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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The New Partyphile Commandments

The new partyphile commandments

The number of partyphiles in the metro is fast-increasing, and everyone seems to be in a party mood all the time. Hot events for the true partyphile have been popping up left and right, and even the airwaves are now bombarded with party hits. Unfortunately, not all party-goers are true partyphiles, and some have forgotten the laws of Partylandia, so here it is again, to remind everyone about the essence of being a partyphile—the new Partyphile Commandments

  1. Thou shall look hot when entering a hot club.
    This is one of the most important commandments, unless of course, you want to be like Ugly Betty. Everybody has heard the saying “first impressions last”, and unfortunately, this holds true even more in Partylandia, where anyone and everyone is dissected and taken apart by social-climbing oldies. Yes, sometimes, you feel like you’re under a microscope and you feel the pressure to dress up. Darling, this superficiality won’t end soon. Right now, just follow this commandment.
  2. Thou shall not spend more than 500 bucks each time thou goes out to party.
    Real partyphiles do not spend too much, sometimes; they do not spend anything at all. They are popular, charming and likeable. All they need to bring to the table (unlike others, who need to pay for drinks et al) is their wit and charm, and that is enough for any group. People want real partyphiles to be part of their group because they bring the party with them wherever they go; thus the free drinks and even drives home come pouring in.

  1. Thou shall know about the music.

Music is an important element to any party. As a true partyphiles, you should be familiar with the hottest music today, and might want to consider creating an instant play list in your head. Real partyphiles do not just listen to dance music because they want to dance, they imbibe it, they enjoy, they appreciate it, and then... they dance to it.

4. Thou shall not care what others think.
Who cares what lowlifes think? You do not, my dear partyphiles reader. SO scream all you want, dance like you’re crazy, drink all you want, however which way you want to, and never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone else but you.

5. Thou shall dance.
Nothing sucks more than a person in the middle of the crowd who is just standing or sitting there. Dancing is a requisite when you are in a hot bar. If you do not intend to dance, go to one of those “grills” instead. If you seriously have a rhythm problem and think it would be best that you spare the rest of the world from the sight of you trying so desperately to dance, well, bob your head, stomp your feet, jump up and down, whatever it is you choose to do, just move! Nobody wants a stiff partyphiles! Let loose!

6. Thou shall not smell like a bottle of perfume.

No self respecting partyphiles would want to smell like a person, even if s/he is sweating from all the dancing. All partyphiles smell like perfume; and not just any perfume, a hip new scent that is strong enough to last until the wee hours of the morning, but is mild enough that your friends can still talk to you without gagging. And please, if you still use CK1 or Cool Water, I suggest you stop. We don’t need anymore reminders of the 1990s. ‘Nuff said.

7. Thou shall stand out
Wear something outrageous, dance like a fool, give people make-believe strip teases, dance a la Coyote Ugly, or scream at the top of your lungs while dancing in the DJs booth. Whatever it is you choose to do, just do something to stand out. I promise you, your five minutes of “fame” will feel soo good, especially a tough week. There is something about letting lose and grabbing people’s attentions that is soo liberating

8. Thou shall not vomit.

Just because it is totally gross and smelly. There is nothing like vomit to instantly ruin your partyphiles status. When you feel like projectile vomit is in the near future, just stop drinking, stand still, suck on hard candy and tell someone about how you feel. Don’t just puke all over the place. Gross.

If you really feel like hurling out that night’s dinner, rush to the comfort room or, if you can’t make it there, the car park. Just do not, for the life of you, vomit inside the bar. EVER.

9. Thou shall not come to a gimikan alone.

When going out to party, always come with a buddy. Nothing is sadder than a partyphiles by his or her lonesome. You either give off the idea that you are looking for someone to take home for the night (which isn’t really a good way of presenting yourself. Usually people hide their motives first, try subtlety, dear partyphiles) or that you are just a lonely, friend-less person. Either way, its not so good.
The saying “the more the merrier” holds true in Partylandia.

10. Break all the rules.

Maybe even these commandments and you are sure to have fun, fun, fun!

Catch Confessions of a Partyphile—the radio show on 105.9 Mix FM, every Wednesdays, 6 to 9 PM.

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Thank you to Sony for giving me a new Cybershot W290! Love ya guys!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forge: The little place with a big bang!

