirdo-extraordinaire, Lady Gaga, @ladygaga: "I've had enough, this is my prayer, that l'll die living just as free as my Hair."

Some unknown rapper, Loso, @_Loso: Miley Cyrus was the #1 searched artist on Google this year. "Not because of her music but because she turned 18" -Ch 11 news

Rapper Chamillionaire, @chamillionaire: This man legally changed his name to "Captain Awesome" and the newscaster says "He doesn't look so awesome to me." Ha Ha.

Local Tweet Fanatic, @_TRIcycle_: Rule number one never ask someone you follow to follow back! In the first place they never asked you to follow them.

Local Tweeter, Liezl Fabian, @liezlfabian: Some people talk behind your back and say stupid things about you. But they only know your name, not your story. Love your life not theirs !

Local Partyphile, Eric Floyd, @ericfloyd: You're so old you knew burger king when he was a prince.

Davaoena actress Bangs Garcia, @bangsy_valerie: “Talent is God given, be humble; fame is man given, be thankful; conceit is self-given, be careful."

A nameless Twitter account, @sodamntrue: Aww... I'm sorry. Did my sarcasim hurt your feelings? Get over it.

Local Rock Star, Kean Cipriano, @keancipriano: Its the season to be chubby falalalalalalalala!!

Local Actor, Rafael Rossell, @rafaelrosell: Dear mr airport security man;
Does that old lady with a bottle of water look like a terrorist to you compared to that guy with shades who walked in with no bags at all travelling to far distant country? Catch the lola, but by all means dont suspect the shady guy in shades and a black hoody w no luggage at all!

Local partyphile, Shalimar Rodriguez, @iamshalimar: My life is a party... You're just one of my confetti!

Glee Star, @chriscolfer: I'll be on Leno tonight! I'm running out of talk show stories! Maybe I'll finally talk about my prison time in the Philippines...

Local actress, Alessandra de Rossi, @msderossi: please don’t try suicide at home. and don’t try it in public. Don’t try it at all. DON'T.

A fake Lord Voldermort account (from Harry Potter), @Lord_Voldermort7: Do not reach for the stars. They are giant balls of fiery gas. Waste of time.

@Lord_Voldermort7: What's the point of saying "no offense?" All it really means is 'I'm about to be offensive & you'll just have to deal with it.'

News Anchor, Karen Davila, @Karen_Davila: Irony of life. Cong. Ronald Singson jailed in HK for drug trafficking. In 2007, he authored an anti-drugs bill.

@karen_Davila: Farmers in Farmville outnumber the (real) farmers in US 1 to 60. can you believe it?

Director, Dondon Santos, @dondonsantos: "im weird :) you laugh at me coz im different. i laugh at you coz youre all the same. :)"

Comedienne, K Brosas, @kbrosas: Energizer bunny arrested!.....charged with.....BATTERY!! Hehe.. :)

International TV Host, Conan O’ Brien, @conanobrien: Just read that Facebook has reached 500 million users. Congrats to everyone who helped create history's largest stalker/pedophile buffet.

Alessandra de Rossi and Assunta de Rossi’s Mom, who prefers to be called Madame de Rossi, @ermatsko: "celebrity: someone who works all his life to be recognized, and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized."

I hope you enjoy all these and start following these personalities. More importantly, you may follow me at

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Drink of the Week: Sandstorm Mocktail

Since we are celebrating a kid-friendly / family-friendly holiday (National Popcorn Day), I decided to give out a recipe for a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail).

The sandstorm is tart and sweet ad satisfying, but non-alcoholic. Between you and me, if you are above legal age, I'd just pour in some Vodka in this mix to get a really gorgeous Cocktail! But that's just me. here is the non-alcoholic version:

In a shaker, combine

  • three shots of cranberry juice
  • two shots of pineapple juice
  • two shots of orange juice
  • a tablespoon of grenadine
Shake until the ingredients are completely blended, strain over a tall tumbler, and then garnish with a wedge of lime.

January 19 is NAtional Popcorn Day


Seriously, have you had some cocktails with Margarita in it? It is amazing! More importantly, since this is a child friendly snack, you could pair it with something wholesome. A mocktail!