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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Newsflash April 18, 2012

BBC News: North Korea Rocket Launch Fails North Korea's keenly watched rocket launch has failed, Pyongyang has confirmed.
The rocket - seen by many as a banned test of long-range missile technology - was launched from north-west North Korea early on Friday.
SunStar Davao: Roxas Avenue Ukay to Stay DAVAO City Hall said Tuesday that the ukay-ukay stalls along Roxas Avenue will stay despite legitimate establishment owners complaining about them.
Erwin Alparaque, assistant city administrator, said they cannot remove the stalls because they do not have any other place to transfer the vendors to.
Jessica Sanchez almost gets the boot on American Idol

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newsflash: April 11 2012

CBS News: FACEBOOK BUYS INSTAGRAM FOR $1BILLION  Facebook announced they would purchase popular photo-sharing app Instagram Monday for a mind-blowing $1 billion. Once the acquisition is complete, people are wondering what will happen to the two-year old app that took smartphones by storm.
Interaksyon.Com: GLEEFUL PHOTO OPS ON CROSS IN ANGELES GO VIRAL; CHRISTIANS EXPRESS DISGUST A picture of a girl posing on a wooden cross has gone viral online, with incensed devotees decrying it on social media sites as insensitive and blasphemous.
Yahoo Sports: RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC GUY FROM 10K RACE GOES VIRALFor 25-year-old Zeddie Little of New York, an affable smile amidst the pain of long-distance running that was captured during a 10k race in Charleston, S.C. turned him into a viral phenomenon knows as "Really Photogenic Guy." Nearly 1.4 million people have viewed the picture in recent days on Flickr and it has been uploaded countless times to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
ABS CBN News: FELLING OF TREES IN SM BAGIUO SPARKS ONLINE WRATHSeveral Baguio residents have taken to Facebook and Twitter to protest what they believe is SM Group’s initial move to cut down trees for a mall expansion.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Its Summer Time partyphiles! How do you plan to celebrate the season of sun, sand, beaches, and a hot summer fling? Tell me all about it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Top Travel Tips

Travelling can either be a breeze or a huge hassle. When it all boils down to it; the success of any travel relies largely on how prepared you are. And this is often brought by good judgment from years of experience. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the luxury to allow teacher time to impart its travel lessons just because we want every trip to be a success. Not everyone finds adventure in discovering something in the form of a travel mishap. So how can one learn all that he has to without actually going through some bad travel experiences? He could continue reading.

I am not exactly the most well-travelled writer in the industry; but I have gone to enough places (to look for hot parties, of course) to know a thing or two about travelling. Although the following pieces of advice are not exactly breakthroughs, these are some ideas and tips I have come up with during my years of back packing. So sit back, relax, and try to keep reading this host of tips to help your travels.

Tip # 1: Always bring a spare pair of shoes. The thing is, shoes are too bulky and with light travels, shoes are something that should kept at a minimum. Most people (especially men) wear the pair of shoes they intend to use for the duration of their stay when they board the plane, bus, or road vehicle that will take them to their destination. Most people think it is sensible to bring a pair of shoes that goes well with everything you packed. Unfortunately, I used to be ‘most people’. However, a ridiculously rainy evening in Cagayan de Oro taught me that wearing the same pair of shoes you intend to use for the duration of the trip is a big mistake. Rain gets you shoes wet and stinky. Obviously, you don’t have the time to dry them out in a sunny place to get rid of the moisture. The best thing to do then is to use another pair of shoes and let the wet pair dry. Ergo, bringing a spare pair, no matter how bulky it makes your backpack, is a must.

Tip # 2: Always keep your money safe. You know they always say that you should keep your money in different places? I am a firm believer of this. But this does not mean that you can have a friend keep your money. No matter how long you’ve known them or how close you are. Never trust anyone with your money. The fact that it isn’t theirs would simply make them less cautious. So here is the deal. No matter how drunk you predict you’ll be; keep some money with you and keep some in your purse and luggage. I always take money that is enough for any immediate purchase and keep that amount in my pocket. That way, when I need to pay for something, people around me while I’m making the purchase wouldn’t see how much I have in my wallet. Keep a larger amount in your wallet as well. Aside from this, keep a couple of thousands in an obscure pocket inside your bag or purse. Also leave a couple of thousands inside your luggage which should be safe in your hotel room. I lost thirteen thousand in Boracay once. Trust me. This is worth all the hassle.