Last thrusday, byu and i visited forge. you might want to check this place out. they serve really cheap beers (25 pero bottle) and the ambience is cute and homey. its a very tiny place, but the people who hang out there will make you feel welcome anytime.

this is the place for all you bohemians who just wanna chill and drink with your friends while enjoying hot music and maybe even playing some card games

you know that they have already let you in the forge family once they offer you a depth charge! woooohoooooo!

Plus, if you dont drink, they have a shop. they sell quirky shirts and bags and other stuff.

and, if you ar epenniless, the place makes for some real good photos, thanks to the wall murals the owners (gib and hyku) painted themselves.

This is me, obviously unprepared for the shot

b.yu..looking tall.haha..
Forge's quirky onwer: Gib

You just gots to love this sign
Hyku trying to pull of the nerdy look. She owns Forge as well. :D
Mix FM's traffic angel--Sol
Im bringin nerdy back

Nooooo! Don't LEave yet!

I need to thank SOny first.haha

Thank you sony cybershot for my new W290! I love it!

Test Photos

LAst Thursday we had a really great fun at Basti's Brew, drinking coffee and chatting and stuff. It was definitely one laid-back afternoon that started with coffee and ended with beer. Haha. More pictures soon!

On the same day i received my new w290! Its soooo gorgeous. I love that Ms Joey, my station manager (for 105.9 Mix FM), gave me the one in brown , because well, its a really nice color (plus its not too common).

Anyhoo, we tried the camera out for a while until we discovered that we copuld actually edit photos on the camera itself! Ain't that cool? Goodbye photoshop (since i never really learned how to use photoshop), hello instant retouching!

Here is a photo taken by my friend B.Yu. We tried editing and retouching it on my camera several times..It turned out great!

I therefore conclude, the W290 is the perfect buddy for all partyphiles out there! Since we all want easy-to-use cameras that have tons of great features.

Oh, and did i mention that it has 12.1 Megapixels?

AGain, thank you to Sony for my camera!

Photo s taken by Braeden Annz Yu with a Sony Cybershot W290

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You Sony!

Thank You to Sony for giving me the W290 Cyber Shot! I have the one in brown. It's really grogeous, and the funny thing is, it doesn't even NEED to be gorgeous. haha.

I mean, it has 12 megapixels, which gives you really clear images and it can even take hi-def videos! Plus there's this cool Smile shutter which automatically snaps an image when you smile. So it doesn't HAVE to be gorgeous, since its already packed with a lot of yummy features..but it is beautifully made. Really sleek, and pretty light too!


My parents want to trade my new Cybershot for their old camera.haha. Not a chance!

I LOVE love love this one!

Thank you again to Sony! Make. Believe


Here's our drink of the week, the Flirtini! Popularized by the sexy chicks from Sex and the City. And its pretty simple to make too.

mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts champagne and 2 parts pineapple juice.

You could also add a splash of Grenadine to make it Pink and even more flirty!

Enjoy partyphiles!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hypnotiq: Burn In Your Afterglow

If you are looking for a hot party tonight, drop by the metro lounge for Hypnotiq: Burn In Your Afterglow.

It is a glow-in-the-dark party featuring the hottest topless DJ from Hey Jude in Boracay: DJ Surf!

Wear something white, or something that will reflect the light because the Metro Lounge will be decked with black lights. Glow sticks will be given away as well.

As usual free cocktails will be served 'til eleven PM.

Get ready to shell out 250 Bucks.

DJ Torch will also be spinning, and yours truly will be on the mic.

Get ready to burn in your afterglow.... get hypnotized by the dizzying lights at Hypnotiq!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kids Drink Alcohol

Some of the best parties of our lives were celebrated during our childhood birthdays. There is something about the simplicity of a children’s party that brings us back to the days when there was nothing to think about and to plan for.

Everything in the party was set out for us by our parents: the sweet Spaghetti, the hotdog skewers with marshmallows, the chicken lollipops, juice that came in tetra packs, give-aways, loot bags, games, the traditional pabitin, and the mascot.

Sometimes, it is good to try and get that feeling back again. For your next birthday party, why not let your hair down, and throw yourself a kiddie party that will allow you to go back to that little place in your dreams, where love is the priority, and you have the license to believe in un-reality. Here’s how:

Ambience: A children’s party has always had the same elements: a dose of fiction, a lot of color, and simple decors. For an adult-kiddie party, I suggest you use the same stuff. Hang some paper-chains on your walls, or long strips of crepe paper on your ceiling; have balloon sculptures and make everything colorful. Instead of matching your tables and chairs, why not go crazy and rent different-colored chairs and tables, to add to the fun, festiveness of your party? Oh, and don’t forget to tie balloons to each of the chairs.

