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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You Sony!

Thank You to Sony for giving me the W290 Cyber Shot! I have the one in brown. It's really grogeous, and the funny thing is, it doesn't even NEED to be gorgeous. haha.

I mean, it has 12 megapixels, which gives you really clear images and it can even take hi-def videos! Plus there's this cool Smile shutter which automatically snaps an image when you smile. So it doesn't HAVE to be gorgeous, since its already packed with a lot of yummy features..but it is beautifully made. Really sleek, and pretty light too!


My parents want to trade my new Cybershot for their old camera.haha. Not a chance!

I LOVE love love this one!

Thank you again to Sony! Make. Believe

1 comment:

JnA said...

I love the Sony Cybershot cameras so much! I had an old one that lasted me 7 YEARS! The thing is virtually indestructible.
I finally got rid of it when I dropped it in a toilet by accident lol but it still worked!