Tip # 3: Always bring a medicine kit. Take some decongestant, anti allergy, pain killer, paracetamol, and some lozenges at the very least. Feeling sickly during a vacation or trip is bad. What makes it even worse is having to shell out a huge amount on medication when you can spend your moolah on something more worthwhile…like a cocktail. Also, taking some decongestant before a flight helps keep your sinuses unclogged which makes it less likely for you to suffer from headaches caused by pent up pressure in that area.

Tip # 4: Always reserve a hotel room at least a month before your scheduled trip then follow the reservation up by calling the hotel a three days before you reach your destination; looking for a hotel a couple of days before leaving for your destination leaves you with very little options. Not reserving a hotel at all is just suicidal. Trust me. The last thing you would want to happen is to check in to an inn that is below your standard just because you can not find any other place to stay in.

Tip # 5: Bring as little toiletries as possible. This is one tip not many people apply but I think it is very important. If you use a brand of soap or shampoo that you can buy in any convenience store or sari-sari store, then don’t bring a stash with you. Instead, purchase your toiletries at your destination. Why? Toiletries don’t pack well. You can’t squeeze them in or push them around. Some toiletries even spill during the travel and get your clothes all sticky. Of course, you could also keep them inside a Ziploc bag but really, why don’t you just leave them behind and purchase shampoo, soap, and toothpaste at your destination?

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Six Summer Sips (Six Summer Cocktails)

What is better than lying on the sand by the sea all day in the middle of summer? Doing it with a cool cocktail in hand.. Instead of indulging on the usual cool cocktails we enjoy by the beach or pool, why not expand your cocktail vocab and try these equally refreshing cocktail treats this season?

1.)    Pomelo-Mansi Mojito: This Pinoy take on the Classic Lime Mojito is not only refreshing, but also quite easy on the budget. Perfect for newbie cocktail makers; this just might make it big in the country real soon. Here is how you make this gourgeous Rum-tinged drink:
a.       In a cocktail shaker, muddle together six mint leaves and two pieces of calamansi.
b.      Add one and a half ounces of White Rum and some ice and shake until the drink is well blended.
c.       Pour over a highball glass and top with Pomelo Soda.
2.)    Watermelon Margarita: Not many people have tried this tropical treat yet but one taste is enough o convince any cocktail connoisseur to make this a staple at their bar. Here is how you can make this refreshing cocktail:
a.       Cut up a ripe Watermelon and remove seeds.
b.      Liquefy the fruit in a blender and measure out sixteen ounces. Transfer this to ice cube trays and freeze.
c.       Once the Watermelon juice is frozen, pop the cubes out into a blender and add the juice of half a lime (or that of three pieces of Calamansi), six ounces of Tequila, three ounces of Triple Sec, and a table spoon of Powdered Sugar.
d.      Blend until you get a smooth slush.
e.       Transfer to a Margarita glassed with sugar or salt on the rim and garnish with a Watermelon wedge.
3.)    Lychee Martini: This opaque cocktail is starting to make waves in the city thanks to more and more establishments finally realizing the potential of this nut fruit for cocktails. This Asian take on the classic Martini is interesting and refreshing especially when served ice-cold. The floral-citrus taste of the lychee is best enjoyed with clean-tasting Vodka and some great company.
a.       In a cocktail shaker combine one and a half ounces of Lychee Liqueur, an ounce of Vodka, and a dash of Lychee-flavoured Syrup (the syrup that comes with canned Lychees) with some ice cubes until cool and well-mixed.
b.      Pour the mixture in a Martini glass and garnish with some canned Lychee fruit.
4.)    Malibu Bay Breeze: This cocktail is deceivingly simple. It looks like a regular juice drink but packs the kick and edible interest that the Coconut Rum brings. Create this easy cocktail to celebrate the season of the sun. here’s how:
a.       Grab a highball glass or any tall glass you have at home.
b.      Fill one-fourth of the glass with Cranberry Juice.
c.       Pour the same amount of Pineapple Juice to fill half of the glass.
d.      Add a shot of Coconut Rum.
e.       Stir and top with some ice.
f.       Garnish with a piece of Pineapple
5.)    Mango Bellini: This festive drink combines the Philippines’ favorite fruit with some bubbly. This creates a cocktail that is both fizzy and velvety. Here is how to make the Mango Bellini:
a.       In a champagne flute combine an ounce of chilled Mango Juice with two ounces of chilled Champagne.
b.      Garnish with a slice of Mango
6.)    Pina Colada: The national cocktail of Puerto Rico—The Pina Colada just might be the most popular Summer cocktail in the world. The taste of Pineapple and Coconut definitely reminds us of lazy days by the beach and the more enjoyable summers of our past. To remember all those wonderful seaside memories, make this cocktail by following these simple steps:
a.       In a blender, combine two ounces each of Coconut Cream, Canned Pineapple Juice, White Rum, and half a cup of crushed ice.
b.      Pour over a Pina Colada glass and garnish with a piece of cherry or slice of Pineapple.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cold Summer Desserts from Around the World