Food: Although I’m tempted to tell you to serve all your childhood favorites, I’m afraid being too literal with this theme would just come out cheesy. So instead, I suggest you give your childhood faves a modern, more adult twist.

Instead of serving the usual Spaghetti, why not turn your recipe into more sophisticated paella. You can decorate it to make a little more festive by putting slices of hard-boiled eggs. And in lieu of the hotdogs you usually put on your spaghetti, maybe you could try putting some Bilbao Sausage?

You could also serve some chicken lollipops but give it a twist: make Buffalo Lollipops. You can find a lot of recipes o n the internet; just make sure that you try them out before your actual party.

Instead of serving hotdogs on sticks, grab some chocolate balls or soft truffles and some cherries and put them in festive red skewers. These choco-cherry balls are sophisticated and posh, and can be eaten while waiting for dinner.

If you want a sophisticated centerpiece to double as an interactive dessert, try having a chocolate fountain. This chocoholics addiction fix is now a staple in kiddie parties, and doesn’t really cost much. But since this is an adult party, try pouring some brandy or rum on your choco mix.

Drinks: Remember to keep your drinks colorful. I suggest you make green, red, purple, orange, and blue martinis. The recipes are quite simple, and if you are on a tighter budget simply mix powdered juice with vodka. It always tastes great. For a more festive flair, put them in purified water dispensers, so your guests could fill up anytime they want.

If you’re serving some punch try and make the ice more festive. Take some surgical gloves and fill them with colored water (food coloring plus water). Tie a secure knot at the opening and then freeze. When you are about to serve your punch, peel of the surgical gloves and dunk them in the water. This is a good conversation piece. Your guests will keep on guessing how you managed to shape your ice into a hand.

Music: Play something that sounds young and hip, without getting too kindergarten. Play music from the effervescent Mika or from the cutesy Lenka. If you want to play something more mainstream, Miley Cyrus is your best bet. If you can’t stand her, try some of her friends: Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, or Ashley Tisdale.

Photo Wall: You can set up a photo wall for your click-crazy friends. To give it a kiddie touch, print out some cartoon characters on a tarpaulin. If you want a more adult cartoon try using images of the Simpsons or Family Guy; for a more edgy photo wall try the characters from those cute toki-doki bags.

Cap it Off: Require your guests to wear party hats. These make your party more festive, casual and silly. If this doesn’t put your guests into a more youthful mood, nothing will.

Candies Anyone? Leave a bowl filled to the brim with candies and chocolates by the door. This could serve as your welcome treat for your guests, and they will enjoy the idea of having a lot of sweets nearby.

I hope you follow these tips and throw the most outrageous kiddie-themed adult party ever. Trust me; you’ll be the object of envy at the playground.

Confession: I could always suggest the elements to make this kiddie party work, but the most important thing here is that you let your hair down and really bring back your five year old self. No insecurities, no problems, just plain old fun-- and then, you will truly have a great time.

Catch Confessions of a Partyphile (the radio show) at 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesday, 6 to 9 PM.

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Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas: Amazing

One of the most amazing videos i have ever seen. At first, i was like "what's up with Oprah's gold mic?"

and then i was like: "what's up witht hat girl dancing alone...?"

and then what followed was simply magical. :D

Alcoholic Sachets

First, there was SPAM in sachets, and then sardines in sachets, the next thing i knew, they had marlboro sachets as well... i thought they had crossed the line until i saw this.


Just. Plain. Weird.

Jollibeer? Really now?

From the people who gave us the best-tasting chicken in the Phillies, and the tough, burnt, fast-food lumpia shanghai comes another first in Philippine fast-food: Jollibeer! Woohoo! I guess it goes well with their burgers..but i'd like to try it with the McSisig...hahaha

I can't wait to order this on my next trip to Jollibee (especially since i havent visited a branch in like 2 years). I'll be waiting the cashier to ask me to "go big time" hahahaha...and i'll be ..yeah!

You want an order of projectile vommit with that sir?

September 16 is National Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh was my favorite toy when i was younger. Somehow I enjoyed that I was in total control of the world I made. And then I grew up and realized, that was not always the case in the non-dough world. But it was good until the illusion lasted. I love Play-Doh so much, I even tried tasting it.

Yes, it IS salty.

