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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top Ten Pinoy Pulutan

I took a poll among all my online buddies and received 75 replies. These are the most popular "pulutan" food in the Philippines:

1.) Sisig with 30 percent of all the votes

2.) Peanuts gets 8 percent of the votes

3.) Chicharong bulaklak also gets 8 percent

4.) Kropek takes a considerable 4 percent

5.) Surprisingly lechon gets 4 percent as well

6.) Fish crackers come in at number 6 with 2 percent of the votes

7.) Fries also get 2 percent

8.) Lechon manok has 2 percent

9.) Pizza gets 2 percent

10.) and finally, the raw and fresh Sashimi is awarded 2 percent of the votes


Anonymous said...

wht happen 2 kinilaw? kc sa lugar nyu mhal ang tuna kyah wlah sa listahan ang kinilaw.

partyphile said...

Ahm.according to the poll i took it isnt as popular. but its quite affordable here in davao city where im from