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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Drink of the Week: Baltimore Zoo

When talking about potent cocktails, most people mention the Long Island Iced because it contains about 5 different types of liquor. However, our drink of the week is a step up from that because instead of Coke, it uses Beer. Here is how you make the Baltimore Zoo:

In a mixer, combine:

1 shot Vodka
1 shot Gin
1 shot Tequila
1 shot Rum
1 shot Triple Sec
3 teaspoons Grenadine Syrup

Grab a tall glass and fill it half-way with ice. Pour the mixture over the glass until it fills half of the glass and then top it off with some strong beer.

Partyphiles Confess: Getting Drunk

I asked: what is the worse thing you have ever done while drunk?

Partyphiles confessed:

Jinky: After drinking one Tanduay long neck alone, I rode a jeepney home. The travel was about two hours long and I felt like vomiting while still in the jeep so I swallowed my own blood-filled vomit.

EI: Got drunk, got inside my car which was parked outside Starr. Some stranger came up to me ad advised me to close the door.

Jaja: In a party, I called out a girl for cheating on her boyfriend who was one of my close friends

Claire: I woke up in a bar one Sunday morning not remembering what had happened the previous night

Daryl: I slept along the shoreline of some beach and got really embarrassed when I woke up as I was already surrounded by a lot of people.

Gene: Not being able to remember how I managed to drive myself home then puking by the gate

Ada: I woke up at some bar smelling like puke and then some doctor from Oroderm took me to my home. I was crying while he was giving me this speech about not giving up. Looking back, I really pity his SUV, it must have wreaked of puke.

Monette: I was in a jeepney and had to puke and was afraid to ask the driver to stop because opening my mouth would mean vomit would fly everywhere. So I puked down my tucked-in shirt.

Anonymous FA: I used to be a flight attendant for an International Airline. They housed us in this hotel while waiting for our next flight so we decided to go drinking at the hotel bar. I got so drunk, I took all my clothes off, ran around the pool and then ran around the hotel bar. I got fired the next day.

Anonymous FA: I went drinking with one of our airline Captains and ended up in his hotel room. I stood up to look for my towel, and started searching for it outside. All of a sudden, some hotel staff came up to me and covered me with a robe. I was completely naked. Oops!