Anyway, we are celbrating Play-Doh today! The best toy in all the land.... Make sure your friends play with these everyday, and maybe they'll turn out like me: an alcoholic partyphile! Yahoooooo!

Hand me my Play-Doh Martini!

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the squeaky-voiced, youngest of the Joe-Bros...Nick Jonas and to the sexily funny, Jennifer Tilly aka the voice of the Bride of Chuckie. :D If you can read this, I LOVE YOU !!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Partyphile Pinches Pennies

Partying can take its toll on the pocket. Sometimes, you get hooked with the fun, fabulous feelings you get when out partying that you forget to check on your budget. And then you wake up and it’s a week before your next birthday, and you don’t have enough moolah for the most fantabulous party ever. What does one poor partyphile do? Here are some money saving tips for your next birthday party.

Stay Home: If you want to save a lot, opt to throw your birthday soiree at home. Renting a place for your party costs a lot, so it would really help you save some bucks if you throw your party in your own crib. However, you have got to get ready for some hard work; especially if your friends could get rowdy after a couple of drinks. Partying at home involves (as you probably already know) a lot of after-party cleaning up.

The key to throwing a soiree at home is keeping the party in one space. If you decide to party in the garage (trust me, it is so much easier to clean up afterwards) keep the party there. Don’t let the party spill over to the living area, dining room or kitchen. Keep your guests, their stuff, and all your gifts in the designated party place. Allow no one to trash the rest of your house. It will not only save you time and energy (for cleaning up), it will also make the party more fun; with all the guests within your sight. Trust me, you don’t want to worry about your guests on your own birthday.

Great Gifts: When your friends ask you for gifts you want to receive, don’t actually blurt out products you’ve been eyeing. Instead, suggest that they could bring some alcohol or some finger food. That will not only save them a buck or two, it will also help you keep your guests satisfied at a lower cost. You could even ask them to bring specific types of alcohol like vodka or gin, so you could prepare, in advance, other ingredients you could mix with it.

Street Party: If you are on a tight budget and don’t know how to cook, you might want to try throwing a “street” themed party. You could buy some street food and serve it on nice platters. I recently attended a party where they serve fried intestines, kwek kwek (deep-fried eggs coated with an orange batter), cheap siu mai (those you could buy on the streets for 3 pesos a piece), and fish balls (which, oddly, never resemble balls). You could even hire a cotton candy man or sorbetero to serve some dessert on your party.

Good Food: Sometimes, all you need for a simple party is some good pulutan. Usually, people look for something salty when drinking so serve some peanuts, kropek, green peas, or chicharon. These Filipino favorites are cheap and super easy to find. Even on a tight budget, you could get creative and serve some cheap and easy dishes on your next party. I recently attended a party where they served simple crostinis with cheese and herbs. You may also try serving some instant sisig which comes frozen or in a can.

Carpool Party: If you are on a really tight budget, you might want to gather some friends whose birthdays fall on the same month as yours and throw a party together. What you can do is list all of your common friends and invite all of them, and then invite some of your individual guests. The key is deciding how many guests you can invite (aside form your common friends/guests). You can choose to invite ten or twenty personal guests aside from the group’s list of common friends. This is sure to save you a lot of money, but you’ve got to get over the fact that you’re sharing a cake.

Go DJ-less: You do not need to hire a DJ, all you need is a CD (or mp3 player) with gorgeous party tracks. You could even download a DJing software so you could mash up songs, or minimize the time spent waiting for the next song to start playing (because dead air just creates a lull in the atmosphere of the party). If you don’t have a gorgeous sound system, ask your friends to bring theirs over.

Forced Drunks: Serve some Gin or Vodka with juice (the ones that come in little sachets, ready to be mixed with a liter of water). This is the cheapest drink I could come up with, and it is easy to get the taste right. Plus, vodka and gin isn’t exactly easy to handle, so this will surely give your guests their alcohol fix in no time. If your friends, like mine, have acquired a high tolerance for alcohol, require all of them to drink a shot (or two, as I do) of pure vodka/gin as they enter the party. No “chasers” allowed. If this doesn’t get them buzzed in no time, I don’t know what will.

Taper the List: Maybe you should even consider tapering your guest list. Invite people that matter, and people you actually like. Do not invite guests just because you were introduced before or because you happen to move in the same circle, invite your real friends.