When stuck at home in the middle of summer, there is little to do to beat the heat. One way to do that however, is to consume countless amounts of cold dessert and snack. We know, we know. Ice Cream, Mais Con Hielo, and Halo-halo can get a wee bit tired. Thus, we have compiled some recipes from around the world to help you beat the heat that you may serve during a summer party.

1.)    Guinumis is probably one of the easiest cold desserts to prepare at home. Which makes it surprising that this Filipino classic has hidden behind the shadow of the Mais Con Hielo and Halo-halo for far too long. This summer, bring it to the forefront and make it at home. Here’s how:
a.       In tall glasses, put some unflavoured gulaman (purchase instant gulaman packs at your local supermarket and make it according to instructions), cooked tapioca balls/sago (you can buy these at the supermarket or market. Go for the smallest kind), and then top the glass with crushed ice.
b.      Sweeten some coconut milk (which is sold in cans at the supermarket) with sugar depending on your taste and use pour over the crushed ice.
c.       Sprinkle the top with some Pinipig.
2.)    Amrakhand is a traditional Indian dessert that may be enjoyed alone or with some flat bread. It is easy-to-make, and when chilled to a certain temperature, can become quite refreshing. Here is how to make this tangy treat:
a.       In a mixer, combine two cups of plain yogurt, one and a half cups of mango pulp (if you can not find canned mango pulp, simply liquefy some mango meat in a food processor or blender), ten teaspoons of powdered or granulated sugar, and half a teaspoon of cardamom (or cinnamon if you do not fancy the taste of cardamom).
b.      Use a paddle attachment to whip the mixture very well then chill for at least two hours.
c.       Serve in individual bowls topped with sliced almonds.
3.)    Iced Jelly is a Singaporean staple in hawker markets. This easy dessert makes use of fresh fruit to add flavour, some plain jelly for texture, and crushed ice for added coolness. One of the more intriguing versions of Iced Jelly makes use of one of the most underutilised fruits in the country: the Soursop. Grab your Guyabano and make this refreshing dessert in a jiffy. Here’s how:
a.       Heat some guyabano meat with sugar (to taste) in a saucepan and let cool.
b.      Prepare some unflavored gulaman as per the instructions on the box.
c.       Slice the gulaman in cubes and place in bowls.
d.      Top the gulaman with some crushed ice and the prepared guyabano.
e.       Serve with a piece of Calamansi
4.)    Crème de Papaya is a popular Brazilian dessert that is starting to take the world by storm. It has three simple ingredients and is a cinch to prepare, making it one viable option for that quick summer party. To make the Crème de Papaya:
a.       Peel and deseed one chilled ripe papaya and cut into bit-sized protions
b.      Blend the papaya pieces with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour in a bowl.
c.       Top with a table spoon of Crème de Cassis ( a black currant liqueur) or honey.
5.)    Centik Manis is an old-school Indonesian dessert that is simple and very reminiscent of Filipino flavours. Served cold, this flan of coconut and tapioca is a filling cold treat perfect for a warm summer day
a.       Purchase several different colored tapioca balls (sago) in your local market or grocery. Combine the different colors and measure out half a cup of balls.
b.      In a pot, combine four cups of coconut milk, half a cup of white sugar, one screwpine (pandan) leaf, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, one fourth teaspoon salt, and one fourth cup of corn starch.
c.       Cook the ingredients in medium heat while stirring continuously until the mixture thickens.
d.      Once thick, add in the coloured tapioca balls.
e.       Wrap the mixture in banana leaves or pieces of plastic or ladle into molds.
f.       Chill for at least four hours and serve.