Invites Only: Make invitations. If your budget is really, really tight, just print out your invites on some colored paper from your home printer. Tell every single one of your guests that only people with invites are allowed to go to your party. If they did not get an invite, then they are not invited. And then require everyone to bring their invitations and present them at the entrance. I know everyone knows about this rule but sometimes, we partyphiles can’t get it through o0ur thick skulls. Again, explain to everyone that your guest list is very limited, and only real friends are invited; and tagging along uninvited friends are not cool.

Blow Out: If you can’t afford a gorgeous why not try sticking that candle on something crazily creative like a cupcake, a macaroon, a slice of pizza, puto (rice cake), a cup of rice, mashed potatoes, or even a lechon-shaped bread? This will set the mood for your party and tell your guests that it is going to be a fun and crazy night.

Remember, you are throwing a party to celebrate, and what you are up for is a fun night with people you hold dear to your heart. You are buying an experience, not just food, drinks and give-aways. So don’t worry if you can’t throw the most expensive party; just make sure that fun is your number one priority. Create a “log book” where guests could leave you simple birthday messages which will surely keep you smiling until your next big party.

I hope you find these tips useful and practical, and I hope you actually follow them for your next birthday party. And since I have helped you save up, maybe you could send me an invite? I swear I won’t tag along my uninvited friends.

Confession: Although a fun night with all your friends makes for a great birthday, sometimes, all you need for a great party is a cupcake, a candle, a pack of instant pancit canton, and the person you hold closest to your heart.

Catch Confessions of a Partyphile-- the radio show on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesdays, 6 to 9 PM.

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September 11 is Make Your Own Bed Day

They say September 11 is "Make your own bed" Day... I say, make your opwn cpcktails and drink it in bed.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to LUdacris!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You KNow You Party Too Much When...

Partying is one of the more enjoyable things in life. It is an activity that means so much than drinking and dancing, and that is probably why kids nowadays are starting to party more and more. And although I advocate partying (the right way), sometimes, you just have to accept when you are having too much of a good thing.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN Daddy dearest starts calling rehabilitation centers for alcoholism. Trust me; Alcoholics Anonymous is not the coolest club to join.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN a friend buys you as a pet on Friends for Sale and names you “Party Animal”, “Partyphile”, or “Party People”; and your subsequent owners don’t even bother to change it.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN your Mom goes on a trip abroad and brings your siblings shirts and chocolates; and then hands you a souvenir shot glass.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN your favorite perfume is CK iN2U just because it has notes of “Gin Fizz” and “Apple Martini”; and is shaped like a wine bottle.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN your only basis for buying hair products, perfume, or make-up is how long it will last after a sweaty night of dancing.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN your parents or friends buy you shirts with statements about alcohol, or pictures of Homer Simpson drinking beer.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN house music starts to make you feel sleepy. While some people listen to classical music or slow jams to help them doze off, Bonnie Bailey is your lullaby.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN random acquaintances start sending you Facebook messages asking you where the next event/party is.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN the phrase “Work hard, party harder” is your life’s guiding principle.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you never drink and drive to avoid spilling your drink.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you’re eyeing someone and your idea of small talk is a conversation about partying and alcohol. Yes, my dear partyphile, people actually talk about the weather.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN more than half of your daily budget goes to partying. I get your point, but food is more important than partying. Sometimes.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you stress about what you’ll wear to a party…two months in advance.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you shop, every week, for new clothes to wear on the customary Saturnight gimmick.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you wake up one Sunday morning and you are still inside a bar.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you choose beer over water, any time of the day.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN all the wait staff in all the bars know you by name.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you start measuring distances by how many bottles of beer you could consume by the time you get there.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you have your own stock of wines and spirits, under your bed (for easy, late-night access).

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you actually consider buying those sneakers that have flasks in between their soles, so you could keep your trusted Brandy in close proximity at all times.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you enroll in dance classes, just to improve your dance floor skills.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you can step inside a bar alone, and find drinking buddies within 5 minutes.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN you make out with some you barely know, and totally forget about it the next day.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH WHEN get on top of a bar and start dancing ala Coyote Ugly, even when there is no music playing.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH if you think poles are only used for dancing.

YOU KNOW YOU PARTY TOO MUCH if you read this and can relate with all the things mentioned above.

Catch Confessions of a Partyphile—the radio show on 105.9 Mix FM every Wednesday, 6 to 9 PM.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Partyphile Says

The best beer in the world is....

the one in your hand!

Chug chug chug chug!

Partyphile Says

PArtyphile Says: Every night is a gimmick night..

So party everyday!